Superb Turnout for Training Event on Packaged Drinking Water Plant!

Our recent training event on Packaged Drinking Water Plant – “Idea to Actualization” held at MCCIA Hall, Tilak Road Pune, Maharashtra on 13th and 14th January 2018 was a great success!  The MCCIA hall was packed to the capacity, as participants from all over the India (GARWAL UTTARAKHAND , Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, UTTAR DINAJPUR , WEST BENGAL, PURNIA, BIHAR, Guru gram, Haryana, Madras, Tamilnadu, Gurgaon, Haryana ,raigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai) took part in training event.

Special Sessions on: Business Strategies and Marketing Implication

Marketing of Packaged Drinking Water:

This time we inaugurated our training event by Mr. Sanjay Mahajan, Sales Manager of Bailley Mineral Drinking Water Company (Parle Agro), Pune Division. He guided the attendees about how to market and sell their water products successfully.

How to Develop Business Strategies?

Another session was conducted on Business Strategies by Business Planner Mr. Pawan Karamchandani. He explained about the business idea and different business strategies to achieve the profitable success in business.

Key Highlights are:

Live Activities on Calculating total Plant Cost and Designing Plant Layout:

We took live activities on Calculating total Plant Cost and Designing Plant Layout. So that, attendees will be able to calculate the total cost of their plant and also design their own plant layout on their own.

Current Marketing Trends: Digital Marketing to Sell Water Products online:

Marketing is soul of every business. In this session, we introduced smart digital marketing techniques.

One-to-One Session with Experts:

Participants also got a chance to interact with experts in person. This session helped the attendees to analyze their plan and clear their doubts, which will definitely give proper direction to start and grow their water plant business.

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Limited Time Offer: Special Discount Offer on Live Training Program on “Idea to Actualization of a Packaged Drinking Water Plant”.

Want to set up your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant? But don’t know how to start this business and sell the products? Don’t worry! To know everything about water plant and clear your doubts, attend our 2 days Live Training on “Idea to Actualization of a Packaged Drinking Water Plant” and the cherry on the cake is, we are offering you, special discount of Rs. 1000/-, so the effective price will be Rs. 6500/- only.

(Kindly note, that this is a limited time offer)

Here are the Details of Our Training Program:

Date: 13th & 14th January 2018

Venue:  MCCIA, Tilak Road, Near Swargate Bus Stand, Pune 411004

Time: 10 to 5.00 pm

Charges: Rs. 6500/- (For Limited Period)

Be fast.. Book your seat as early as possible….

Our training covers every aspect required to start the Packaged Drinking Water Plant, starting from the business idea to actual implementation of the plant. Here, you will also know about newly coming different business opportunities and current trends in water plant business.

Be a Part innovative Training:

#Detailed costing of Plant and Design of plant layout with live activity:

In these sessions, you will be trained to calculate your own plant cost and design your own plant layout on your own.

#Opportunity to discuss with Experts in person:

Participants will get a chance to interact with experts in person to clear their doubts.

#Smart Digital Marketing tactics to sell your water products:

As the trend of marketing has changed with the digitalization, we introduced this special session on Smart Digital Marketing to sell your water products online.

At the end of the training, you will get a certificate and email based lifetime support.

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Raid on Unlicensed Water Units in Palakkad

As per the news article in the ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper, Due to the increasing problem of shortage of Drinking Water in Palakkad, Kerala; many unlicensed Packaged Drinking Water units were flooding in the State. The seller of 20-litre cans taking the maximum advantage of this problem and many of them are selling unprocessed water in 20-litre cans.

Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

Based on the received complaints about supply of unsafe drinking water, the food safety department started taking legal action against Packaged Drinking Water units supplying untreated water and two water bottling units were sealed by the officers. The concerned officials will raid on licensed units too and will take a strict action against the violators. Officials have started collecting the samples from water bottling units to check purity of the water.  Food Safety Officer told that, selling of non-purified water not only violates the law but it can also cause many health hazards to the people.

Please See Original post

The M. E. Muhammed, president of Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association said that, currently, there are only 10 licensed water bottling units at present running in the district. It is mandatory to obtain the licenses from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and FSSAI for every water bottling units. They must have their own in-house quality control labs and experts to check the quality of the water regularly.

To know more about Required Licenses and Documents, Please Check


Training Review : How to start your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Nov 2017

On 18 and 19th Nov. 2017, we conducted another successful training cum workshop program at Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture in Pune with new innovative sessions on Angel Investing and Digital Marketing.

We Received a Great Response:

We had a great turnout for this training session. Participants came from all over the India Sikkim, Rajkot (Gujarat), Hyderabad, Maharashtra (Mumbai, Solapur, Shirdi, Ahmednagar), Karnataka (Bangalore, Dawangiri).

Our training comprises of complete Step-by-Step training on how to set up the Packaged Drinking Water Plant. We also had special sessions on estimating plant cost and designing plant on your own with the live activity, practical demonstration on water testing, required licenses and documents.

About the new added Sessions :-

This time we came up with the new innovations in Our Training Program.

