Mineral Water Plant Training Apr 2017

Mineral Water Plant Training – April 2017 Review

This Mineral Water Plant Training was different

This time the training was offered for 2 days for the first time ever. The reasons were :-

  • Since past the participants demanded that the time (1 day) is far lesser.
  • We too wanted to rope in some experts like the Groundwater Expert, a Financial Statements Expert & also a dedicated ISI person.
  • The Out of Pune crowd also preferred to come for a 2 days training, where they can have detailed sessions & possibly a good interaction with the experts & within the participants.

So we combined various sessions & could land at a very successful 2 days training event at Pune. In all, we had 21 participants from all over the country from places as far as Punjab, Delhi & Kochi. Almost 80% of them were from out of Maharashtra. All of them participated wonderfully; some of them have also posted their reviews, you can see the Reviews on Google 

You can also download the Session Photos from Here