New Trend in Tamil Nadu: Plastic Bottle Recycling Plants

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles are used to sold Mineral water, soda, juices and such other liquids. But, unfortunately they are not properly decomposed and very dangerous for our ecosystem. So, some of the recycling plants in Tamil Nadu have started recycling PET bottles. These PET bottles will go through processes; filtration, sorting, shredding, cleaning, coloring and finally recycling into PET fibre. These fibres will be used to make garments.

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Mr. Sultania, the president of the All India Recycled Fibre and Yarn Association said that, this trend has started in 2006. Around 35 companies are recycling PET bottles and converting them into 50,000 tonnes of recycled fibre every month.

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This recycling industry is growing rapidly in Tamil Nadu because of its better quality and low costs. This will definitely help to control the plastic pollution. Don’t you think that every state in our country should follow this trend?

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