Maharashtra FDA’s Eye on Testing Bromate Levels in Packaged Drinking Water

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As per the news articles in money control, Maharashtra Govt. is taking initiative to check bromate levels in water brands. As many activists has raised the issue of high bromate levels in Packaged Drinking Water, India’s food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) sent order to Maharashtra FDA to test samples of all Packaged Drinking Water brands like Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, etc..

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According to the sources, The Maharashtra FDA will collect 20-25 samples of Packaged Drinking Water for testing bromate levels. The levels for Bromate are now defined at 10 microgram per litre in Packaged Drinking Water. The FDA has to report to India’s food regulator FSSAI in the next one-two months. This news is also confirmed from Bisleri.

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Packaged Drinking Water plant uses ozonisation to disinfect water which transforms the bromine into bromate ions. Bromate is a chemical which can cause carcinogenic effects, reduce weight and affect renal function. It is compulsory for all the Packaged Drinking Water plants to test bromate levels in Packaged Water according to the Bureau of Indian Standards.


Plastic Fibres Found in India’s Tap Water

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According to the article in Deccan Chronical, it is found that around 83 per cent of the samples were contaminated with plastic fibres. According to the startling new survey, micro plastic fibres were found in tap waters in some countries, including India. This could lead to several health implications.

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As per the tests conducted by the Orb Media, in tap water samples taken from various sites, including Congress building, it is found that, plastics tiny plastic fibres are found in ocean water and tap water, food and air also.

India had contamination rate at 82.4% and is third highest in this list, whereas the US had the highest contamination at 94%. The European nations, including the UK, Germany and France are at the lowest contamination rate of 72%. This micro plastic has toxic chemicals and as per the research on the wild animals, they are released into the body.

Researchers informed that, the atmosphere is the main source of micro plastics and clothes, carpets and shed fibres also adds it in the water.

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First Water ATM in Hyderabad

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The first Water ATM was inaugurated by Telangana Home Minister Nayani Narshima Reddy in Hyderabad.The project was launched by Safe Water Network, a global NGO, has partnered with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). It will provide affordable, 24×7 safe water access.

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Initially, only 50 Water ATMs will be operationalised by next year.Total 200 ATMs will be set up to reach about 1,50,000 people. These water ATMs uses state-of-the-art, six-step treatment process to purify water which prescribes to national norms.Raw water will be supplied by Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) for these ATMs.

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Ravi Sewak, Country Director, Safe Water Network said that,this will encourage local youth to operate and maintain these safe water stations.

Cloud Based Technology:

A seven step treatment process is used in these Water ATMs to purify water that adheres to national norms.These Water ATMs are connected through cloud-based technology for real time monitoring and analyses of operational parameters. It minimizes the downtime. The Consumers will get pure glass of water at Re. 1, 1 liter for Rs. 2,10 liters for Rs. 5 and 20 liters for Rs. 10.

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Essential Tactics for Market Surveys-Interview

Market Research will help to grow the business. It helps to gather information about market, customers, current market trends and future business prospects. We have conducted interview of former attendees of our training session.

Mr. Manav is from Raipur Chhattisgarh and he is a true entrepreneur running an event called ‘Mancha’, owner of financial Institute and 2 agencies and now, he is looking for setting up his own water plant. He shared with us some different tactics for doing marketing survey.

Thanks to Packaged Drinking Water Idea To Actualization Training:

Bottling plant is not just about setting up a plant; it needs study and help from experts. Thanks to mineral water project information team, for arranging so important Packaged Drinking Water- Idea to Actualization training event and the best part is even after the training I will get lifetime email based support for all my queries. I have gone through all the link and website given in the training. As taught in this training, I registered his trademark (Logo) and partnership firm also. I am also working on a land, machines and loan. Now, he is planning to launch new water bottle product on coming 15 January in Raipur and Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigam are the special guest in this event.

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 Summary of the Interview:-

  • Water business is one of the most lucrative business nowadays, as water is life this business has great future in coming days too.
  • Online marketing survey will definitely help you to figure out about this business but that is not sufficient, one to one interaction for getting in touch with the owner of the water plant is also important.
  • There is no need to hire a big marketing agency for the survey. As we taught in the training, micro level surveys about how to sell 1 litre of bottle water should be conducted at initial level. There should be perfect association between retailers, distributors and dealers. We can do surveys like, why dealer could not sell the water product? Or why he could not been able to work on the brand? This will also help to improve profit margins.
  • The live activity in the training session will help you for estimating cost required for plant. In the training, excel sheet for calculating the cost will be provided which covers everything about calculating the cost.
  • You can contact Mr. Manav on Mobile no. 9993102266.
  • We hope you enjoyed the interview. Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section.

‘Divya Jal’ Packaged Drinking Water by Patanjali

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Baba Ramdev all set to launch his Packaged Drinking Water ‘Divya Jal’ in this Diwali. Ramdev’s spokesperson, S.K. Tijarawala said that, the Divya Jal will be available all over the India in the next three to six months;the sales target for 2018-19 is Rs. 1,000 crore. He further added that, Patanjali may give third-party contract to bottling companies and joint ventures, and will also try to rejuvenate the stressed water plants in future.


According to research firm Euromonitor International, the total revenue of Packaged Drinking Water in India is Rs. 7,040 crore in 2016 and is expected to reach Rs. 15,080 crore in 2021. Bisleri is leading in this industry with an estimate of 24% value share.

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As per the FSSAI, In June 2016, there were around 5,842 registered water packaging units, of which only 1,495 units were running legally. On 23rd June 2016, FSSAI had made it compulsory to every bottling unit to get a clearance from the regulator.

