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Training 1

How to Decide Product Mix

This Training Consists of 3 Videos and a Document Template on doing a Survey to Decide your

Training -1Product Mix:

Video:- Survey Part 1 – How to do Survey of Market with Minimum Cost
Video:- Survey Part 2 – How to find ISI License Status of your Competitors
Video:- Survey Part 3 – How to Interpret Survey Results & Decide your ultimate Product Mix.

  • Documents: Excel Sheet to enter results into.
  • Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 2

How to Analise Water & Do Water Testing

Training-2This training consists of a Video which will educate you on:-

1. How to Check & Test the Available Water WITHOUT going to a Laboratory
2. How to check the available quantity of water – whether it is sufficient or not.

  • Documents: Ideal TDS Level Reference Chart
  • Blank Chart to record TDS for your Water Sample
  • Blank Chart to record your Water Availability
  • Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 3

How to Specify Machinery to Suppliers

Training-3This Training consists of a Video Training ‘How to calculate your Plant Capacity and specifying the machinery to the market suppliers for giving estimates’.

  • Documents : Machinery Flow Chart
  • Dimensions Chart
  • 10-Point Checklist to shortlist Suppliers
  • List of Category-wise Sorted Suppliers
  • Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 4

How to Prepare the Machinery Chart

4This Training consists of a Video Training on ‘How you can prepare your final Machinery Chart from the details collected from Market’. It also has detailed Machinery Specifications we use.

  • Documents: Excel Sheet Template for Machinery Chart
  • Detailed Specifications for 1000, 2000 & 5000 LPH Ideal Plant.
  • Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 5

How to prepare your Plant Layout yourself

Training-5This training consists of a Video Training on ‘How you can prepare your Plant Layout’. This decides actually how much Shed & Open Area you require.

  • Documents: Sample Plant Layout
  • Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 6

How to get Other Quotes besides Machinery

Training-6This Training has a video Training ‘To educate you on what are the other cost elements besides your Plant specific machines and how you can get estimates for those’.

Documents: Blank Excel Sheet to enter Other Elements
Audio MP3 of the Video Training

Training 7

How to Carry out Pre Plant Inspection

Training-7This training consists of a Video Training ‘To train you on how to check & finally verify the plant location prior to establishment’. This is also helpful in inspecting an Old Plant as well. It also consists of the report templates we use.

It also has a full set of ISI Files on the BIS portal.

  • Documents: Inspection Report Template
  • Observations Template
  • ISI Files ( 14 Files Set)
  • Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 8

Preparing Financial Projection

Training-8This Training Consists of a Video Training on preparing Financial Projections with the help of details collected and a Sample Project Report Supplied along with the list of other documents required.

Documents : Required Docs for Project Finance
Required Docs for BIS, Trademark , Pollution Board etc
Sample Project Report for 2000 LPH (With & Without Watermark)
Profit Margin Sheet with Cost of Production
Audio MP3 of the Video Training


Training 9

Using Mind Map Technique for Planning & Tracking Activities

Training-9This Training consists of a Video Training on how Mind Mapping helps you to Plan your Tasks & monitor them for timely execution.

Documents : Audio MP3 of the Video Training



Training 10

Project Execution

Training-10This Training Consists of a Software to schedule activities during the whole project cycle. It is an excel based software, you just enter date of commencement & the software does the rest. A Training Video is also included in the pack on how to use the software. In addition, a set of templates to deal with contractors.

Documents : Work for Hire Agreement Template
Execution Plan for Plant Owners
Execution Plan Excel Based Software



This Course is for Whom ?

  • For People who are starting their Packaged Drinking Plants
  • For Turn Key Suppliers [They can use the same content]
  • For Training Institutes, Management Consultants.



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  1. Dear sir/Madam

    We start new small mineral water plant in Tamilnadu Villupuram area so how can I get the license & the total project.

  2. Hi sir,

    I would like to know, is drinking water pouch business legal in maharashtra state? If yes,
    What type of documents and government formalities required to start this business?

    Thank you,

  3. I want to start the mineral water bottle and jar project in solapur , plz give me an information about this project , machinery, license and all of about this project …

  4. I want to open a packaged drinking water plant with bottles in Tripura but i don’t know any information about this. How can i get?

  5. I want to start a new packaged minaral drinking water business but i don’t know any details for this if you give any information definitely i’ll start this i want complete details can you please give me..? and one thing.! what do i have to be particular qualifications and investment..?

  6. I am curious regarding the credentials and qualifications for the instructors of these courses? I am very interested in the course, however I want to ensure that I’m learning from people who are experienced in the field. Thank you.

    1. Dear Cutter,


      The credentials & Qualifications : The creator of the course is himself an entrepreneur who has supplied these plants to more than 100 places. What more experience can you expect ?


  7. I want to open a mineral water plant both bottles & jar in Kolkata. how can I get the license & the total project.

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