Health Risks Due to Water Pouches in Ahmedabad


As per the news article in the Ahmedabad Mirror, many fake Packaged Drinking Water Plants were selling non-potable water in pouches in Ahmedabad, which can be dangerous for health of human being. The water in pouches is found to be unsuitable primarily due to high content of strains of the Escherichia coli (E. Coli.) bacteria and other aerobic microbial content which can cause serious food poisoning.

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According to Officials, these water units are operating under unhygienic conditions which lead to aerobic microbial activity in the water which results in gastrointestinal problems.Not only that the ingested bacteria and the virus can cause digestive problems, nausea and other health problems.

Most of the water units are selling water pouches without manufacturing and expiry date and also they don’t carry authentic address of manufacturers.

How Do We Identify Safe Water Pouch?

As per the law, every 200-ml water pouch should have the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification and ISI mark with the name and address of the company and manufacturing date.People should check all this details on the pouch.

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Is The Packaged Drinking Water You Drink , Safe?


The First post article says that, the business of Packaged Drinking Water became lucrative as the demand for packaged water is growing up day by day. Taking advantage of this, many fake water plants are cropping up across the India.

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Packaged Drinking Water Scam in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana:

As per the special investigation from Eenadua leading Telugu daily in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is found that about 20,000 Packaged Drinking Water Plants in the two states are running without a valid license.
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According to test conducted by Eenadu Newspaper, it is found that a water samples contains mixture of bacteria which are:

  • Deadly bacteria and other harmful impurities
  • Contained E-coli, a faecal bacteria found in the intestines of humans and animals, that causes diarrhoea.
  • Hazardous contaminants including pseudomonas, salmonella and staphylococcus.

These water samples were unfit for human consumption.

Let’s Know the Mandatory Processes for Packaged Drinking Water as Per the BIS:

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has decided that water must be subjected to processes called Pressure Sand Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtering, Reverse Osmosis, Ozonisation and Ultraviolet Treatment before being packaged and sold. Even a perfect water purifier can purify water but creates other problems as water purification which is much more than just removing impurities and reverse osmosis process removes impurities with most of the calcium and magnesium essential for good health. So, the purified water must also be “Remineralised” to bring back the minerals.

Due to increased demand for Packaged Drinking Water, many local small units are running water plants without the mandatory approvals from the BIS as well as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). While it may need an investment of up to Rs. 20 lakh to run a legal and hygienic water plant, but many illegal water plant unitsare into the business with just Rs. 2.5 lakh with some sort of equipment that pollutes more than purifies the water.

#How to identify if your Packaged Drinking Water is safe?

Consumer should check whether it is properly sealed or not and details like manufacturing date and batch number.

       Here are the Steps:

  1. Click on the ‘status of licenses’.
  2. Type license number that follows the letter CM/L.
  3. Click on ‘report’.

If the details in report are the same as what you see on the container of the Packaged Drinking Water then it is genuine certification.

But if any fake water unit is using the ISI certification and other details of a branded company on his containers then it is very difficult to identify whether the water is safe or not. It is one of the humongous scam as it plays with human lives…

What do you feel about these Packaged Drinking Scams in India?


Recycling Machine for Plastic Bottle with Reward!

Plastic Bottle
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Due to the problem of water shortage, people are relying more on Packaged Drinking Water to quench their thirst. But, we cannot neglect the fact that plastic bottles create unnecessary waste in landfills and water sources.This waste of plastic bottles has very bad impact on environment.

Go Green! Recycle Pet Bottles…!

Reuse Reduce Recycle
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Go green doesn’t only mean to plant and save trees. If we really want to save our ecology, we should first change our habit of throwing pet bottles anywhere on the roadsides. We should learn to manage waste material. Taking into consideration the growing problem of untreated waste in India, Western Railway and Wockhardt Foundation an NGO, has come up with the solution of the plastic recycling machines. Recycling of plastic bottles will definitely create positive impact on an environment in a several ways as it will help to reduce landfills and water wastage, increase recycling rates, lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Railway Stations in Mumbai has installed ‘Plastic Recycle Machine’ so that the commuters can reuse the plastic bottles.

Plastic Recycle Machine
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Earn Money by Recycling Plastic Bottles/Cans:

There is a huge response to Plastic Recycle Machine installed at Railway Stations in Mumbai. People are using these machines and enjoying rewards on it.

Though, Railways didn’t have spent any money to install the machine but this plastic recycle machine can add income to Indian Railways by giving them a chance to advertise on it & also on the LED screen. It will also help to maintain cleanliness. And most important use of this machine is this recycled bottles will be supplied to fibre-producing companies for making clothes, carpets & grocery bags.

How does it Work?

  • It accepts bottle/can with authentic bar codes only.
  • It can crush 5000 bottles per day.
  • It will immediately give a reward to the user while recycling used bottle/cans to motivate for repeated use.

