Simple Water Test to Detect the Fluoride Level

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A high level of fluoride in drinking water can be dangerous for human health. A research team led by Simon Lewis from the University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies has developed simple water test to detect the level of fluoride in drinking water. This is a simple color-changing test and will help to prevent from a bone disease.

High levels of fluoride are found in drinking water sources in parts of India, China, East Africa, and North America. The levels of fluoride are regularly monitored and controlled by water treatment systems in developed countries. But, in some parts of India, people are using unprocessed water from wells, which is contaminated with high levels of fluoride.

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Researcher Simon Lewis said that, they have created a molecule that simply changes a color and detects higher level of fluoride in Drinking Water rapidly. The test does not require any water testing lab and trained operator to carry the test. It is a low cost disposable test strip and anyone can use it easily. The new research published in the journal Chemical Communications stated that, this simple color-changing test detects high levels of fluoride quickly and selectively.

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