Supreme Court Verdict: Hotels Can Sale Packaged Drinking Water Bottle above MRP

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According to the recent reports, Government has sent notification to the Supreme Court that, charging Packaged Drinking Water bottle above MRP in Hotels and restaurants was an offence under the Legal Metrology Act and it would attract monetary penalties and even jail terms. According to the news article in The Economic Times, dated on Dec 13, 2017, The Supreme Court has rejected this argument by the Govt. and allowed Hotels and Restaurants to sell Packaged Drinking Water bottle more than the maximum retail price (MRP).

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The court in its judgment said that, there are lot of other services provided by the Hotels and Restaurants. Thus, they cannot come under Legal Metrology Act. This judgment of SC was based on the special leave petition filed by the FHRAI.

Mr. Garish Oberoi, president of the FHRAI, said that, People do not come to the Hotels just to buy Packaged Drinking Water Bottle. There are other costs too involved in the Bill and there is a service that is rendered. The Act cannot be applicable to them.

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