Positive Confirmation on the Replenishment of Groundwater Storage

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Groundwater is important resource of water and the groundwater depletion was an issue of concern in India over the years. But now, for the first time researchers from IIT-Kharagpur and NASA had given positive confirmation on the replenishment of groundwater storage at the regional scale, which is definitely very good news as it will help to improve groundwater levels in India.

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ASA, there is replenishment of regional-scale groundwater storage (GWS) through long-term (1996-2014). The Research lead Abhijit Mukherjee from IIT-Kgp said that, according to the observation on the more than 19,000 groundwater locations by ground-based measurements and decadal-scale (2003-2014) satellite-based groundwater storage measurements, it is found that, a recent shift in paradigm in the Indian groundwater withdrawal, and the policies of management for sustainable water utilization have probably started replenishing aquifers by increasing storage in western and southern India.

Further he added that, they have demonstrated the initial scenarios of rejuvenating groundwater in some parts of India, which has the potential to replenishment groundwater at a great extent.