20 Ltr Jar Mineral Water Plant Cost

20 Ltr Jar Mineral Water Plant Cost

Mineral Water Packaging

Mineral Water ( Packaged Drinking Water ) is packaged in various forms. The most popular ones are :-

  • Bottles of 1 Ltr, 500 ml, 200-300 ml & 100 ml
  • Jars of 20 Ltr, 5 Ltr
  • Glasses or Cups of 200 ml or 100 ml
  • Pouches (Now banned at many places) of 200 or 250 ml

Out of the 4 types mentioned above, Jars is the type of Packaging which is used for bulk consumption in houses or offices. Although 2 sizes are available, 20 Ltrs is the most consumed one, hence the most popular as well.

Cost to Setup a 20 Ltr Jar Mineral Water Plant

Just Machinery (Approximate Costing in March 2019)
AssetAppx. Price (Lakhs) for Low Budget PlantAppx. Price (Lakhs) for Medium Budget Plant
Total Cost 34.5 40.75
Water Treatment Plant 1000 LPH / 6.502000 LPH / 8.5
Lab & Other BIS Licensing6.506.5
Empty Jar Washing Machine1.251.25
Jar Filling Filling Station / 1.15Filling Machine 120 JPH / 4.5
Other Utilities Like Electricity, Gen set etc5.005.00
Furniture for BIS2.003.00
Construction for Shed of 2000 Sft @ 600 Rs per sft12.0012.00

From the small table above, you can notice some of these things like :-

Even if you Double the Plant Size, it doesn’t double the investment.

# How will it make the difference ?

Capacity, when doubled, makes your capacity to produce & offer 2 times, hence the chances of an better R.O.I.

(We have a costing comparison session during our Live Training, which highlights this issue & offers you a better clarity on this most important aspect)

Low Budget Plant has a filling “Station”, while medium budget plant has a “machine”

Actually, low budget plants don’t require a “machine” as the production requirement may be very less.requirement may be very less. In such a case, we have seen, on most of the plants, hand operated “stations” are provided; which are perfectly fine.

However, a little care needs to be taken while constructing these stations. They should be provided with Following modifications :-

  • Electronic Sensors to start filling automatically after a time delay.
  • Electronic sensors to STOP the filling automatically after a time delay.
  • The Capping section should be pneumatically operated & working on Sensor logic like stated above.

# Does it matter much ?

Yes. It does matter. As your primary focus should always be on maintenance of plant hygiene, maximum Non-Touch operations should be involved. It’s also vital from the B.I.S. point of view.

Lab & B.I.S. Cost is the same irrespective of the plant size

The Setup & Testing parameters from the B.I.S. are very common for any size & type of plant. Be it Bottles, Pouches or Jars. Or be it a very small plant, or a huge plant.B.I.S

Construction Cost looks on a lower side

It is a factory setup, and without a floor on top. Hence no need to construct an R.C.C. slab. This will bring your cost of construction drastically down. The cost can be further saved if you hire your place for long lease (like 10 years).

Conclusion : to get 20 Ltr Jar Mineral Water Plant Cost Accurately …

However, the table mentioned above gives you approximation. And the prices are time sensitive. Better to calculate exactly by taking each & every costing individually. Look for certain articles like cost components. Besides the same, we do conduct Live Training in India for this single purpose :- Training the budding entrepreneurs in this field. Attend one of these. Best Luck.

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