Training Review : How to start your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Nov 2017

On 18 and 19th Nov. 2017, we conducted another successful training cum workshop program at Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture in Pune with new innovative sessions on Angel Investing and Digital Marketing.

We Received a Great Response:

We had a great turnout for this training session. Participants came from all over the India Sikkim, Rajkot (Gujarat), Hyderabad, Maharashtra (Mumbai, Solapur, Shirdi, Ahmednagar), Karnataka (Bangalore, Dawangiri).

Our training comprises of complete Step-by-Step training on how to set up the Packaged Drinking Water Plant. We also had special sessions on estimating plant cost and designing plant on your own with the live activity, practical demonstration on water testing, required licenses and documents.

About the new added Sessions :-

This time we came up with the new innovations in Our Training Program.

1.New Way Marketing : Using Digital Marketing for Selling

The success of business lies in its Marketing. To stay in this very competitive water business, it is very important to learn Digitally selling which is today’s need. So, we have introduced this new online water sell sessions in our training. Actually we demonstrated by showing Google Adwords & Facebook Ads Live Campaigns.

2.Investment : Intro Angel Investing & Funding

As, we all know, it takes money to make money. We took a special session on investment and Funding.

About Angel investing:

Angel investors invest funds into your idea based business without seeing your credentials like the banks. In session, Angel Investors was compared with bank and explained how it’s different from bank finance. But don’t get over excited, there are plus and minus points too. We could, in a short session (time being the major constraint) explained in brief, as to what the investors see into before putting their stuff.

Special 1-2-1 Sessions

There were 1-2-1 sessions, during which , participants could clear their doubts in person. In this training, Participants also got a chance to interact with the experts. It is great opportunity for them to clear their doubts and discuss their ideas. We also offered lifetime email based support to our attendees.

Complete Training Program on How to start and implement your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant!

Many people want to enter into very lucrative water business, but do not have any knowledge of it. We conducted 2 days Packaged Drinking Water Plant Idea-to-Actualization Step by step training program on 7th and 8th October 2017, at Pleasant Business Park in Pune. Participants came from all over India (Delhi, Bihar, Keral, and Rest of participants are from Maharashtra).

Business Model:

Many Participants came without having any knowledge and they don’t have any idea to how to start their water plant business. Our training covered detail explanation on types of water plants, required resources, Plant Layout, Plant Design, ISI and Documents. Participants got a clear idea about…

  • Business Idea
  • Procedure To Get License and Required Documents
  • Designing Their Own Plant and Calculating Cost Of The Plant On Their Own
  • Practical Demonstration On Water Testing
  • Project Execution

Market Survey:

Marketing is the vital part of any business. We also conduct special session on Marketing. We focused on how to do marketing survey and how to interpret the result. Based on this, the further action will be decided. It comprises of both traditional as well as online marketing.

Current Trends:

In our training about current trends in Packaged Drinking Water plants. Different opportunities coming in the water business.

One-To-One Meeting With Experts:

This session helped participants to discuss their plan with experts freely as it is a conclave. Participants cleared their vision and it helped them to decide their further steps.

Are you also willing to start your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant then attend our next Live Training…

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One-To-One Sessions with Expert in Training at Pune

On the very auspicious occasion of Ganesh Festival, we conducted our training event on Packaged Drinking Water Plant – Idea to Actualization on 26th and 27th August 2017 in Pune and even participants joined us very enthusiastically to do Shriganesha of their water plant.

20170827_160703 20170827_110039

In our training, we start from very basic steps like business idea. Our training is not just about setting up the Packaged Drinking Water Plant but about development and growth of the business also. We have also introduced

1.One-To-One Sessions:

This is the most important part of our training; here candidates get a chance to discuss with experts. In this session, trainers try to solve the queries and discuss the ideas of business very secretly. Basically, many candidates don’t want their own ideas to share openly. So, we have arranged this one-to-one conclave meeting.

20170827_162520 20170827_162529

2.Marketing Techniques:

Only setting up the water plant is not enough, the marketing is the key for selling the product. Here, we discussed both traditional and digital marketing techniques. It helps to gather information about market, customers, current market trends and future business prospects.

Discussion About - Opportunity & Overall Market in Water
Discussion About – Opportunity & Overall Market in Water

3.Chance for Networking:

Meanwhile, candidates enjoyed delicious food while discussing with each other in the lunch break and special breakfast in the morning on the second day of training. The best part of our training event is, here people get network successfully and this will definitely help them in future in their business. After attending this event, candidates get lifetime email based support from the experts.

20170827_130430 20170827_102344

So, Even if you are willing to enter into this water industry, don’t worry, we are here! You just need to enroll yourself for our next training session…and be fast to get a special early bird discount on our training session…


We got very good feedback’s from the candidates. Keep visiting our website to check the reviews. We shall be posting videos soon…