Packaged Drinking Water to become Cheaper in Kerala State

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The competition in the water business is increasing day by day. According to news article in the Daily Hunt Newspaper, in the meeting of the Packaged Drinking Water Plant owners in Kerala, owners have decided to reduce the price of the Packaged Drinking Water from Rs 20 to Rs 10. But, the joint organization of water bottling companies will take the final decision after discussing this plan with the government.

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The water plant companies’ intention is to decrease the price after bringing the packaged drinking water under essential commodities and also have aim to increase sell of their water bottles and to counter challenge corporate companies. The companies also requested the government to decrease the tax for water bottles accordingly. According to the latest report, around 105 companies in Kerala have come to a decision of reducing a price but when the new price will come into force is not decided yet.

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Crackdown on the Illegal Water Plants in Amritsar

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According to the news article in Tribune India, health officials in the Amritsar have sealed two Illegal Packaged Drinking Water Plants which are running without licenses. District Health Officer Dr. Lakhbir Singh Baghowalia said that, samples of water collected from these two plants were tested in the lab and it is found that, the water is not safe for the human consumption. So, based on this reports, the department will file a court case against these illegal water plants.

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He further said that, some of the firms were selling water coolers. The Municipal Corporation (MC) should test the quality of water samples supplied from the water coolers and take action against the firms whose water samples are not safe and pure. He further added that, the people should check the license number of the manufacturer before buying any Packaged Drinking Water.

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Training Review : How to start your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Nov 2017

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We had a great turnout for this training session. Participants came from all over the India Sikkim, Rajkot (Gujarat), Hyderabad, Maharashtra (Mumbai, Solapur, Shirdi, Ahmednagar), Karnataka (Bangalore, Dawangiri).

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The success of business lies in its Marketing. To stay in this very competitive water business, it is very important to learn Digitally selling which is today’s need. So, we have introduced this new online water sell sessions in our training. Actually we demonstrated by showing Google Adwords & Facebook Ads Live Campaigns.

2.Investment : Intro Angel Investing & Funding

As, we all know, it takes money to make money. We took a special session on investment and Funding.

About Angel investing:

Angel investors invest funds into your idea based business without seeing your credentials like the banks. In session, Angel Investors was compared with bank and explained how it’s different from bank finance. But don’t get over excited, there are plus and minus points too. We could, in a short session (time being the major constraint) explained in brief, as to what the investors see into before putting their stuff.

Special 1-2-1 Sessions

There were 1-2-1 sessions, during which , participants could clear their doubts in person. In this training, Participants also got a chance to interact with the experts. It is great opportunity for them to clear their doubts and discuss their ideas. We also offered lifetime email based support to our attendees.

Simple Water Test to Detect the Fluoride Level

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A high level of fluoride in drinking water can be dangerous for human health. A research team led by Simon Lewis from the University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies has developed simple water test to detect the level of fluoride in drinking water. This is a simple color-changing test and will help to prevent from a bone disease.

High levels of fluoride are found in drinking water sources in parts of India, China, East Africa, and North America. The levels of fluoride are regularly monitored and controlled by water treatment systems in developed countries. But, in some parts of India, people are using unprocessed water from wells, which is contaminated with high levels of fluoride.

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Researcher Simon Lewis said that, they have created a molecule that simply changes a color and detects higher level of fluoride in Drinking Water rapidly. The test does not require any water testing lab and trained operator to carry the test. It is a low cost disposable test strip and anyone can use it easily. The new research published in the journal Chemical Communications stated that, this simple color-changing test detects high levels of fluoride quickly and selectively.

Raid by Legal Metrology Dept. on Hotels for Selling Packaged Drinking Water above MRP in Hyderabad

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Many Commercial Establishments in India are fooling their customers by charging Packaged Drinking Water bottles above MRP including fake charges for GST. The Legal Metrology Department in Hyderabad received many complaints against hotels for selling Packaged Drinking Water above MRP.