1.New Way Marketing : Using Digital Marketing for Selling

The success of business lies in its Marketing. To stay in this very competitive water business, it is very important to learn Digitally selling which is today’s need. So, we have introduced this new online water sell sessions in our training. Actually we demonstrated by showing Google Adwords & Facebook Ads Live Campaigns.

2.Investment : Intro Angel Investing & Funding

As, we all know, it takes money to make money. We took a special session on investment and Funding.

About Angel investing:

Angel investors invest funds into your idea based business without seeing your credentials like the banks. In session, Angel Investors was compared with bank and explained how it’s different from bank finance. But don’t get over excited, there are plus and minus points too. We could, in a short session (time being the major constraint) explained in brief, as to what the investors see into before putting their stuff.

Special 1-2-1 Sessions

There were 1-2-1 sessions, during which , participants could clear their doubts in person. In this training, Participants also got a chance to interact with the experts. It is great opportunity for them to clear their doubts and discuss their ideas. We also offered lifetime email based support to our attendees.

First Water ATM in Hyderabad

pdf ppt

The first Water ATM was inaugurated by Telangana Home Minister Nayani Narshima Reddy in Hyderabad.The project was launched by Safe Water Network, a global NGO, has partnered with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). It will provide affordable, 24×7 safe water access.

Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

Initially, only 50 Water ATMs will be operationalised by next year.Total 200 ATMs will be set up to reach about 1,50,000 people. These water ATMs uses state-of-the-art, six-step treatment process to purify water which prescribes to national norms.Raw water will be supplied by Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) for these ATMs.

Please See Original post

Ravi Sewak, Country Director, Safe Water Network said that,this will encourage local youth to operate and maintain these safe water stations.

Cloud Based Technology:

A seven step treatment process is used in these Water ATMs to purify water that adheres to national norms.These Water ATMs are connected through cloud-based technology for real time monitoring and analyses of operational parameters. It minimizes the downtime. The Consumers will get pure glass of water at Re. 1, 1 liter for Rs. 2,10 liters for Rs. 5 and 20 liters for Rs. 10.

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Essential Tactics for Market Surveys-Interview

Market Research will help to grow the business. It helps to gather information about market, customers, current market trends and future business prospects. We have conducted interview of former attendees of our training session.

Mr. Manav is from Raipur Chhattisgarh and he is a true entrepreneur running an event called ‘Mancha’, owner of financial Institute and 2 agencies and now, he is looking for setting up his own water plant. He shared with us some different tactics for doing marketing survey.

Thanks to Packaged Drinking Water Idea To Actualization Training:

Bottling plant is not just about setting up a plant; it needs study and help from experts. Thanks to mineral water project information team, for arranging so important Packaged Drinking Water- Idea to Actualization training event and the best part is even after the training I will get lifetime email based support for all my queries. I have gone through all the link and website given in the training. As taught in this training, I registered his trademark (Logo) and partnership firm also. I am also working on a land, machines and loan. Now, he is planning to launch new water bottle product on coming 15 January in Raipur and Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigam are the special guest in this event.

(To Download the audio from your desktop,  Please Right Click on the Button above & click “save the link as” to save it to your computer)


 Summary of the Interview:-

  • Water business is one of the most lucrative business nowadays, as water is life this business has great future in coming days too.
  • Online marketing survey will definitely help you to figure out about this business but that is not sufficient, one to one interaction for getting in touch with the owner of the water plant is also important.
  • There is no need to hire a big marketing agency for the survey. As we taught in the training, micro level surveys about how to sell 1 litre of bottle water should be conducted at initial level. There should be perfect association between retailers, distributors and dealers. We can do surveys like, why dealer could not sell the water product? Or why he could not been able to work on the brand? This will also help to improve profit margins.
  • The live activity in the training session will help you for estimating cost required for plant. In the training, excel sheet for calculating the cost will be provided which covers everything about calculating the cost.
  • You can contact Mr. Manav on Mobile no. 9993102266.
  • We hope you enjoyed the interview. Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section.

After all , it’s the plant cost, which matters the most !

Mineral Water Plant Cost

This will be the most vital component in going for a plant. During our latest training , we dedicated almost 75% of our first day to this topic exclusively. And it produced great results too. The participants were very happy and satisfied by that. See the reviews from a few of them :-

“It is a great team work by Soumitra sir and his team to guide new entrepreneur and to educate them to go for self detailing before you begin business… A detail study and a market survey how to do before you begin mineral water business is a concept what the team guides you… do attend session and gain some business disciplines, detailing, surveys and increase your analysis power before you enter in this business.. good luck to upcoming participants… Thank”

Adarsh Menon (One of the Participants)

#You can also have a look at all the reviews on google over here.

Such a great event! We got a very good response to our training cum workshop Idea to Actualization of a Packaged Drinking Water Plant” organized in Pune -29th, 30th July 2017. This time we came up with some new and innovative sessions and live activities in our training event.