Steps are Simple:

Plastic Recycle Machine

Fig: Steps for Using Plastic Recycle Machine

See the working of Plastic Recycle Machine:

Don’t you think Plastic Recycle Machine should be installed in every state of India! Please Comment…

Green Tribunal Warns Unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water in Chennai

Green Tribunal Warns Unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water in Chennai


As per the News Article in Indian Express Dated on 09th June 2017; Unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water Units had approached the southern bench of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) for permission to operate their plant but the green tribunal refused to grant them permission without valid consent from Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB).

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As Chennai is facing severe water crisis, many unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water units were flooding on the city’s outskirts.Around 33 units found to be illegal and drawing groundwater without permission from TNPCB. TNPCB has sent closure notices to these unauthorized units.

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There are some particulars which are mandatory to apply for the permission of the TNPCB. Owner of the Packaged Drinking Water Plant Should specify the land classification. Not only that, But No-objection from Metropolitan and Area Ground Water (Division) of Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board and approval from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is also compulsory for drawing Groundwater.

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Water ATM trend sets in Assam Too

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In India, Water ATMs are now considered as a reliable, consistent and affordable medium for providing safe water. Chief Minister of Assam inaugurated first Water ATM in Assam at Kodomoni in Dibrugarh.

The Telegraph article says that, the government has set up this project, with the help of the public health engineering department and district administration with an aim to provide safe and clean Drinking Water to the poor at a low cost. The outlay for this project is Rs 9.74 lakh.

Chief Minister has declared that this is a pilot project and will be extended throughout Assam. Unlike ATM, This Machine will disburse water upon the use of a smart card. A technique of semi-permeable membrane is used in this machine to provide clean Drinking Water.

The capacity of the plant is 10,000 litres per day, which will dispense 500 jars of 20 litres each. The Water ATM will help to fill the gap between demand and supply of safe Drinking Water for the common man. In Assam, at present, 48 households have direct water connection under the Kodomoni water scheme but soon almost 200 households will get benefit from Water ATM.


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To know more about working of Water ATM and Recharging of Water ATM’s smart card, Please read our article

SMC Raids on Packaged Drinking Water Plants Operating in Unhygienic Conditions

SMC Raids on Packaged Drinking Water Plants Operating in Unhygienic Conditions

b2PDF download

Image Courtesy: mentioned in article of Times of India dated on 18th May 2017,  the health department of Surat Municipal Corporation raids on illegal Packaged Drinking Water plants.It is found that,Most of the Packaged Drinking Water plants in Bhathena, Limbayat, Udhna and Varachha are operating in unhygienic conditions.

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SMC raided on one such water plant in Khodiyar Nagar and several aedes mosquito breeding spots that transmit dengue fever were found in this plant. SMC ordered immediate closure notice to plant with a fine of Rs. 10000/-

SMC officer stated that,they had closed 15 Packaged Drinking Water Plants on the spot and registered 52 complaints against such plants under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

SMC has developed an action plan against such illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

  • It regularly monitors the plants.
  • If it is found that, Water plant is not following rules then administrative charges will be applied to the plant.
  • Water samples will be tested on regular basis and if any water plant is found to be selling contaminated water then license of such plant will be.
  • If the water plant is operating under unhygienic conditions then immediate closure notice will be send to the plant.

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Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May

Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May

On 27th and 28th May,another Training Session on Packaged Drinking Water has been conducted at MCCIA hall, Tilak Road Pune, Maharashtra. Our experts have provided training right from setting up Packaged Drinking Water Plant to the groundwater solutions, lab as per BIS, cost per bottle, and subsidy benefits from government.

1.Training Sessions on Groundwater

  • How to find robust Groundwater Management Solution?

It is very important to find the robust Groundwater Management Solution for Packaged Drinking Water Plant because groundwater is the major source of water.The trainer Mr. Rahul Bakre (Groundwater Expert) conducted special training session for Groundwater.

Groundwater Expert conducting Session
Groundwater Expert conducting Session

If you have heard news about Packaged Drinking Water Plants are on indefinite strike in Tamilnadu, It’s actually all about Groundwater and GST. Please go through our special article created on this. Check link

2. Training Sessions on lab as per BIS

  • Why is it really mandatory to have in-house Lab Required for BIS?

Every Packaged Drinking Water Plant must have in-house lab for BIS. The Trainer has explained all necessary guidelines for setting up lab required for BIS.

Lab Equipment Expert conducting Session
Lab Equipment Expert conducting Session

3. Training Sessions on Cost per Bottle

  • How to estimate Cost per bottle?

The Trainer Mr. Ajay Kulkarni (Water Treatment Specialist) has explained about finding the exact margin per bottle.

Cost Per Bottle

4. Certificate Distribution

  • Just have look at the photos of certificate distribution.


4. Reviews by Participants

We have received a very good feedback from our attendees. Most of the attendees of our training have appreciated us for providing all the necessary training in just 2 days. Here is Review.

Review 1

5.Further Benefits To The Participants

Some of our attendees opted for our plant and machinery visits and water testing service. They have shared with us their enriching experience.

