Pune leading in ‘Over-Exploitation’ Of Groundwater in the State

The Pune is one the seven districts in Maharashtra, where the groundwater has been found to be over-exploited. The demand for using the groundwater is growing constantly in Pune and this same trend has been observed in a total of 22 Villages in Maharashtra.

Image Courtesy: https://www.microc.com
Image Courtesy: https://www.microc.com

Mr. I. I. Shah, additional director at GSDA, Pune said that, the agency under the Jalswarajya-II Programme has decided to undertake real-time mapping of 12 aquifers to control this depletion of groundwater, where the hydrologists will study about various factors responsible for depletion. The World Bank also initiated its intervention programmes, to discharge the groundwater in a planned manner.

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A team member of the Jalswarajya-II Project said that, they will also need people’s participation to solve this problem of over-exploitation of groundwater. They will make use of artificial means to improve the recharge rate, if required.


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