Water ATM trend sets in Assam Too

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In India, Water ATMs are now considered as a reliable, consistent and affordable medium for providing safe water. Chief Minister of Assam inaugurated first Water ATM in Assam at Kodomoni in Dibrugarh.

The Telegraph article says that, the government has set up this project, with the help of the public health engineering department and district administration with an aim to provide safe and clean Drinking Water to the poor at a low cost. The outlay for this project is Rs 9.74 lakh.

Chief Minister has declared that this is a pilot project and will be extended throughout Assam. Unlike ATM, This Machine will disburse water upon the use of a smart card. A technique of semi-permeable membrane is used in this machine to provide clean Drinking Water.

The capacity of the plant is 10,000 litres per day, which will dispense 500 jars of 20 litres each. The Water ATM will help to fill the gap between demand and supply of safe Drinking Water for the common man. In Assam, at present, 48 households have direct water connection under the Kodomoni water scheme but soon almost 200 households will get benefit from Water ATM.


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