How to Start Mineral Water Plant

How to Start Mineral Water Plant

10 Steps to start a Mineral Water Plant

  1. Understand the Opportunity and the Kind of Investment you need
  2. Know the resources required like Water, Land & Building, Machinery, Electricity, Manpower, Money etc. and Choose your Investment Zone.
  3. Select the type of Business you wish to setup : Whether you want to go for a Bottle + Jar Unit or Just Jars or Getting done from a Third Party (Yes, it’s possible !)
  4. Create a Proper Business Plan. This will prepare you exactly for a very successful business. Read more about this here
  5. Make projections through a Project Report & know exactly how much R.O.I. will it provide. If required get help from Organizations like De Asra for this. They help you to get this done at a concessional rate.
  6. Once you are aware of the Total Investment required for a plant, you are clear with how much capital you need to raise. Apply to investors or Bankers for the same, while contributing your own capital as contribution.
  7. Now look for proper Vendors to get the machinery & other resources. You will require several experts here like the Machinery Suppliers, Construction Agencies, Electrical Contractors besides your own employees. Shortlist a few of them.
  8. Now choose suppliers carefully. It is not a bad idea to go for a total Turn-Key project contractor who will organize everything for you & gets your plant running. You can even appoint Consultants; who will work between you and the suppliers. The difference in Turn Key Contractors & Consultants is the Turn Key Contractors work with a single umbrella type pricing; whereas consultants work with individual service charges for consultation, which may not include the machinery or equipment pricing.
  9. Once you get the Loan Amount Disbursement, you should get the project completed in record time. The major hitch here is the B.I.S. License, for which one needs to prepare well from beginning. We suggest you should be always consult for each step you take while starting your Mineral Water Plant. B.I.S. has norms for each of the component, be it partitions or the type of Machinery. Best way is to work with a supplier from start. Take his advice.
  10. Your Mineral Water Plant will start practically when you get a B.I.S. issued ISI mark. Once that is in hand, you are all set to run your Mineral Water Plant.

The Best Way to do this

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