TN Govt. Agreed on Demands of Packaged Drinking Water Plants

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Due to the worst drought condition, People in Tamil Nadu are highly dependent on Packaged Drinking Water. However, in the last week of May, People were shocked because Packaged Water Drinking declared an indefinite strike. As there is no timely supply of safe water by the government, a few people who are dependent on corporation water moving towards better quality Packaged water. Daily, around 10 lakhs plus cans are supplied in the state. In this way, Packaged Drinking Water became the lifeline of drought-hit in Chennai.

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Eventually, realizing the demand for the Packaged Drinking Water units, the government of Tamil Nadu has sorted out the problem with the promise of removing Packaged Drinking Water Plants from the 18 percent tax slab in the GST and on lifting the ban on groundwater.

But, due to high demand of water, many unlicensed water plants are drawing groundwater illegally and supplying untreated water, which can be dangerous for people in Tamil Nadu. And, after purifying the water, water plants releasing the effluents back to streams of groundwater and in turn contaminating the water sources and there is no check or control over it.

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Meanwhile, Groundwater levels are decreasing rapidly which became the biggest issue of concern in the state.Many Packaged Drinking Water Plants are not aware about need for groundwater management. They should manage available water sources in responsible manner and try to balance the use of water sources through replenishment as well.

Though, TN Govt. has promised on lifting the ban on Packaged Drinking Water Industry for drawing groundwater, the water industry should understand that, the Groundwater depletion is not just an issue of business. It is more about us and our ecology. Government and water industry should work together to boost groundwater levels.

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