Water ATM CSR Projects.. this is the future !

Plastic Bottles is going to be a serious issue

Today, in India, most of the bottled water is packaged in PET bottles, it is a version of Plastic only. Though it’s claimed that the PET is recycled ( and it is! ), but this hasn’t become a global or national trend still. There has been no collection and recycling ecology observed as far as the PET bottles are concerned. But the plastic continues no be the no.1 enemy for the environment, till a system similar to the paper industry gets established. More and more people, universities, institutions will continue to ban plastic, at least the Bottled Water.

But there lies equal opportunity

Tentatively, you can say that the “Packaged Drinking Water” as it’s called in India or “Mineral Water” colloquially; looks to have a remote threat. But this threat is for the “Plastic Bottled” water, not otherwise. You can do Glass Water Bottling as some companies are doing it today. But Glass Bottling is expensive and can’t replace the general packaged drinking water bottle. Having said this, there opens up challenges for an entrepreneur to grab an opportunity in this Business.

Your Business is Pure, drinkable Water, not just “Packaged Drinking Water”.

As an entrepreneur, you have sighted an opportunity in Pure Water. I mean, an entrepreneur always looks for what problems he can solve for masses or any niche community. Here, the Problem is: People don’t get good quality, Pure water for drinking & thus you thought the Pure Water. And since it’s mostly seen to be used in Bottled form; you thought of Bottled Water or Mineral water or more precisely: Packaged Drinking Water. And thus you hunted for Packaged Drinking Water Plants.

Where is the opportunity?

If Bottles are going to be future threat, what are the other options? See… We want to offer PURE water to people. If pure water can’t go to people, People can come to collect Pure Water. And this is how the community Pure Water Stations Idea came into existence. And to regulate & monitor the usage of this Pure Water ( It has a cost ), some quantity regulation came into picture & it is Money based regulation. Some Particular charges for some particular amount of water. And thus the concept of a Water ATM. This is the opportunity.

How does this idea work?

Let’s take an existing example. There is a village called Nirgudsar, in Pune District of Maharashtra, India.

A visionary leader in Maharashtra State, Hon. Shri Dilipsingh Valse Patil saw that the residents of this village will get better & purest form of  drinkable water. He also saw that these the overall health standard of people, because of tyhe better quality of water will improve. He decided to install an RO purifier system at his village. The Bhimashankar SSK donated the system ( CSR for them ), the Village Gram Panchayat gave them land to install the plant. They ( Bhimashankar SSK ) got a Water Purification System, well compatible to the Mineral water Plant you see for Packaged Drinking Water  ( assuring the drinking water quality ). In addition, the Gram Panchayat also hired a special man on their Payroll, who maintains the whole plant, and also observes other office tasks at the Centre.

How do the villagers benefit?

In fact, the Village Gram Pachayat runs this plant from 2014 itself. It was only some 2 months back, when they also installed an ATM system ( just like the Money ATM ) for water. The villagers come here with their empty cans; hold the Card in front of the ATM Panel till the can gets filled. With every liter filled, the system deducts 50 paise from the balance on the Card. Maximum limit to fill is Rs. 500/- and minimum is Rs. 10/-. The special man, Mr Vaibhav Valase Patil, looks not just after the Mineral Water Plant maintenance, but also the other office tasks such as Cards issue, top up of balance etc.

Now, it is very easy for the villagers of Nirgudsar to just visit the Water ATM Centre with their empty cans and the card. The system has many advantages:-

  1. The Water is very pure, at par with the Bottled Packaged Drinking Water.
  2. It is very cheap: Costing just 50 paise per litre compared to 15-20 Rs. A litre.
  3. The villagers need not buy the cold water jars, whose quality is not assured.
  4. The quality of equipment is assured, as bought through the Sugar Mill.
  5. No Plastic generation, complete Eco friendly system.

The following Video will explain you the whole process:-

Can this Idea work for an Entrepreneur?

Yes, very much. If you belong to a small village like Nirgudsar, or resident of a housing society, you have a fixed number of residents who can be your consumers. You can request the society for the space required to install a Water Treatment Plant. Then you can either buy a Water Treatment Plant on your own, or can tie up with a Company for CSR fund and get your plant. Now, you can issue RFID cards to the consumers & supply them water through your own ATM system. This is the Business Idea. How the balance is topped up etc can be learn from this Video:-

If this inspires you, you can assume that you are on the right path to do it! Why not start your entrepreneurship journey today itself?