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These Videos will answer most of your Questions while Starting your Mineral Water Plant

FAQ Video list images 1aFAQ Video list images 1b   FAQ Video list images 2a FAQ Video list images 2b FAQ Video list images 3a FAQ Video list images 3b FAQ Video list images 4a FAQ Video list images 4b  FAQ Video list images 5aFAQ Video list images 5bFAQ Video list images 6aFAQ Video list images 6b

26 comments on “FAQ Videos

  1. i wana setup full water purification plant in india. so i need full of information about plant and mainly best deal quotation , loan sanction procedure, procedure about ISI and other certificates, requirements are below..
    1) More than 40 BPM
    2) Jar facility
    3) Pouch machine
    4) Lab
    5) 5000 RO
    etc… information to be provide. machine will be fully automate and semi automatic.
    plz send quotation.

  2. Iam interested to start mineral water plant,pouch and can so can you send to me machine fully automatic and semi automatic price and project report

  3. Very soon I am going to start r o water plant business with the capacity of 5000 gpd in the shape of just filling point do u please send me some tips about it

  4. i am intrested to instal package water plant so please send me brousher price list n contact no.
    thanx Ravi modi seoni M.P.
    07692 253035 ,09826111735

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