Water Purifier Plant Project Cost

Water Purifier Plant Project Cost

While looking at the query “Water Purifier Plant Project Cost” ; I tried entering into the query maker’s mind. And concluded that the person more relates to setting up a Mineral Water Plant or a Bottled Water Plant or a Packaged Drinking Water Plant (the way it’s officially called in India).

Let’s look at the basics ..

The basics remain the same; whether you wish to setup a plant in India, or abroad. The basics start from the same things like

  • What is that you have in mind .. like setting up a “Mineral Water” like the “Himalayan” which costs more than the regular “Packaged Drinking Water” ?
  • Or you are willing to setup a plant which produces the regular “Packaged Drinking Water” (which is sold at Rs. 20 today)
  • You may be having land, water ready with you, however, looking to setup a plant on the land you have. And my be willing to know how much will be the cost.
  • Do you find opportunities if plastic is banned & what will be the alternative to package the bottle ?
  • Or you might be an entrepreneur who is smart enough to get the water produced at one of the already functional plants & thereby would save the “Water Purifier” Plant Project Cost.

The Costing Fundamentals remain the same

The costing fundamentals remain the same.

  • The Capital Expenditure (Capex)
  • The Operational Expenses (Opex)
  • The ROI (Return on Investment)

As an investor, you would like to have a deeper dive into these principles. Many of these items are covered on the other articles on this website, suggest you to have a look at those like

Also refer the other articles if you find them valuable.

This is all covered at 1 single place

As an investor, or an entrepreneur, do you want to get answers to these questions, comparisons head to head , exact idea on the ROI, need to know the details of what a Water Purifier Plant Project exactly consist of, or can know what will be the future in this “Water” niche ? It is all covered under our Live Training

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