Mineral Water Plant Training Details

Mineral Water Plant Training Details

Mineral Water Plant Training – How It Started

We have been supplying machinery to the Mineral Water Industry for many years. In the initial years, we observed that almost 40 to 50 % of the businesses were not operative after a year or so. While finding out the reason, we came to know that there is not enough education to them on the aspect of how to validate their business idea, the machinery selection & other details. So initially we started with just a few 3-4 hours Intro sessions. Then on demand started Full Day Training, and now 2-Days Training Workshops. 

Mineral Water Plant Training :- Who is it for 

Though we are involved in the Mineral Water Plant Consultancy Business; we are quite open for all sorts of common work styles. The typical beneficiaries from the training would be :-

  • The Entrepreneurs who are willing to setup their own plants

This is the best possible beneficiary from our training, as we cover every set of initial information like :-

  1. What are the future opportunities besides a Mineral Water Plant like Grey Water, Water ATM, and others.
  2. The Types of Plants & Business Models w.r.t. the Investment & various considerations an entrepreneur needs to look into.
  3. What are Financials :- What would be the Return on Investment in regards to the model selected, comparison between a 2000, 5000 and just Jars Plant.
  4. Calculation of Resources :-Exact Land, Water,Power, Human Resource & Money Requirement.
  5. A classroom exercise to calculate & design your own plant capacity and how can you specify that to the suppliers.
  6. Water basics & Machinery details Session to let you know how water is the most important factor & how to create a hygiene policy around this single aspect 
  7. How to find out details of the existing working, working, deferred Mineral Water Plants in your Area using the B.I.S. Website
  8. How to do the Initial Water Analysis yourself at Zero Cost as compared to the cost offered to you by the B.I.S. approved labs.
  9. Select Marketing techniques to outcast your existing competitors in no time.
  • Machinery Suppliers who are willing to expand the scope of their offerings and collaborate

If you are an existing supplier for Blowing Machine, Filling Machine, Ink Jet Coding Machine or any other machine pertaining to Mineral Water Plant, this training can help you by understanding the business as a whole. You can also contact us to collaborate in the training. Subject to conditions, we may offer you an opportunity.

  • Domestic Water Purification System Suppliers who are willing to enter in this field

As a Domestic Water Purifier supplier, you may come across various requirements, where the client may be requiring to setup a Mineral Water Plant. This Training knowledge will help you on all the initial aspects and by collaborating with us, you can extend the opportunity in this field as well. 

  • Existing Mineral Water Plant Owners

There are many entrepreneurs who have already setup their Mineral Water Plants without a valid B.I.S. license. Many of them might have started the plant with just the Chilled Water Jar in mind,knowingly or unknowingly. But the fact is that all of them will require a valid ISI mark , which is supplied by the B.I.S. Such plants , if thinking of going for a License may require to go for a proper certified plant also attend this training.

  • Expats willing to setup plant in their native country

There are many people enquiring with us regarding setup of a Mineral Water Plant in their native country. Most of them might have settled in western countries like the U.S. or the U.K. They also need to have a proper training to setup a plant in their native country. They too attend the training.

How to get the best out of the Mineral Water Training ?

Know at exactly what stage you are.

You might have clearly defined your capacity and looking for machinery. Or you might be having land and building but don’t know how to go further. Or you might not be having any resource right now. Knwing where you are is the best thing to begin at.

Decide your timeline.

Irrespective of your stage, you need to be ready with your timeline. Meaning, you should fix up a deadline with a date , as to the terminating point for your first stage. e.g. If you have land & water ready, you should mark up the calender with a date on which you must proceed for the next task, may be drawing financial projections.

Be Flexible.

If you have decided certain plan in mind, the training may present you completely different choices. Be flexible and accept the change.

Shoot Questions

Come with questions and shoot those during the training. This is the only time when you will get an opportunity to clarify your doubts one to one. Don’t hesitate.

Be participative

We conduct various activities, e.g. calculation of Plant Capacity. It helps in actually knowing the plant capacity, which is the basis for every other detail of your dream project. If you understand this session well, the success is yours. For that participate 100%.

Network with Fellow Mates 

Alongwith you, there may be other participants as well, network with them. Exchange ideas. This is the best way to share knowledge with each other & help each other.

Shall you be able to start a plant after the training ?

Optimistically Yes. But practically, even if you do not start a plant, it should be a Knowledge Based Decision. So be ready with a “NO” decision as well. Many of the participants also drop their idea to start a plant. many of them actually take forward. Many of them alter their plans, many of them totally change the original thought.

All is well, so far its a well thought decision. As we do learn about what are the top reasons of failure. Other’s failures lead you to a Right decision.

How is the Flow of the Training

Each Session will be 90 minutes duration. After that a short break is given, considering this a Theory based session. We try our best to make it engaging through live examples, activities etc. There will be a Tea Break in morning, as well as noon and a lunch break. Participants are given some leisure during the break.

There will be Q & A Session and also a Certificate Distribution session at the end. 

Individual Counselling Sessions

We also allocate some time for individual counselling sessions. Candidates who have some confidential questions, they can ask them during that. 

Further Support

As mentioned earlier, we do support each & every participant with proper support in case they are stuck.

We also offer total consultancy to setup the plant, which includes survey, vendoring & start to end full consultancy for the plant upto the 1st batch of commercial production.

Checkout the Reviews ..

There are more than 1000 People got trained by us till date. You can read their reviews on this page 

How Can You Attend The Next Training ?

First, check the contents & schedule for the next training. Then Kindly call us to know further about the training. We shall inform you on how to reserve your seat for the upcoming training. You can do either way, through Bank or through a credit card.

Venue , Hotel Stay etc…..

You can check the FAQ page for this r even our Office Staff members will give you all necessary information.

Can’t attend the next Training ?

No issues, just subscribe to our newsletter and be informed about the next training dates, so you can plan in advance & can save on Air Travel, Hotels etc.

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