Petition in Delhi : Ban on Sale of Unlicensed RO

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10-07-17 imgAs per the News in the Hindu Business Line, An NGO filed a petition in the National Green Tribunal to ban the sale of RO Manufacturers without the mandatory certification of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). (As per the rules of BIS any product sold in India, which relates to the safety of the consumer, needs the ISI mark). The plea has been made to penalized unlicensed RO Manufacturers and for the directions from the BIS to set zero-discharge as norm for RO water purifiers.

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Concerned NGO friends stated that, there are no norms for minimum level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and different essential minerals which kept the water at safe levels which gives full scope to RO filter companies and Packaged Drinking Water Industry for selling De-mineralised water. (This De-mineralised water is mostly used in batteries and various industrial works and very dangerous for human health).

To know more about Mandatory Processes for Packaged Drinking Water as Per the BIS please check link

The petition also pointed out that, the RO manufacturers are blatantly flouting the norms of BIS rules and National Water Policy 2012. As per BIS, It is mandatory to mention that, ‘RO system is not recommended for Arsenic level above 0.01 mg/l and Fluoride level above 8.0 mg/l’. But unlicensed RO companies are not following this rule and only up to 80 per cent wastage of pre-treated potable water or ground water is allowed for point-of-use RO water filters as per BIS, which is contrary to the water policy.

As, the RO System was invented to create pure water from unusable sea water and was never meant for filtering ground water but nowadays, many people are using RO Systems, which will waste around 80 per cent of potable water. Moreover, unlicensed RO companies using marketing strategies which misleading people as it cannot guarantee to treat water to meet health safety standards which is coming from; questionable source and in places exceeding arsenic and fluoride levels in water.So, the petition was made to curb the sale of unlicensed ROs.