What are Illegal Water Sources for a Packaged Drinking Water Plant ?

Sources of Water for a Packaged Drinking Water Plant

An ISI License holding Packaged Drinking Water Plant , can draw water from Borewell , can have Municipal water as well. River Water with a Direct Pipe-In is not allowed. Same case with Well water as there is a chance of contamination. If you have seen such a case, it would have been allowed just by exception or might be illegal. Sooner or later this can be either challenged or sued.

Sting Operations Team in Bellary , Karnatak.

Bellary is a North Karnatak state, known for its rich, affluent houses of the Minerals Business Tycoons. But such is not the case for Mineral Water ; alias, the Packaged Drinking water , what the BIS calls it. As it is , the area is very hot & drought prone. Moreover, the heat starts increasing as Summer approaches. You start to listen all water related theft stories. In a sting operation, the Bellary City Corporation found out some 142 illegal Tap Connections in the city.

Worries for illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plants

In reports ,Mr. Lad, K.C. Kondaiah, MLC it said that ..

“bulk of the water being supplied was being illegally drawn by packaged drinking water units and underlined to initiate drastic action against the guilty.”

Read Original News in The Hindu

If it’s a fact , it attracts two issues :-

  • How much is the water extraction limit at Bellary. Visit cgwb site
  • The illegal means , which they have said is done by an existing ISI licensed Packaged Drinking Plant or they mean the Cold Jar Plant ?

Cold Jars or Chilled Jar or Camper Unit is not legal

You might have got some kind of Water Supply License or might be “smartly” managing the authorities or nobody might have noticed you till date; but now it can become a serious issue. Your Water Sources may be as per the cgwb guidelines , but you may not be having a valid ISI License issued by the BIS. Visit this page for getting clear about the ISI.

Conversion of the existing Non-ISI Unit

Is it possible to convert an existing non-isi unit into an ISI unit ? Technically , yes; but it largely depends upon the type of unit you have. Before taking any step further , we suggest you to have a look at this special page written. Then please take advantage of our Plant Service Visit to get suggestions. But an action is important as a stitch in time, saves nine. Otherwise you can be in trouble.

Is Packaged Drinking Water Business suffering due to Demonitisation ?

An effect

As an effect , we have been listening to remarks from People .

“Yes. There’s a heavy impact”

“Slowly the market will stabilize”

“First month , it was horrible , but now recovering”

“We are very badly hit. Need to do something different”

But it came to our own realisation, that it has impacted a bit as we too received lesser participation for the Info Session we conduct for Mineral Water Plant Starters. Comparitively , there was a lesser crowd this time. Second difference which we noticed was that there were dominantly all the people who are from the “Working” category. That is .. they are currently in job somewhere and wish to start some new venture. We do get these entrepreneurs usually, but dominantly we receive crowd from established first business. This crowd was hardly any this time.

The result

But there is always a silver lining to every obstacle. We learned few things like how can we become more supportive and closer to the attendees, lesser crowd doesn’t mean lesser in degree, rather the interaction was more this time. And ultimately we ended up with great friends entrepreneurs to learn from.

We also did good follow ups with all those who showed up great interest in us. Almost all of them , if not this time, have agreed to come for the next Session again in Pune on the January 28 th 2017, the new year or the next ones . Check the Events page for details.


Can UBER teach you something for your Mineral Water Plant ?

Are you starting a Mineral Water Plant in  near future ?

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An update on packaged drinking water pricing

The Packaged drinking water price issue

Since long now, this packaged drinking water and other beverages MRP issue is going from here to there. But still, there’s a development. And government seems to be keeping paswan’s word of uniform MRP all over. At least Maharashtra seems to have begun with this.

Latest development

According to a news in Hindustan Times, Controller, LMO, Amitabh Gupta told HT on Wednesday that they have instructed AHAR, the association of hotels and Restaurants in Maharashtra, that they can’t charge extra over and above the MRP to the consumers. As usual, the AHAR doesn’t object for charging uniform and same MRP while selling full Bottle, but strictly reserve the right to charge above for the “Opened Up” sales. This doesn’t much apply to packaged drinking water, but will be taken into consideration while selling packaged drinking water bottles to customers in Hotel rooms and lodgings.

Is VAT charged above the MRP? 

