BIS Raids On Packaged Drinking Water Plant with Fake Seal, License in Pune.

1The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has conducted a special raid on a company selling Packaged Drinking Water with a fake license in Pune. The water test showed a mixture of chemicals and bacteria in packed water. BIS has assured to take a stringent action against the offender under the BIS Act, 1986.

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(The India Times Article says that) During this raid,it is found that company was selling packed drinking water with a fake license number and moreover, using the brand name, Marvelous, Blue Dews and Aqua Nation without an authentic BIS license, testing or batch number or manufacturing date.BIS seized these water bottles and billing document of the company.

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Packaged Drinking Water units must have valid license from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) otherwise water plants can attract stringent penalties by the government.

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FDA Raids On Illegally Running Water Packaging Units And Seals One in Raipur

FDA Raids On Illegally Running Water Packaging Units And Seals One in Raipur.

fda raidFDA started to take an action against illegally running drinking water units. As soon as, the orders were issued to conduct sudden raid at Packaged Drinking Water companies in Raipur, teams of food security officers simultaneously conducted raids at 17 districts across the state and collected 28 samples.

FDA Officials said that the raid was planned in 17 districts and one company was sealed on the spot. Also, many other Packaged Drinking Water companies running without having the BIS certificate. Moreover, drinking water in other illegal companies was not pure as it does not have labs of equipment’s to filter water required to make water drinkable.

FDA will take further actions against them after testing the samples.

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Drinking Water Crisis in Chennai

water crisisAs per the sources, some area under the Chennai Corporation and other southern municipalities is going through crisis of drinking water. Although, there are many sources of drinking water, people could not use it because of bad quality of drinking water. Water bodies were found polluted due to encroachments and dumping of garbage into the many water bodies.

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Local People complained that, they are trying to get water using motor and they were forced to drill bore well and to buy Packaged Drinking Water. Metro water supplying tanker water only to many parts of the suburbs, but it is not enough for them.
Concerned people strongly feel that the crisis has worsened because the civic bodies and state government have not done anything to protect water bodies and to stop encroachment in the region. Many diseases can cause by a lack of adequate water supply and unsafe sanitation conditions. So, Government with help of local people should try to rejuvenate the available water sources so that more and pure water will be available to the people.


Increase in Sale of Rail Neer Packaged Drinking Water

Rail Neer Water
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Rail Neer, a brand by Indian railways which is run under its other group venture called IRCTC, started selling the Packaged Drinking Water at railway stations in Aug 2014. And now, the daily sale of Rail Neer water bottles has increased from 1,40,000 to 2,40,000 bottles in this summer.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) reported that, although, sale water bottles was not allowed outside the premises, suddenly Rail Neer water bottles come in demand due to rise in temperature which is a very good news for Railways.

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IRCTC official also confirmed that, according to the earlier test on the water in Rail Neer bottles was not complied with the Food Safety and Standards Authority and passengers choose other brands over Rail Neer but they have worked hard to improve the quality of Rail neer drinking water bottles which resulted in increase in sale of Rail Neer Packaged Drinking Water.

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Mineral Water Plant Training – April 2017 Review

This Mineral Water Plant Training was different

This time the training was offered for 2 days for the first time ever. The reasons were :-

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So we combined various sessions & could land at a very successful 2 days training event at Pune. In all, we had 21 participants from all over the country from places as far as Punjab, Delhi & Kochi. Almost 80% of them were from out of Maharashtra. All of them participated wonderfully; some of them have also posted their reviews, you can see the Reviews on Google 

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Soon, FDA’s New Law For Packaged Drinking Water

Soon, FDA’s New Law For Packaged Drinking Water

FDA is enforcing a new law for Packaged Drinking Water to control the sale of non-potable water.  As per the new regulation, it is mandatory to sell packaged drinking water in sealed container. Although, FDA is seems unclear about the law as they are not sure about applying rule over drinking water cans and  jars. They are still thinking on it.

As there are many Drinking Water Units running without license, the serious concern has raised over the quality of drinking water. FDA ensured to take an action against illegally running drinking water units after this law come into action. On the Other hand, many from drinking water industry feel that, FDA should not take any action unless and until they are sure, if drinking water cans and jars comes under their purview.

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National Water Quality Sub-Mission for Clean Drinking Water

National Water Quality Sub-Mission for Clean Drinking Water

National Water Quality Sub-Mission for Clean Drinking WaterThe ministry of drinking water and sanitation has launched the ‘National Water Quality Sub-Mission’ to accomplish the aim to provide tap water to all by 2030. The outlay of this mission is Rs 25,000 crore. The government has decided to provide clean drinking water to 28,000 habitations which are heavily affected with arsenic and fluoride contaminants in water by 2021.

The Problem of water pollution has been increasing at an alarming rate in India. Among the all, West Bengal is very badly affected by arsenic, while Rajasthan crippled by the excess presence of fluoride contaminants in drinking water.
The Water contamination, mainly from arsenic and fluoride, can cause serious health hazards.

The Center has sent notifications to states to plan specific proposals to tackle the problem of contaminated drinking water.
The ministry of drinking water and sanitation has commissioned around 35 research and development projects to clean the drinking water in rural areas.

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Pune is planning for Groundwater Augmentation

Pune is planning for Groundwater Augmentation

Groundwater is an integral part of the environment and the major source of drinking water. On the account of, increased demand of water consumption, Pune Municipal Corporation is planning to boost groundwater with active participation of citizen.

The activists appealed to the mayor to prioritize groundwater augmentation and mayor agreed on it. In the meeting of activists and mayor, Activists also proposed for suspending concreting of roads because it is not allowing the rainwater to absorb and percolate but the matter remained inconclusive. Topics like Maps of the areas, water bodies, recharging of bore wells by channeling rainwater underground and groundwater levels were also discussed in this meeting.

Activists are happy to start establishment for handling the groundwater table issue and hoping for some meaningful action in the coming days by the PMC.

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Health of Bus Depot’s Staff in Telangana State at risk

Health of Bus Depot’s Staff in Telangana State at risk

In Telangana State, The health of the staff in Bus Depot is in danger because TSRTC supplying water in old drums because of shortage of drinking water.

The situation has worsened so much that the public drinking water taps have dried up. To overcome the problem of shortage of water taps, the corporation had set up RO (reverse osmosis) plants but these RO plants are not working because of non-maintenance. RTC authorities also started the sale of Bislery Water Bottles in the depots.

Meanwhile, the High Court has sent the notification about the issue of shortage of drinking water at bus depot to TSRTC to take action to provide drinking water facility to passengers and staff at its bus stands.

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Dirty Water Supply: Health of Model government girl’s hostel in Danger

As per the latest reports, news are arriving about a serious health issue arises due to poor quality drinking water. In the Bhopal State, Unsafe drinking water causing growing concern in model government girl’s hostel.

Girls complained about availability of water that it is not pure and even does not taste good and stinks to the respective authority but they have not taken action to provide pure drinking water till now. So, Inmates are purchasing packed drinking water daily for their survival from the market but that can be expensive.

Hostel authority have admitted the fact and agreed to solve the problem at the earliest. Block medical officer stated that, drinking dirty water is detrimental to girl’s health. The drinking water must be tasted to ensure the quality of drinking water because it can cause various health issues.

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