Recycling Machine for Plastic Bottle with Reward!

Plastic Bottle
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Due to the problem of water shortage, people are relying more on Packaged Drinking Water to quench their thirst. But, we cannot neglect the fact that plastic bottles create unnecessary waste in landfills and water sources.This waste of plastic bottles has very bad impact on environment.

Go Green! Recycle Pet Bottles…!

Reuse Reduce Recycle
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Go green doesn’t only mean to plant and save trees. If we really want to save our ecology, we should first change our habit of throwing pet bottles anywhere on the roadsides. We should learn to manage waste material. Taking into consideration the growing problem of untreated waste in India, Western Railway and Wockhardt Foundation an NGO, has come up with the solution of the plastic recycling machines. Recycling of plastic bottles will definitely create positive impact on an environment in a several ways as it will help to reduce landfills and water wastage, increase recycling rates, lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Railway Stations in Mumbai has installed ‘Plastic Recycle Machine’ so that the commuters can reuse the plastic bottles.

Plastic Recycle Machine
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Earn Money by Recycling Plastic Bottles/Cans:

There is a huge response to Plastic Recycle Machine installed at Railway Stations in Mumbai. People are using these machines and enjoying rewards on it.

Though, Railways didn’t have spent any money to install the machine but this plastic recycle machine can add income to Indian Railways by giving them a chance to advertise on it & also on the LED screen. It will also help to maintain cleanliness. And most important use of this machine is this recycled bottles will be supplied to fibre-producing companies for making clothes, carpets & grocery bags.

How does it Work?

  • It accepts bottle/can with authentic bar codes only.
  • It can crush 5000 bottles per day.
  • It will immediately give a reward to the user while recycling used bottle/cans to motivate for repeated use.

Steps are Simple:

Plastic Recycle Machine

Fig: Steps for Using Plastic Recycle Machine

See the working of Plastic Recycle Machine:

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