“Registered Bottled Water Plants” means what ?

It’s always in the news…

If you read news about Bottled Water, they sometimes say “Mineral Water”. This can be understood as it is not expected that every time public will speak technical language. As we know, it’s Packaged Drinking Water in India, and the issuing authority is the B.I.S. that is Bureau of Indian Standards , under which many critical products are under strict observation and control. This further means , that without a valid ISI license, one can’t produce Packaged Drinking Water. The standard for Packaged Drinking Water is IS-14543. You can read this page for more details about ISI. To clarify the point , we should say “Packaged Drinking Water” plant and not a “Mineral Water Plant”. Yes , there are Mineral Water Plants too, but a very few.

Then what is a Mineral Water Plant ?

For a very very general understanding , Packaged Drinking Water Plant uses the Groundwater through Borewell & purifies it with further technology to produce Bottled Water; whereas Mineral Water Plant uses the mountain spring water (mostly) to produce Bottled Water.

But this is not the point

This is ok, so far it goes out with people. But when Newspapers publish news like “Department of Food Safety to crack down on water bottling plants that lack proper licences” , which Licenses they mean ? Now just have a look at this recent news :-

Deputy Commissioner D. Randeep, after a meeting with officials here on Monday, gave his nod for sealing plants that are operating without licences and accreditation.

This is a very recent news from the Hindu (Link Here). The action is a welcome, no doubts; but they say that some 13 out of 20 registered “Plants” are operating without valid licenses. A further light needs to be provided on which are the licenses like. Because, without an ISI , a Packaged Drinking Water Plant may not exist only. If at all, if they mean the “Insulated Jar Unit” like the Cold Jars Plant , it is not legal and not allowed under the BIS. Sooner or later they will be brought under scrutiny. If you own a plant like this ,or know someone owning such a plant, it’s time for him to get converted into an ISI approved plant immediately !

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