Prohibition on Sell of Unpackaged Drinking Water in Nagpur

Prohibition on Sell of Unpackaged Drinking Water in Nagpur

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With the rise in mercury, the debate on the Unpackaged Drinking Water heated up in water industry. Though, the business of manufacturing Unpackaged Drinking Water has found a good place in the market, the Unpackaged Drinking Water is raising serious concern in India.

An Illegal unpackaged Water Plants are not just an issue of business but it can be detrimental to human health…

Unpackaged Drinking Water
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As per the latestre ports, during a hearing in the Nagpur bench of high court, FDA had received over 200 complaints against Unpackaged Drinking Water all over the state. So,High Court sent notifications to the Maharashtra government to take a legal action against those who are selling packaged drinking water in unsealed containers, as per the amendment carried out in the laws on March 1.

FDA has sent closure notices toillegal unpackaged Drinking Water units in Nagpur.

Let’s know the reasons behind it…

Why is it Illegal to Sale Unpackaged Drinking Water?

There are some rules and regulations for selling drinking water as it matters of human health but it seems that Unpackaged Drinking Water plants are not even aware about it…

Unpackaged Drinking Water
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According to the law under section 36 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, these Unpackaged Drinking Water Drinking units cannot sell drinking water as it is mandatory to sell drinking water in a sealed container. Unpackaged Drinking Water units don’t have any code in the District Industries Centre (DIC).

Basically, they cannot fit under any law and not even have permission to sell water from any of the authority. Therefore, All Unpackaged Water Drinking units are running without mandatory license.

Is the Water in Unpackaged Chilled Jars and Cans Drinkable?

Unpackaged Drinking Water
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It is very shocking to know that, most of the Unpackaged Drinking Water Units are using contaminated water drawn from unhygienic sources like bore-well and this water not even undergo the process of filtration and purification of water.

People like to drink chilled water but the gas used by these plants in chillers is very harmful for humans.

Even,these plants do not have an in-house laboratory, raw water storage facility, packing areas, entry points or loading and unloading points.

Now, will you call this Unpackaged Drinking Water drinkable?

Experts Warned for Unpackaged Drinking Water!

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Experts had issued a warning about consuming untreated water as it can cause diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis, cholera, jaundice and other viral infections. Moreover, Regular consumption of contaminated water can cause long-term side effects on human health and the presence of fluoride can lead to fluorosis.

Unpackaged Drinking Water Unit doesn’t have any set of rules for supplying water. Most of them are operating in unhygienic conditions. So, drinking this untreated water can be dangerous to health.

Taking into consideration all these facts, FDA has planned to continue raiding in the coming days to stop the sale of Unpackaged Drinking Water.

On the contrary, some political parties come forward to protest these Unpackaged Drinking units as many women and handicapped people are running these units for their livelihood and they demanded allotment of licenses by FDA. But, there is need for the proper setup for these plants with the required lab which these poor people cannot afford but Government should spread awareness by conducting seminar and help them to build proper plant.


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