Difference between Packaged Drinking Water and Mineral Water

Difference between Packaged Drinking Water and Mineral Water
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Water is Life! The clean and pure Drinking Water is a basic need of every human being. Nowadays, people have become more cautious towards health and demand for bottled water is increasing day by day. But, many people get confused between Packaged Drinking Water and Mineral Water.

Mineral Water:

Mineral Water is the water which contains minerals, which can naturally be in the water or added artificially. For natural mineral water, water is used from springs or live streams, where water is rich in minerals (protected underground source). It is packed without any filtration process. It contains Minerals like Calcium, Bicarbonates, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium & Chlorides and also good taste.  The water from other places will be used and minerals can be added artificially.

BIS Standards for Natural Mineral Water:

The natural mineral water meets all the quality standards. It is very good and healthy for human consumption.

  • BIS Standards: IS 13428
  • The BIS term: Packaged Natural Mineral Water

 Packaged Drinking Water:

The Packaged Drinking Water is simply the safe, packaged and sealed drinking water. Unlike mineral water, the water used in Packaged Drinking Water can be drawn from any source, Bore (tap water, Well Water or Surface Water). It is purified water, which undergoes many processes to remove the TDS & Bacterial Impurities. But, it is not healthier than that of mineral water. It may not contain sufficient minerals, but it is drinkable for human consumption.

BIS Standards for Packaged Mineral Water: 

  • B.I.S. Standards : IS 14543
  • The BIS term : Packaged Drinking Water

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