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Indefinite Strike by Packaged Drinking Water Units in Chennai

Indefinite Strike by Packaged Drinking Water Units in Chennai

bb1 bb2

Chennai again hit with a different kind of drinking water crisis. The Greater Tamil Nadu Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers Association (GTPDWMA), which supplies more than 1.60 crore litres of water per day, announced an indefinite strike after government cracked down on Packaged Drinking Water Plants.

Image Courtesy: new Indian express article says that, Packaged Drinking Water Units in Chennai are on indefinite strike. Officials of the association said that, there are two reasons, one is the revenue department has closed many water units for limiting excessive usage of #Groundwater by the Plants.In fact they explained the fact that the Packaged Drinking Water Plants are using groundwater for providing safe drinking water to help the people from the crisis of drinking water especially when the government is also struggling to supply water through tanks or pipes and the second reason is GST has imposed 18% tax which will increase price of Packaged Drinking Water. Kindly bear in mind that earlier TN units were enjoying Tax free Packaged Drinking Water !

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The members of the association are requesting for a meeting with the government and also declared that they will continue to be on strike till they get an assurance from the government on groundwater and GST.

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Prohibition on Sell of Unpackaged Drinking Water in Nagpur

Prohibition on Sell of Unpackaged Drinking Water in Nagpur

bb2 bb1

With the rise in mercury, the debate on the Unpackaged Drinking Water heated up in water industry. Though, the business of manufacturing Unpackaged Drinking Water has found a good place in the market, the Unpackaged Drinking Water is raising serious concern in India.

An Illegal unpackaged Water Plants are not just an issue of business but it can be detrimental to human health…

Unpackaged Drinking Water
Image Courtesy:

As per the latestre ports, during a hearing in the Nagpur bench of high court, FDA had received over 200 complaints against Unpackaged Drinking Water all over the state. So,High Court sent notifications to the Maharashtra government to take a legal action against those who are selling packaged drinking water in unsealed containers, as per the amendment carried out in the laws on March 1.

FDA has sent closure notices toillegal unpackaged Drinking Water units in Nagpur.

Let’s know the reasons behind it…

Why is it Illegal to Sale Unpackaged Drinking Water?

There are some rules and regulations for selling drinking water as it matters of human health but it seems that Unpackaged Drinking Water plants are not even aware about it…

Unpackaged Drinking Water
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According to the law under section 36 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, these Unpackaged Drinking Water Drinking units cannot sell drinking water as it is mandatory to sell drinking water in a sealed container. Unpackaged Drinking Water units don’t have any code in the District Industries Centre (DIC).

Basically, they cannot fit under any law and not even have permission to sell water from any of the authority. Therefore, All Unpackaged Water Drinking units are running without mandatory license.

Is the Water in Unpackaged Chilled Jars and Cans Drinkable?

Unpackaged Drinking Water
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It is very shocking to know that, most of the Unpackaged Drinking Water Units are using contaminated water drawn from unhygienic sources like bore-well and this water not even undergo the process of filtration and purification of water.

People like to drink chilled water but the gas used by these plants in chillers is very harmful for humans.

Even,these plants do not have an in-house laboratory, raw water storage facility, packing areas, entry points or loading and unloading points.

Now, will you call this Unpackaged Drinking Water drinkable?

Experts Warned for Unpackaged Drinking Water!

Unpackged Drinking Water
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Experts had issued a warning about consuming untreated water as it can cause diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis, cholera, jaundice and other viral infections. Moreover, Regular consumption of contaminated water can cause long-term side effects on human health and the presence of fluoride can lead to fluorosis.

Unpackaged Drinking Water Unit doesn’t have any set of rules for supplying water. Most of them are operating in unhygienic conditions. So, drinking this untreated water can be dangerous to health.

Taking into consideration all these facts, FDA has planned to continue raiding in the coming days to stop the sale of Unpackaged Drinking Water.

On the contrary, some political parties come forward to protest these Unpackaged Drinking units as many women and handicapped people are running these units for their livelihood and they demanded allotment of licenses by FDA. But, there is need for the proper setup for these plants with the required lab which these poor people cannot afford but Government should spread awareness by conducting seminar and help them to build proper plant.


KSRTC Reintroducing Free Packaged Drinking Water on A Premium Service



4KSRTC has launched a slew of schemes with an aim of providing more comfort to passengers which includes free water bottles, newspapers as well as a fast tag system that will cut delays at toll booths. The amenity of distributing free Drinking Mineral Water bottles had been stopped in February due to high costs of bottle procurement and wastage but on the public demand, KSRTC has decided to bring back Packaged Drinking Water bottles on premium services.

Image Courtesy:

KSRTC is also planning to set up Reverse Osmosis (RO) water plants at all its major bus stations across the city which will provide purified 1 litre of water at Rs. 1.

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(The Hindu Article says that) Speaking about the new passenger amenities, KSRTC officials said that, they have goal of free distribution of mineral water bottles to around 29,000 passengers in 626 premium services daily which will result into procuring 1 crore bottles a year at a rate of Rs. 4.3 per bottle.

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