Drinking Water Crisis in Chennai

water crisisAs per the sources, some area under the Chennai Corporation and other southern municipalities is going through crisis of drinking water. Although, there are many sources of drinking water, people could not use it because of bad quality of drinking water. Water bodies were found polluted due to encroachments and dumping of garbage into the many water bodies.

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Local People complained that, they are trying to get water using motor and they were forced to drill bore well and to buy Packaged Drinking Water. Metro water supplying tanker water only to many parts of the suburbs, but it is not enough for them.
Concerned people strongly feel that the crisis has worsened because the civic bodies and state government have not done anything to protect water bodies and to stop encroachment in the region. Many diseases can cause by a lack of adequate water supply and unsafe sanitation conditions. So, Government with help of local people should try to rejuvenate the available water sources so that more and pure water will be available to the people.