Raid by Legal Metrology Dept. on Hotels for Selling Packaged Drinking Water above MRP in Hyderabad

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Many Commercial Establishments in India are fooling their customers by charging Packaged Drinking Water bottles above MRP including fake charges for GST. The Legal Metrology Department in Hyderabad received many complaints against hotels for selling Packaged Drinking Water above MRP.

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District Legal Metrology inspector, S Nirmal Kumar said that, they received complaints against hotels, which are selling Packaged Drinking Water Bottle with an excess price and after checking it is confirmed. One of the Hotels was selling Water for Rs. 70.80 including GST, and the actual MRP including GST was Rs. 20 per bottle. Other hotel was selling three 500 ml water bottles for Rs. 265.50 including GST where the actual price of each water bottle is Rs. 12.

The official said that, Commercial Establishment cannot sell packaged items above MRP. Cases were registered, under the violation of The Rule 18 (2) of the Legal Metrology (packaged commodities) Rules 2011, of the Legal Metrology Act with 18/36 of legal Metrology Act 2009. Hotel Management will be charged a penalty of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 25,000.

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