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Mineral Water Plant Training

Mineral Water Plant Live Training 

Mineral Water Project Information is the flagship training created for Mineral Water Plant Aspirants. It is specially created for those Businessmen-Entrepreneurs who are willing to study the whole business before they actually venture into this field.

Focus of the Training

Our focus is mainly on Creation of a solid enterprise which will be sustainable, profit making, and still contributing to the great cause of offering the best quality water to the consumers. Keeping an eye on this, we have created the content focused on the Entrepreneurial part dominantly. Just have a look at the About Us : About Mineral Water Project Information.

You Will Get Answers 1-2-1 on Following Questions…

First of All, we understand that you are as a businessman, or a “would be” businessman. Hence, we have made every attempt to answer all the questions coming to your mind like…

  • Is it worthwhile to start a plant?
  • Is the business really profitable ?
  • Can it survive, in spite of so much competition around ?
  • I’ve understood what’s the investment like, but what is the first step?
  • What will be the size of Plant, where do I start ?
  • Many machine suppliers are around, how to choose the best from those ?
  • Is ISI really required?
  • How Much is the minimum Investment ?
  • What will be the Land Area required ?
  • Which Documents are necessary for a Mineral Water Plant ?
  • How to prepare the Mineral Water Plant Layout ?
  • What about Working Capital ?

We Assign You Some Tasks Even After The Training is Over …

Furthermore, just imagine any question other than these, we have answers for you. Just Check the Training Session Details below & join the next training. The most important part is that, we shall give you Tasks until your first stage is covered (upto business model & plant capacity finalization)


Training Details :

  • Total Days of this Training : 2 Days 
  • Place of Training : Usually Pune , unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Max No. of Participants : Upto 5 (We also conduct for 1 person, never cancel dates when declared)
  • Frequency : Twice a month 
  • Days :  Saturday & Sunday  (11 am to 5 pm), 2 Days total duration
  • Target Group : Aspiring Entrepreneurs in Mineral Water Plant Business.
  • Details of the Topics Covered : Just Scroll Below to get them.
  • Training Fees : Rs. 20,000/- (Rs. 18,000 for Early Bird)
  • Date : 23rd & 24th March 2019 At – Bangalore
  • Next Date: 13th & 14th April 2019 At- Pune
  • How to Attend :- Just call us at 9822478111we shall tell you the procedure.
  • (You can refer to the F.A.Q. page for questions related to other things in the training) 
  • You can check The Reviews for Past Training Sessions 


Mineral Water Plant Training Content Details:-

First Day:-

Counseling & Ice Breaker Session

Introduction & Clarity on the Goal of the Participant, Counseling on what he will be expecting from the training. Naturally, this helps in maintaining the reference for further 2 days of training. Even More, we shall conduct Individual Counseling with every participant.

Various Business Model Features 

  • Own Brand-Own Plant Model
  • Contract Manufacturing/Franchise Model
  • Water ATM with CSR 
  • Choosing criteria

Type of Mineral Water Plants 

  • Bottle-Jar-Pouch .. All Product Mix Model – with Blowing Machine
  • Bottle-Jar-Pouch .. All Product Mix Model – without Blowing Machine
  • Just Jars or Just Pouches Business Model 
  • The Cool Jar Model (without isi) .. is it worth ?

Resources required for Mineral Water Plant

  • Water : which water resource is the best, how much, is it okay for the B.I.S. point of view 
  • Land & Building : How much exactly needed, how to calculate that.
  • Machinery Required : Water Treatment Plant, Blowing-Filling Machines, Packaging Machinery Video Demonstrations.
  • Electrical Power : How much needed, what to check before applying, exact power requirement
  • Human Resource : Departments, Skilled, Unskilled, exactly how many ?
  • Money : Calculation of the actual investment required

ISI & Other Documents required for Mineral Water Plant

  • B.I.S. Website Online Demo
  • Locating Standards 
  • Finding Out Total no. of Plants in your area, status of those
  • Other Documents required for a Mineral Water Plant 

Profit Calculation for major 3 type of Plants 

  • Excel sheet based detail calculation of Initial Capital Investment & Operational Cost
  • Comparison within 2000 LPH, 5000 LPH & 20 Ltr Just Jar Model
  • R.O.I. – Return on Investment 
  • How can you make a conscious choice within them

Questions & Answers 

========End of Day 1=============

Second Day 

Water Treatment Plant Basics 

  • What is the Basic Treatment, what is Pre Filtration, Post Filtration, RO, UV etc
  • What is “Added Minerals” and the sales gimmicks ?
  • How to Check the Quantity & Quality of Available Raw Water
  • How much water will be useful to you from available raw water

Total Project Cost Calculation 

  • Live Exercise through dummy case
  • Calculation of Actual Water Treatment Plant Capacity
  • Calculation of Blowing and Filling Machine Capacity
  • How to specify them to suppliers & how to get a quote from them
  • How to select the best supplier from them (we don’t recommend any particular)
  • Cost of Machinery, Utilities and Construction 

Project Funding 

  • Factors to consider
  • Bank vs Angels 
  • Entry & Exit Barriers 
  • Subsidy for Machinery

Smart Marketing Techniques

  • Simple Market Survey Techniques
  • Traditional Channel
  • ATM … use it for Branding
  • Reputation .. the “Reviews” method
  • Other ways of Digital Marketing

Concluding Session 

  • Questions and Answers 
  • Detailed 1-2-1 Discussion if needed 
  • Certificate Handover
  • Feedbacks & Reviews

==== End Of The Training =========

Further Actions 

  • Our Digital Course is given FREE with this training session 
  • Tasks given up to the Capacity finalization stage 
  • Q & A based Free support for the training attended
  • Further consulting subject to request

================ END===============