Mineral Water Project – F.A.Q.

You are requested to refer to this page to get answers to some basic questions. They are categorized in the following format :-

  • Section A : General Questions
  • Section B : Live Training Related Question 
  • Section C : Home Study Course Related Questions

(A) General Questions :-

1) I do not know anything, but want to know before I start a Mineral Water Plant; what do I do ?

Most Ideally check out the dates of the next Packaged Drinking Water Plant-Idea to Actualization Workshop. Usually we hold this every month. This is the best option.

2) What is the Plant Cost?
Depends upon your Plant Size. It is very important to know the Plant Cost in Details. We already have covered the basics on the Mineral Water Plant Cost Page; And its covered in details at the Training.
3) How much area required for Plant?
Depends upon your Plant Size. And the machinery you will be using. But it’s very important to restrict the Construction cost to its Minimum. Once you know the basic are needed and the type of construction necessary, you can restrict it to the minimal. We train you on this aspect through a live activity during the training.
4) How much land needed for Plant?

Depends upon your Plant Size. However, area calculation is very important in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bagalore, Hyderabad etc as the Land Cost is sky rocketing. Its covered in details at the Training.

5) What Documents are needed for Mineral Water Plant?

There are 2 types of documents : The standard “Any Industry” documents & the “Packaged Drinking Water Plant” specific permissions required to be had. We have a special session dedicated to the B.I.S. Site , in which we train you on how to read & extract information from the B.I.S. website, which issues you the I.S.I. certificate. Its covered in details at the Training.

6) What is the Profit Margin in Mineral Water Plant?

We have actually written a special post on this for getting an initial idea; however,it’s covered in details at the Training.

7) Why an Entrepreneur needs Training & not straight consultancy?

We have observed that maximum plants fail due to not understanding profitability with respect to plant design. One should know every aspect of the business before starting a venture. We do cover this point very well, so the chances of you failing in your venture reduce to a great extent. Hence, going for a consultancy after the Training is always better.


(B) Training Related Questions :

1)What is the outline of the Idea to Actualization Workshop?

It Covers the opportunities, Types of Plants with their profitability comparison,Calculations for Machinery, BIS, Marketing Aspects.

2) How can I see the Contents in Detail?

Yes, Click this link Please, or email us so we send you through email.

3)Where is it held?
At present we conduct the sessions at Pune, though we had conducted at Bangalore in past.

4) How many participants are there?

Typically from 10-20, sometimes less, sometime more.

5) What is the Duration of the Training?

Usually it’s for 2 Full Days (11 am to 4.30 PM) days unless otherwise said.

6) Does the Training Charges include Staying Charges?

No. It includes Afternoon Lunch & Hi-Tea for both the days.

7) What about Study Material?

You do get the Session Full PPT in PDF format. In addition you also get a printed Activity Book with some major Bullet Training Points.

8) Do We Get a Certificate?

Yes, you will get a certificate having attended the training.

9) Where to see the Reviews who have done this Workshop?

You can click these 2 links :- (Google & Revbay)

10) Ok, Convinced. How do I reserve my Seat?

You can visit this link to book. Alternatively, call 9822478111 bet 12-5 on working days. We are eager to help.

11) Can I Cancel My Ticket?

Sorry. We don’t allow that, but can transfer you to the next training (subject to conditions)

12) What are the modes of Payment?

Direct Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card.

13) What about Accommodation?

We recommend you better check websites like OYO, Bookings.com, Goibibo.cometc. However, if you need help, kindly call us, tell us your budget, we will suggest you.

14) I have never been to Pune, how's the city like ?

Pune is a big city (First 10 largest cities in India), having all kinds of entertainment, food, little of night life too (we are not aware, sorry!). And Pune is also a place of excellent weather except extreme summer (temp is below 30 degrees). Pune is very well connected by Air, Rail to all parts of the country. Has a Domestic & International Airport. Mumbai, the Business capital of India is just 4 hours from Pune. AC buses, cabs, Trains are very frequently between Pune & Mumbai. UBER and OLA Cabs are very prominently used in the city. Of course, local auto service is also available on meter.


(C) Home Study Course Related

1) What do I get in Home Study Course?

You get Video Tutorials, PDF Documents.

2) How to check my Progress ?

The Home Study Course is distributed in Modules. After every module, there are questions which need your answers. Those answers, you can track your progress.

3) Do I get a certificate for attending the Mineral Water Plant Home Study Course ?

You can download Digitally after completion of the same.