How Much Raw Water is Required for a Mineral Water Plant Daily

How Much Raw Water is Required for a Mineral Water Plant Daily

Daily Raw Water Quantity for Mineral Water Plant

As you might be aware that a Mineral Water Plant uses the R.O. Technology (Reverse Osmosis) to purify the Raw Water & produce the final drinking water as per the ISI standards. During this process it rejects certain amount of water. Effectively,there is a difference between the Raw Water Extracted from ground and the Pure Water Produced. Hence, the calculation of Raw Water for Mineral Water Plant becomes a fundamentally important thing here.

How much is the difference ?

The difference depends upon the quality of the Raw water for mineral water plant. More precisely : How much impurity the raw water contains. To know the impurity of Raw Water, it needs to get tested from a laboratory. Once the report is available, we can know how much water can be used & how much will be thrown out. The difference depends upon the Raw Water Report.

Is it necessary to know this ?

Yes. It is necessary for you to understand this thoroughly. As Business Owner, it is not expected from you that you should know the operational details. You are expected to hire proper, able persons on this job. Still, you should know why you need them & the basics of Raw Water to Pure Water.

Another reason why you need to know this is : You should be able to specify the exact Water Treatment Plant Capacity for your Mineral Water Plant. Usually, these water treatment systems are specified in terms of LPH (Ltrs Per Hour). Once you are aware of how much water you are going to produce daily, it’s very easy to calculate the hourly requirement. 

Give Exact Specifications for Water Treatment Plant & Other Machines too !

Once you know your own exact requirement, you can specify to suppliers correctly and hence you are likely to get more correct quotes from suppliers from websites like Indiamart, TradeIndia, Alibaba, etc. Define your search properly, compare various suppliers & get your best offer from them. Define your filters properly & call exact suppliers, compare them.

Mineral Water Plant Suppliers selection Criteria

How to Appoint the best supplier ?

This is very relevant, but go with the experienced in the field. Usually , people don’t do proper pre research & we have observed after doing over 150 installations that those who fail, do not get proper information. We have designed our Live Training syllabus to keep your mistakes to minimum. The intro session itself starts with this. Here’s a screenshot of the session’s main topics :-

time line for Mineral Water Plant Training 1st Day

A Business Owner should be ready for all situations !

The Groundwater quantity may go down with changing seasons; hence it’s better to know & be prepared as a business owner in advance as to how much is he going to need so he can fill up the gaps between demand & supply.

It will be also useful to calculate the size, capacity of the borewell as well, if you are buying new piece of land for your project.

Types of Raw Water for a Mineral Water Plant

Water is the basic resource. One can use Borewell Water, Municipal Water for their Mineral Water Plant. The Open Well also can be used as water source, but River Water Can’t be used as Raw Water Source as per the laws from the B.I.S. (Bureau of Indian Standards and P.C.B. (Pollution Control Board)

We are saying “Mineral Water Plant” in very vague terms. Actually, B.I.S. says that a “Mineral Water Plant” is a “Packaged Mineral Water Plant” which uses the Natural Flowing, stream,spring water as the Source Water. In India, you find hardly any plants like this; 25 plants as on date. And the remaining (5000 +) are “Packaged Drinking Water Plants” Other than the above category. Most of these use the groundwater as their source water.

Why River Water is Not Allowed ?

River Water can get easily contaminated , hence it is not allowed. Borewell, on the contrary is the best source as the source is well protected within the soil itself. Talking about Open Well; it should be covered well & you will need to submit reports to B.I.S. from time to time. 

Can We Use the Groundwater Directly ?

No. You have to treat the water to the desired level of purity before Bottling. For this, a separate Water Treatment Section needs to be established within your Mineral Water Plant. We shall cover this in the Mineral Water Plant and Machinery. But for water, the impurity is in form of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). They are removed from the Raw Water and this TDS containing water is rejected. The amount of water which is useful & rejected can be calculated.

Initially you do not need a Water Test Report

Usually, the mineral water plant suppliers will demand a Water Test Report of the Raw Water before giving you the quote. In a way, they are right. Then, you typically approach to an ISI approved lab or a local water testing lab with your raw water sample, which offers you a detailed Water Test Report, with all BIS specified parameters. No problem if you get that, but at this stage, when you have not even decided anything, it’s pointless to get this detailed report. At this stage, you require mainly 2 things :-

  1. How Much Raw Water Is Available to You
  2. How Much Pure Water You can get from the Raw Water

If you know just these 2 things, you can design your whole plant. Otherwise, if you go to any BIS approved lab, you will end up spending a huge amount, which is not needed at this moment. And even if you do this, you will again need to carry out tests once you are through with your finance & Green signal from all authorities, it is a BIS necessary thing. Just look at the following image to know how much the BIS approved labs charge for the tests.

Rates by ISI Approved Labs for Packaged Drinking Water

As discussed, you don’t need this. You can arrive at your desired results in just 10-15% cost of the above charges mentioned. During our Training or in the Home Study Course, we train you on this aspect. 

Get Your Water Sample Ready

If you have your Raw Water Source ready; just take out 1 Ltr from that & test it. Alternatively, if you want some better accurate results,t here are plenty of Testing labs located everywhere, but it is better to get it tested from a Water Treatment specialist. We too offer this service , in which we get the water tested & we also suggest you the treatment for the same. Please contact us if you are looking for the same.

Water is also a cost for your plant. Now, it’s going to be chargeable. Tomorrow surely, if not now. We do consider it as a cost component. And there are certain other cost components too, besides this. You can read a detailed post about the various Mineral Water Plant Cost Components in this article.

Designing Mineral Water PlantIf you attend our Live Training or buy the Home Study Course, you can also do it yourself (Calculation of all relevant costs); we teach you a secret simple method by which you can also know the Quality of the Raw Water as well as whether the Quantity available is sufficient or not.


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