Bisleri to Come Up with the Local Language Labels Soon

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The Bisleri is taking footsteps to curb the sale of fake mineral water bottles. As people who can’t easily get fooled with any counterfeit product because they cannot read English, Bisleri announces to bring water bottles with the labels in local languages.

The brand has 122 bottling plants present across India. Bisleri invests total Rs.60 lakh in local language labels. In the phase-I, regional labels in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, parts of Maharashtra and UP will be rolled out. The Bisleri will come up with the new presence within the month, all over India in its new avatar.


Anjana Ghosh, director, marketing, Bisleri International said that, it is a great way to connect better with the consumers and they want people at every level to be able to read the name, Bisleri. In the state like Maharashtra, it is compulsory for every dealer to have the name in the Marathi. Ghosh further added that, the main trouble is using similar packaging and most of the consumers could not recognize the authentic brand. But now, people from all the regions can clearly read the labels in the Local Languages.

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What do you feel, is this really solves the problem of people being able to differentiate between the original the fake product?