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Bisleri to Come Up with the Local Language Labels Soon

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The Bisleri is taking footsteps to curb the sale of fake mineral water bottles. As people who can’t easily get fooled with any counterfeit product because they cannot read English, Bisleri announces to bring water bottles with the labels in local languages.

The brand has 122 bottling plants present across India. Bisleri invests total Rs.60 lakh in local language labels. In the phase-I, regional labels in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, parts of Maharashtra and UP will be rolled out. The Bisleri will come up with the new presence within the month, all over India in its new avatar.


Anjana Ghosh, director, marketing, Bisleri International said that, it is a great way to connect better with the consumers and they want people at every level to be able to read the name, Bisleri. In the state like Maharashtra, it is compulsory for every dealer to have the name in the Marathi. Ghosh further added that, the main trouble is using similar packaging and most of the consumers could not recognize the authentic brand. But now, people from all the regions can clearly read the labels in the Local Languages.

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What do you feel, is this really solves the problem of people being able to differentiate between the original the fake product?

One-To-One Sessions with Expert in Training at Pune

On the very auspicious occasion of Ganesh Festival, we conducted our training event on Packaged Drinking Water Plant – Idea to Actualization on 26th and 27th August 2017 in Pune and even participants joined us very enthusiastically to do Shriganesha of their water plant.

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In our training, we start from very basic steps like business idea. Our training is not just about setting up the Packaged Drinking Water Plant but about development and growth of the business also. We have also introduced

1.One-To-One Sessions:

This is the most important part of our training; here candidates get a chance to discuss with experts. In this session, trainers try to solve the queries and discuss the ideas of business very secretly. Basically, many candidates don’t want their own ideas to share openly. So, we have arranged this one-to-one conclave meeting.

20170827_162520 20170827_162529

2.Marketing Techniques:

Only setting up the water plant is not enough, the marketing is the key for selling the product. Here, we discussed both traditional and digital marketing techniques. It helps to gather information about market, customers, current market trends and future business prospects.

Discussion About - Opportunity & Overall Market in Water
Discussion About – Opportunity & Overall Market in Water

3.Chance for Networking:

Meanwhile, candidates enjoyed delicious food while discussing with each other in the lunch break and special breakfast in the morning on the second day of training. The best part of our training event is, here people get network successfully and this will definitely help them in future in their business. After attending this event, candidates get lifetime email based support from the experts.

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So, Even if you are willing to enter into this water industry, don’t worry, we are here! You just need to enroll yourself for our next training session…and be fast to get a special early bird discount on our training session…


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MRP Violation of Packaged Drinking Water Continues in Hyderabad

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According to the latest amendment of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities (LMPC) law, Dual MRP Prices are not allowed on Mineral Water Bottle and other prepackaged commodities.

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Selling Packaged Drinking Water above MRP could attract the penalty of Rs. 2,000 for a first offence and even imprisonment of six months for a second offence. But, it is found that, this practice still continues in the Hyderabad City.  Multiplexes, cinema halls, airports and bus stations are still selling Packaged Water Bottles above MRP.

Due to the lack of the action from the Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, and even Legal Metrology departments in enforcing the rules and also the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Mr. Pendyala Satish Kumar has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) before the Hyderabad High Court. He complained to the court about the dual MRP prices on Packaged Drinking Water.

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After notifying the amended Rules 2017 by the Centre, he said that, in May 2017 the Karnataka government conducted raids on malls and multiplexes across the state for overpricing and selling mineral water above the MRP and the Maharashtra government also issued notices to MRP Violators.

Do You Know, The Reasons Behind The Same Cost of 1 Liter Mineral Water Bottle and 20 Liters Can?

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With the increase in the population of water pollution, the demand of Packaged Drinking Water has increased exponentially. Packaged Drinking Bottles and cans have become part of our day-to-day life. Many households are purchasing Packaged Drinking Water every day and similarly, the no. of travelers are buying water bottles are very high.

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But, you might have wonder that how the price of the water packs, one liter water bottle of any brand costs Rs. 20 (quoted as packed mineral water) and a 20 liter of can of water also cost the same.

Here are The Reasons Behind This…

There is a bit science behind this, as it is believed that the one liter of  Drinking Water Bottles is filtering as well as adding extra minerals and vitamins. It is very costly process.Whereas, the companies that supply 20 liters of cans are not doing process of mineralization. They are supplying only filtered water. There is big difference in the quality of the water of bottle and cans.

One more reason is that, the cans are made in Local area while most of the branded mineral bottle companies belong to abroad, so water bottle price includes taxes, manufacturing, maintaining and transportation charges. Cans do not have this charges.

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Positive Confirmation on the Replenishment of Groundwater Storage

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Groundwater is important resource of water and the groundwater depletion was an issue of concern in India over the years. But now, for the first time researchers from IIT-Kharagpur and NASA had given positive confirmation on the replenishment of groundwater storage at the regional scale, which is definitely very good news as it will help to improve groundwater levels in India.

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ASA, there is replenishment of regional-scale groundwater storage (GWS) through long-term (1996-2014). The Research lead Abhijit Mukherjee from IIT-Kgp said that, according to the observation on the more than 19,000 groundwater locations by ground-based measurements and decadal-scale (2003-2014) satellite-based groundwater storage measurements, it is found that, a recent shift in paradigm in the Indian groundwater withdrawal, and the policies of management for sustainable water utilization have probably started replenishing aquifers by increasing storage in western and southern India.

Further he added that, they have demonstrated the initial scenarios of rejuvenating groundwater in some parts of India, which has the potential to replenishment groundwater at a great extent.