Mr Shetty, from AHAR looks like talking sense when he says that in Mumbai, the VAT is above the MRP, and it’s to the tune of 43 % in case of five star hotels. We’re trying to look into this through our channels, but frankly, if you really have a look at the pricing of packaged drinking water bottle, the MRP is far away from the actual selling cost at which a water producer sells  the bottle to a whole seller. And believe me, they sell to hotels and Restaurants at wholesale pricing. If you’re keen to look at the pricing of packaged drinking water, have a look here

So, why still higher greed? 

In a legitimate way, I think Mr Gupta has a right suggestion. He recommends charging service charges separately in the bill, and not to load the profit in the bottle pricing in a percentage format. But this is against a fundamental issue a human being deals with. That is…. “Up-to what,  and where to stop”

Are the merchants enough sensitive towards this aspect of real merchandise? Wait and watch. At least history doesn’t agree to this. And things sometimes (mostly) need to be forcefully implemented.

“Registered Bottled Water Plants” means what ?

It’s always in the news …

If you read news about Bottled Water , they sometimes say “Mineral Water”. This can be understood as it is not expected that every time public will speak technical language. As we know, it’s Packaged Drinking Water in India , and the issuing authority is the B.I.S. that is Bureau of Indian Standards , under which many critical products are under strict observation and control. This further means , that without a valid ISI license , one can’t produce Packaged Drinking Water. The standard for Packaged Drinking Water is IS-14543. You can read this page for more details about ISI. To clarify the point , we should say “Packaged Drinking Water” plant and not a “Mineral Water Plant”. Yes , there are Mineral Water Plants too , but a very few.

Then what is a Mineral Water Plant ?

For a very very general understanding , Packaged Drinking Water Plant uses the Groundwater through Borewell & purifies it with further technology to produce Bottled Water; whereas Mineral Water Plant uses the mountain spring water (mostly) to produce Bottled Water.

But this is not the point

This is ok, so far it goes out with people. But when Newspapers publish news like “Department of Food Safety to crack down on water bottling plants that lack proper licences” , which Licenses they mean ? Now just have a look at this recent news :-

Deputy Commissioner D. Randeep, after a meeting with officials here on Monday, gave his nod for sealing plants that are operating without licences and accreditation.

This is a very recent news from the Hindu (Link Here). The action is a welcome, no doubts; but they say that some 13 out of 20 registered “Plants” are operating without valid licenses. A further light needs to be provided on which are the licenses like. Because, without an ISI , a Packaged Drinking Water Plant may not exist only. If at all, if they mean the “Insulated Jar Unit” like the Cold Jars Plant , it is not legal and not allowed under the BIS. Sooner or later they will be brought under scrutiny. If you own a plant like this ,or know someone owning such a plant, it’s time for him to get converted into an ISI approved plant immediately !

Comments , opinions , remarks are welcome.





Does groundwater pollution and a Blast relate with each other ?

Recent Blast claimed at least 15 lives in Tamilnadu

Vetrivel Explosives Private Limited , a factory in T Murungapatti, near Thuraiyur, 84 km from Tiruchy, Tamilnadu where , the incidence took place was said to be discharging Polluted Water in the surrounding areas. The company is operational from last 15 years, but from last 5 years local activists were demanding closure of the unit.

Read for more details

Poor safety measures at the factory

There are complaints that not enough care is taken towards the workmen & surrounding area health & safety. Groundwater is extracted in this area as it is the only source. But it was contaminated due to untreated water being taken out of the factory. It contains heavy nitrate , this may be the major groundwater contaminant.

Lessons for setting up a Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Already the Pollution Control Boards have strict rules in place while setting up plants, but this should be more closely addresses , because if your water , the groundwater , which is the major source , gets poor quality water like this, you can hardly survive in business.


Shall we see the Same MRP on Packaged Drinking Water even at Malls ?

