Maharashtra Govt. Ordered Water Bottle Manufacturers to Set up Recycling Plants

As, after the declaration of the ban on plastic Packaged Drinking Water Bottles at govt. offices and hotels in Maharashtra, water bottle manufacturers have opposed this decision and experts also felt that the glass bottles are unsafe. Now, Maharashtra Govt. came up with the new solution for this ban.

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The state environment department has given 3-months ultimatum to the Plastic bottle manufacturers and mineral water firms to set up a reverse supply mechanism and recycling plants. And if, bottle manufacturers failed to implement this, then the ban on Packaged Drinking Water Bottles will be enforced in the state.

State environment minister Ramdas Kadam said that, According to the Plastic Rules, 2016, manufacturers of plastic items have an extended responsibility of getting it back from the consumer. So, the manufacturers must adopt a buy-back mechanism and apply the reverse supply mechanism to collect the used plastic bottles back from the consumers. Further that, they have to recycle plastic bottles and re-manufacture them again.”

Further they added that, currently, there are around 1,200 unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water Bottle units running in the state and a stringent action will be taken on them soon.

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