Pune leading in ‘Over-Exploitation’ Of Groundwater in the State

The Pune is one the seven districts in Maharashtra, where the groundwater has been found to be over-exploited. The demand for using the groundwater is growing constantly in Pune and this same trend has been observed in a total of 22 Villages in Maharashtra.

Image Courtesy: https://www.microc.com
Image Courtesy: https://www.microc.com

Mr. I. I. Shah, additional director at GSDA, Pune said that, the agency under the Jalswarajya-II Programme has decided to undertake real-time mapping of 12 aquifers to control this depletion of groundwater, where the hydrologists will study about various factors responsible for depletion. The World Bank also initiated its intervention programmes, to discharge the groundwater in a planned manner.

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A team member of the Jalswarajya-II Project said that, they will also need people’s participation to solve this problem of over-exploitation of groundwater. They will make use of artificial means to improve the recharge rate, if required.


Supreme Court Verdict: Hotels Can Sale Packaged Drinking Water Bottle above MRP

Image Courtesy: http://www.business-standard.com/
Image Courtesy: http://www.business-standard.com/

According to the recent reports, Government has sent notification to the Supreme Court that, charging Packaged Drinking Water bottle above MRP in Hotels and restaurants was an offence under the Legal Metrology Act and it would attract monetary penalties and even jail terms. According to the news article in The Economic Times, dated on Dec 13, 2017, The Supreme Court has rejected this argument by the Govt. and allowed Hotels and Restaurants to sell Packaged Drinking Water bottle more than the maximum retail price (MRP).

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The court in its judgment said that, there are lot of other services provided by the Hotels and Restaurants. Thus, they cannot come under Legal Metrology Act. This judgment of SC was based on the special leave petition filed by the FHRAI.

Mr. Garish Oberoi, president of the FHRAI, said that, People do not come to the Hotels just to buy Packaged Drinking Water Bottle. There are other costs too involved in the Bill and there is a service that is rendered. The Act cannot be applicable to them.

Effect of Less Marketing: Low in Cost Hill Aqua, is Not Popular

As per the news article in The New Indian Express, The new brand of Packaged Drinking Water from Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (KIIDC), is providing high-quality packaged water at low cost, but it is still not popular amongst public.

Image Courtesy: https://food.ndtv.com/
Image Courtesy: https://food.ndtv.com/

Dominic John, the distributor of Hill Aqua in Ernakulam district said that, only 3,000 bottles of Hilly Aqua is sold in Ernakulum district per day. Though, the quality of the water is 100 percent ensured, company has low sale due to less marketing. An officer with the Food Safety Department said that, there are more than 50 local mineral water companies running in Kochi. Many of them are running without having mandatory licenses. People should check the authenticity of mineral water before consuming it.

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Raid on Illegal Packaged Drinking Water Units in Jalandhar

In Jalandhar, the Health Department has raided on illegal Packaged Drinking Water Units. In this raid, the Officers of the health department have cancelled the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) license of one of the Packaged Drinking Units.

Image Courtesy: www.watertechonline.com
Image Courtesy: www.watertechonline.com

The other three Packaged Drinking Water Units were running without having mandatory BIS and FSSAI license. So, the officers immediately issued a notice to the units to stop the production of the Packaged Drinking Water.

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DHO Dr. Balwinder Singh said that, they have collected the samples of water from various Packaged Drinking Water units in the district and shall be sending written request to the food commissioner for the power to seal the unlicensed Packaged Drinking Water units.

Maharashtra Govt. Ordered Water Bottle Manufacturers to Set up Recycling Plants

As, after the declaration of the ban on plastic Packaged Drinking Water Bottles at govt. offices and hotels in Maharashtra, water bottle manufacturers have opposed this decision and experts also felt that the glass bottles are unsafe. Now, Maharashtra Govt. came up with the new solution for this ban.