Info se1

Detailed Calculation of the Plant Cost:

2017-08-04 13_28_39-Microsoft Excel - Costing 2000 LPH

It is very important to find out actual cost of the plant to achieve the profit margin. As mentioned above,we introduced this particular session on Detailed Calculation of the Plant Cost with live activity in our Bangalore training, and we got great response by attendees. So, now we decided to continue this session in our all upcoming events.

Its not just training, training & training !

During the 2 days, we all have some fun & moments of enjoyment as well. This time the participants were introduced to a typical Puneri cuisine …. Misal-Pav. No doubt, all of us really enjoyed the delicious food.

Another addition : the One To One Conclave:

For the very first time, we conducted special one-to-one conclave with our attendees in the training. In this session, attendees openly discussed their business ideas with us and cleared their doubts.

info ses 2

Look at the following review from Suyog Dalal, another dynamic participant on the value from the sessions:

Had a great session and learning experience. Was very insightful specially the one-to-one session in which all remaining doubts (if any) were cleared. The 2 day flagship programme is an open-type session wherein the participants are encouraged to open up their minds and ask questions freely. The speakers are well informed and experienced on the subject and market trends and the course delivered is upto date

Addition no.3 : Smart Marketing Strategies:

The success of business mainly depends on the marketing. So, in our training event, we discussed about marketing as well. In this session, we explained traditional and digital marketing techniques in brief. This assured the participants that they can make their businesses more profitable by adding value & branding; not just cutting down prices.

If you also want to be part of our training event then please attend our next training session.


Health Risks Due to Water Pouches in Ahmedabad

pdf ppt


As per the news article in the Ahmedabad Mirror, many fake Packaged Drinking Water Plants were selling non-potable water in pouches in Ahmedabad, which can be dangerous for health of human being. The water in pouches is found to be unsuitable primarily due to high content of strains of the Escherichia coli (E. Coli.) bacteria and other aerobic microbial content which can cause serious food poisoning.

Please See Original Post

According to Officials, these water units are operating under unhygienic conditions which lead to aerobic microbial activity in the water which results in gastrointestinal problems.Not only that the ingested bacteria and the virus can cause digestive problems, nausea and other health problems.

Most of the water units are selling water pouches without manufacturing and expiry date and also they don’t carry authentic address of manufacturers.

How Do We Identify Safe Water Pouch?

As per the law, every 200-ml water pouch should have the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification and ISI mark with the name and address of the company and manufacturing date.People should check all this details on the pouch.

  • To know more about water pouch, Please attend our training click here


Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May

Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May

On 27th and 28th May,another Training Session on Packaged Drinking Water has been conducted at MCCIA hall, Tilak Road Pune, Maharashtra. Our experts have provided training right from setting up Packaged Drinking Water Plant to the groundwater solutions, lab as per BIS, cost per bottle, and subsidy benefits from government.

1.Training Sessions on Groundwater

  • How to find robust Groundwater Management Solution?

It is very important to find the robust Groundwater Management Solution for Packaged Drinking Water Plant because groundwater is the major source of water.The trainer Mr. Rahul Bakre (Groundwater Expert) conducted special training session for Groundwater.

Groundwater Expert conducting Session
Groundwater Expert conducting Session

If you have heard news about Packaged Drinking Water Plants are on indefinite strike in Tamilnadu, It’s actually all about Groundwater and GST. Please go through our special article created on this. Check link

2. Training Sessions on lab as per BIS

  • Why is it really mandatory to have in-house Lab Required for BIS?

Every Packaged Drinking Water Plant must have in-house lab for BIS. The Trainer has explained all necessary guidelines for setting up lab required for BIS.

Lab Equipment Expert conducting Session
Lab Equipment Expert conducting Session

3. Training Sessions on Cost per Bottle

  • How to estimate Cost per bottle?

The Trainer Mr. Ajay Kulkarni (Water Treatment Specialist) has explained about finding the exact margin per bottle.

Cost Per Bottle

4. Certificate Distribution

  • Just have look at the photos of certificate distribution.


4. Reviews by Participants

We have received a very good feedback from our attendees. Most of the attendees of our training have appreciated us for providing all the necessary training in just 2 days. Here is Review.

Review 1

5.Further Benefits To The Participants

Some of our attendees opted for our plant and machinery visits and water testing service. They have shared with us their enriching experience.

# What is a Plant and Machinery Visit ?

 # What’s a Water Testing & Suggestion Service ?

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Mineral Water Plant Training – April 2017 Review

This Mineral Water Plant Training was different

This time the training was offered for 2 days for the first time ever. The reasons were :-

  • Since past the participants demanded that the time (1 day) is far lesser.
  • We too wanted to rope in some experts like the Groundwater Expert, a Financial Statements Expert & also a dedicated ISI person.
  • The Out of Pune crowd also preferred to come for a 2 days training, where they can have detailed sessions & possibly a good interaction with the experts & within the participants.

So we combined various sessions & could land at a very successful 2 days training event at Pune. In all, we had 21 participants from all over the country from places as far as Punjab, Delhi & Kochi. Almost 80% of them were from out of Maharashtra. All of them participated wonderfully; some of them have also posted their reviews, you can see the Reviews on Google 

You can also download the Session Photos from Here