AB Inbev Establishing Water ATMs in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

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The clean and pure drinking water is one of the biggest challenges in India. So, water business has become one of lucrative business in India. Now, Belgium-based world’s biggest beer brewer Anheuser-Busch In Bev is also set to start Water ATMs in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in regions where people do not get pure drinking water soon. Indian subsidiary headquartered in Bengaluru and an NGO Jaldhaara Foundation associated together for this project.

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AB InBev Director Legal and Corporate Affairs Pooja Bedi told that, these Water ATMs will provide potable water at a low cost. People will get 20 litres water for Rs. 8. The money collected by the people will be used for operational expenses. She further added that, four water ATMs are already installed at locations – Binnypet, Kadugodi and Vanarpet in Bengaluru. The company has chosen areas in Andhra Pradesh to set up Water ATM where, no clean drinking water available and are searching for more such areas.

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First Water ATM in Hyderabad

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The first Water ATM was inaugurated by Telangana Home Minister Nayani Narshima Reddy in Hyderabad.The project was launched by Safe Water Network, a global NGO, has partnered with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). It will provide affordable, 24×7 safe water access.

Image Courtesy: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Image Courtesy: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Initially, only 50 Water ATMs will be operationalised by next year.Total 200 ATMs will be set up to reach about 1,50,000 people. These water ATMs uses state-of-the-art, six-step treatment process to purify water which prescribes to national norms.Raw water will be supplied by Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) for these ATMs.

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Ravi Sewak, Country Director, Safe Water Network said that,this will encourage local youth to operate and maintain these safe water stations.

Cloud Based Technology:

A seven step treatment process is used in these Water ATMs to purify water that adheres to national norms.These Water ATMs are connected through cloud-based technology for real time monitoring and analyses of operational parameters. It minimizes the downtime. The Consumers will get pure glass of water at Re. 1, 1 liter for Rs. 2,10 liters for Rs. 5 and 20 liters for Rs. 10.

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Soon, 100 Water ATMs to be Installed in SDMC, Delhi

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To solve the problem of water shortage, after NDMC, South Delhi Municipal Corporation has started a project to install 100 Water ATMs. LG Anil Baijal instructed to civic bodies to ensure that Water ATMs are installed in Delhi as early as possible and are maintained properly.

Image Courtesy: http://theviewspaper.net/
Image Courtesy: http://theviewspaper.net/

Senior official said that, People will get (250ml) chilled water for just Rs. 2 and for filling full bottle of they need to pay Rs. 5 per litre. The paper glasses will be available at every Water ATM. There was a very good response for the Water ATM in SDMC and about 300 glasses of water are sold per day. So, officers have decided to expand this service. This machine has a capacity of 5000 litres of RO water.

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There is a rule for accumulating waste near Water ATMs; vendor has to ensure that the premise of water ATM must be clean.The place for the ATM will be decided by the SDMC, officials have identified 20-25 regions in the four zones. The Delhi govt. hopes that installation of Water ATMs will solve the problem water shortage soon and people will get clean and affordable water at lowest cost throughout the city.

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Water ATM trend sets in Assam Too

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In India, Water ATMs are now considered as a reliable, consistent and affordable medium for providing safe water. Chief Minister of Assam inaugurated first Water ATM in Assam at Kodomoni in Dibrugarh.

The Telegraph article says that, the government has set up this project, with the help of the public health engineering department and district administration with an aim to provide safe and clean Drinking Water to the poor at a low cost. The outlay for this project is Rs 9.74 lakh.

Chief Minister has declared that this is a pilot project and will be extended throughout Assam. Unlike ATM, This Machine will disburse water upon the use of a smart card. A technique of semi-permeable membrane is used in this machine to provide clean Drinking Water.

The capacity of the plant is 10,000 litres per day, which will dispense 500 jars of 20 litres each. The Water ATM will help to fill the gap between demand and supply of safe Drinking Water for the common man. In Assam, at present, 48 households have direct water connection under the Kodomoni water scheme but soon almost 200 households will get benefit from Water ATM.


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