Maharashtra Govt. Plans for Water Testing Labs

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As the quality of Drinking Water is always been an issue of concern amongst common people and government, Maharashtra government initiated a project to set up a laboratory to test the quality of water, which is funded by the World Bank (WB). The WB officials are also trying to understand the current requirements of the project.
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The functioning of the new laboratory will be handled by Groundwater Survey and Development Agency (GSDA). The Pune-Head quartered lab will worked as centralized system and co-ordinate with over 30 labs,which are to be established under the same project.

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Benefits of Water Testing Labs:

 In Early days, drinking water was tested only either on receiving complaints or in case of disease outbreak but now because of this new facility of 30 water testing labs, it is compulsory to test the water quality twice in a year. One scheduled of water testing will be done after the monsoon, as there is a highest chance of water contamination.

Till now, there are very few water testing labs in the Maharashtra. And, only hospitals were carrying out testing which is not sufficient for a state. But, now these new water testing labs will check quality of water based on the 18 factors, which also includes checking of concentration of fluorides, chlorides, and potash.

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