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District Legal Metrology inspector, S Nirmal Kumar said that, they received complaints against hotels, which are selling Packaged Drinking Water Bottle with an excess price and after checking it is confirmed. One of the Hotels was selling Water for Rs. 70.80 including GST, and the actual MRP including GST was Rs. 20 per bottle. Other hotel was selling three 500 ml water bottles for Rs. 265.50 including GST where the actual price of each water bottle is Rs. 12.

The official said that, Commercial Establishment cannot sell packaged items above MRP. Cases were registered, under the violation of The Rule 18 (2) of the Legal Metrology (packaged commodities) Rules 2011, of the Legal Metrology Act with 18/36 of legal Metrology Act 2009. Hotel Management will be charged a penalty of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 25,000.

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Govt. Issued Stringent Norms for Sewage Treatment Plants to Control Water Pollution

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As per the latest news India is leading the world in air and water pollution. Pollution has the large impact on human health. The Government stepped forward to control the water pollution. The major source of water pollution in India is untreated sewage. So, the Union environment ministry has tightened the norms for the quality of water which is discharge into water bodies and other sites by the sewage treatment plants (STPs).

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According to the survey, only 3 out of India’s 28 states and union territories in India are meeting the required operating standards of sewage treatment. The environment ministry improved standards for four parameters to determine water quality, namely; pH value, Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Fecal Coliform (FC).

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These new norms will be applied to all sewage treatment plants after June 2019, and all existing plants have to comply with them within the next five years. These standards do not apply, if the treated sewage discharged into a water bodies is used for industrial purposes. The standards will be applied only if; it is come in the contact with the human bodies.

The main motive of the government is to encourage reuse and recycling. However, it is more necessary to control the sewage discharged into the water bodies because if the sewage is more than the capacity of sewage treatment plants (STPs) or the sewerage network, then it will be critical to handle the situation. All the industries and the local bodies should come up together and cooperate to the government to fight with the water pollution.

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France-Based CMA-CGM SA Introducing Packaged Drinking Water Brand ‘Beaupre’ in Indian Market

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The World’s third largest container Marseille France based shipping company soon introducing Packaged Drinking Water  Brand ‘Beaupre’ in Indian Market. Audrey Dolhen, Managing Director, CMA CGM India said that, they want to enter into water business in India and Water is the new oil.
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Elie Zeenny, Senior Vice-President and Head of Aqua link International said that, even if there is doubt whether the new Packaged Drinking Water  brand will survive in the very competitive Indian Water Market, there will be always a space for a new entrant. Moreover he said,now, Indian has become more brand conscious also.

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This Water is bottled at the Source and the company has bought a spring in Signes, Southern France.The Company has a water brand for babies up to three years old.

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AB Inbev Establishing Water ATMs in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

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The clean and pure drinking water is one of the biggest challenges in India. So, water business has become one of lucrative business in India. Now, Belgium-based world’s biggest beer brewer Anheuser-Busch In Bev is also set to start Water ATMs in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in regions where people do not get pure drinking water soon. Indian subsidiary headquartered in Bengaluru and an NGO Jaldhaara Foundation associated together for this project.

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AB InBev Director Legal and Corporate Affairs Pooja Bedi told that, these Water ATMs will provide potable water at a low cost. People will get 20 litres water for Rs. 8. The money collected by the people will be used for operational expenses. She further added that, four water ATMs are already installed at locations – Binnypet, Kadugodi and Vanarpet in Bengaluru. The company has chosen areas in Andhra Pradesh to set up Water ATM where, no clean drinking water available and are searching for more such areas.

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FBO fined Rs. 12000/- for MRP Violation in Bengaluru

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Though, selling Packaged Drinking Water is a clear violation of rule, many FBOs (food business operators) are still charging more for Packaged Drinking Water. Consumer can file a complaint against such erring FBOs. In Bengaluru, FBO fined Rs. 12000/- for charging extra Rs. 21 on water bottle.
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The consumer filed a complaint against vendor had on December 5, 2015 as he sold him a 1 litre water bottle for Rs 40, and the actual MRP is Rs 19 in additional Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and the court unfold the case and started the hearing in 2016.

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People can now easily file a complaint against such erring FBOs. The various amendments included in the law against MRP violation will come into force on 1stJanuary 2018.The violators will be penalized and people will get justice. 

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