Management of Plastic Waste: A Growing Concern of India

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Our lives are surrounded with Plastic and it seems very difficult to manage our day to day life without plastic. But, plastic garbage is creating huge pollution and damaging our ecosystem rapidly as plastic waste cannot be completely biodegrade.  Most of the municipal government can recycle only few type of plastic.

As per the news article in the, The union environment ministry said that, according the survey by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India produces around 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste per day.  Plastic waste is a serious and major issue of concern in India. Further ministry also added that the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 put the responsibility of plastic waste management on the water generators, local bodies, gram panchayats, waste generators, retailers, street vendors and on producers, importers and brand owners.

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Govt. is basically taking efforts on to reuse and recycle of plastic waste. One of the popular solutions is to use plastic waste for constructing roads announced by the Maharashtra Govt., which was later implemented by the other cities.

It’s Time to take Some Responsibility:

Now, we should take some responsibility to save our planet from plastic waste. We can make different things from the plastic waste at home easily. It will help to reduce the plastic waste.

There are many creative ways to make things from the plastic waste. Below are some of them:

Bottle Sprinkler Snack Bowls Vertical Garden

Plastic Bottle Flowers Greenhouse Mobile Charger Basket

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