Chaos on differential Pricing

Consumer affair Minister Mr Ramvilas Paswan declared a mission kind of thing (at least he showed it) against differential pricing been observed , especially in the Packaged Drinking Water. You can read this post for details. So , there was a great confusion over this issue in all the F & B industry as such. Most disturbed were the Hotel & Restaurant owners and Malls , who do sell Packaged Drinking Water at a higher price (Rs.40/- per litre in some cases). Some time after it was made clear that the Hotels can sell at higher price , if the drinks are served at the table, that is after the bottle seal is opened. Read this article

Now one more development …

Now, there seems to be an other development in this (or another confusion ?). According to this article , Govt seems to control the differential pricing within the state. It says that if someone observes two different prices for the same bottle of Packaged Drinking Water , the one with the lower price shall be considered as the Correct MRP. This seems to be an action against the Malls more in particular , where Packaged Drinking Water Producers were giving differentely printed labeled bottles to them. Does it mean this ? probably yes. But still hotels will keep on enjoying higher rates.

Delay in banning non ISI plants

Packaged drinking water plants operating without valid ISI license. 

As all know very well that almost 80 % diseases are water borne. So, utmost care should be taken while consuming water. No wonder why bottled water is very popular now. But with the emergence of good, there’s also some bad. So, there are people who want to business in a valid way and some want to do the invalid way.

What’s valid and what’s invalid

Whatever done with compliance of law and order,  that is with a valid BIS and fssai license, will be a valid way. Otherwise not. Still, people run businesses without this and petitions are filled in support of not getting licenses, this is pity.

Take decision

We noticed in a news yesterday that an appeal raised in support of certain units operating without a license was raised in 2013. It’s nagpur based case. It’s still pending, that’s the issue. Issues concerning public health should be addressed with top most priority. You can read the details over here.

What’s your opinion?

There are units operating without ISI, but claim their water is of top standard. They supply in jars, the insulated jars, should they be allowed?

As of date, the BIS does not approve them. We also suggest the plant owners to get these plants converted into BIS approved plants. Read this article if you’re willing to convert a plant.



Illegal Packaged Drinking Plants will need to be closed …Yes !

An Illegal Unit of Packaged Drinking Water was closed at Behrampur, Odisha.

Was it an effect of the Total Plastic Ban in Behrampur , or otherwise, it really came as a blessing to the residents of Behrampur, the city of Taratarini Temple , one of the 4 Shaktipeethas. Behrampur is placed in Ganjam District , adjacent to Vishakhapattanam of Andhra.

There was no “License” , but which License ?

The news says that the unit which was sealed (no declaration of name) had no valid licenses. As we all know , the packaged drinking water business needs to possess many licenses , the most important of those are the BIS & the fssia. You can see the list Over Here. If the units were sealed, which of them were not produced ? As the unit was producing pouches & Bottles too (refer this news), it must be publishing certain information on labels & pouches , isn’t it ? What was that ?

Consumers need to check the ISI number – Beware !

The consumers also need to check not just the brand, but also the ISI valid number printed on the Bottle & Pouch Labels. The BIS , which issues the ISI License number to the producer has very stringent norms to produce Packaged Drinking Water. It has a special standard allocated for this purpose. For details , you can refer this special page.

Besides this , there is one more category of Water Suppliers , who supply Water in Insulated Jars. This is also not approved by the B.I.S. If you are thinking that this you can do it officially , without the BIS License, your business will soon get into trouble. Read What you need to do .

Special Info cum Training LIVE Sessions

Special Training Sessions Conducted on Packaged Drinking Water Plants
Special Training Sessions Conducted on Packaged Drinking Water Plants

We also conduct LIVE sessions to educate people on all aspects of the Packaged Drinking Water Plants, one of them is also ISI. Check out our next session.

Besides this, a lot of information on ISI is covered with the addresses of its offices in Indian cities, and other information is also supplied to the buyers for free when they purchase our Home Study Course on Packaged Drinking Water Plant.


Does BIS allow River Water for Packaged Drinking Water Plant ?

How does B.I.S. certify the River Water Usage ?

Today I read a news that in Tamilnadu, the Pepsi & Coke were banned to use River Water for their Cola as well as Packaged Drinking Water Plants. Kinly & Aquafina they must be. The question is how was the River Water Supplied. The Madurai High Court Orders to stop usage of water drawn from the Thamirabarani River , which originates from Western Ghats. You can read the details on this link.

Question is not whether and what happened, but how were the Companies “Drawing” water from River ? It must be supplied & stored. Not directly Drawn. But an additional note of how was the water supplied etc. would be a welcome. The B.I.S. which regulates the working conditions at the Packaged Drinking Water Plants.