Bisleri Water Plant Project Cost

Bisleri Water Plant Project Cost

It’s a Packaged Drinking Water Plant actually

People call it as “Bisleri Water Plant“; however, it’s actually a Packaged Drinking Water Plant ( as per the BIS specifications). It’s Bisleri, who first brought the concept of most purified water in India. Very generally, people still call it “Bisleri” water. It’s the way the brand has penetrated in India.

If you are willing to setup a Packaged Drinking Water Plant in India ..

People also call it “Mineral Water Plant” very generally. So, if you are willing to know the cost of such a plant, the cost is divided into the following heads

One Time Costs

  • Land & Building Cost
  • Machinery and Equipment Cost
  • Consultancy Cost (Project Consultancies
  • Vehicle
  • Other 1 Time Purchases

Recurring Expenses

  • Purchases & Consummables
  • Manpower
  • Electricity
  • Licenses & Renewals
  • Bank Costs

Once you calculate this in detail, and put your financial projections for certain years on paper, you will know the R.O.I. ; the Return on Investment. This will give you the decision on the type of plant to go for.

However, you can read the post on Mineral Water Plant Cost for detailed methods.

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