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Image Courtesy: http://www.hindustantimes.com/
Image Courtesy: http://www.hindustantimes.com/

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The state environment department has given 3-months ultimatum to the Plastic bottle manufacturers and mineral water firms to set up a reverse supply mechanism and recycling plants. And if, bottle manufacturers failed to implement this, then the ban on Packaged Drinking Water Bottles will be enforced in the state.

State environment minister Ramdas Kadam said that, According to the Plastic Rules, 2016, manufacturers of plastic items have an extended responsibility of getting it back from the consumer. So, the manufacturers must adopt a buy-back mechanism and apply the reverse supply mechanism to collect the used plastic bottles back from the consumers. Further that, they have to recycle plastic bottles and re-manufacture them again.”

Further they added that, currently, there are around 1,200 unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water Bottle units running in the state and a stringent action will be taken on them soon.

Raid on Unlicensed Water Units in Palakkad

As per the news article in the ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper, Due to the increasing problem of shortage of Drinking Water in Palakkad, Kerala; many unlicensed Packaged Drinking Water units were flooding in the State. The seller of 20-litre cans taking the maximum advantage of this problem and many of them are selling unprocessed water in 20-litre cans.

Image Courtesy: http://www.moneycontrol.com/
Image Courtesy: http://www.moneycontrol.com/

Based on the received complaints about supply of unsafe drinking water, the food safety department started taking legal action against Packaged Drinking Water units supplying untreated water and two water bottling units were sealed by the officers. The concerned officials will raid on licensed units too and will take a strict action against the violators. Officials have started collecting the samples from water bottling units to check purity of the water.  Food Safety Officer told that, selling of non-purified water not only violates the law but it can also cause many health hazards to the people.

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The M. E. Muhammed, president of Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association said that, currently, there are only 10 licensed water bottling units at present running in the district. It is mandatory to obtain the licenses from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and FSSAI for every water bottling units. They must have their own in-house quality control labs and experts to check the quality of the water regularly.

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Simple Water Test to Detect the Fluoride Level

Image Courtesy: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Image Courtesy: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

A high level of fluoride in drinking water can be dangerous for human health. A research team led by Simon Lewis from the University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies has developed simple water test to detect the level of fluoride in drinking water. This is a simple color-changing test and will help to prevent from a bone disease.

High levels of fluoride are found in drinking water sources in parts of India, China, East Africa, and North America. The levels of fluoride are regularly monitored and controlled by water treatment systems in developed countries. But, in some parts of India, people are using unprocessed water from wells, which is contaminated with high levels of fluoride.

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Researcher Simon Lewis said that, they have created a molecule that simply changes a color and detects higher level of fluoride in Drinking Water rapidly. The test does not require any water testing lab and trained operator to carry the test. It is a low cost disposable test strip and anyone can use it easily. The new research published in the journal Chemical Communications stated that, this simple color-changing test detects high levels of fluoride quickly and selectively.

Ban on Plastic Packaged Drinking Water Bottles at Govt. Offices and Hotels in Maharashtra.

Image Courtesy: http://drgeo.com/
Image Courtesy: http://drgeo.com/

According to latest reports, the Maharashtra Govt. issued a ban on Packaged Drinking Water Bottles at Govt. Offices and Hotels to become a plastic free state from March 2018.  Maharashtra Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam said that, they will send team to six States of the country, including Himachal Pradesh and Kerala to achieve the plastic-free status and study their model.

The minister further added that, they will first implement the rule in the Maharashtra and then will ask others to follow it. The government will use the funds under the District and Development Committees (DPDC).

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Nowadays, people are more cautious about health and consumption of Packaged Drinking Water has increased at an alarming rate in India as people consider the packaged drinking water safe and pure. There is no doubt that, Plastic bottles are creating unnecessary waste in landfills and water sources, but Packaged Drinking Water bottles are supplying clean and pure water to the people. Don’t you think that, instead of banning Plastic Packaged Drinking Water Bottles at Govt. Offices and Hotels in Maharashtra, there should be plastic bottle disposal machines at every govt. offices and hotels?

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 Recycling Machine for Plastic Bottle with Reward!