Maharashtra FDA’s Eye on Testing Bromate Levels in Packaged Drinking Water

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As per the news articles in money control, Maharashtra Govt. is taking initiative to check bromate levels in water brands. As many activists has raised the issue of high bromate levels in Packaged Drinking Water, India’s food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) sent order to Maharashtra FDA to test samples of all Packaged Drinking Water brands like Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, etc..

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According to the sources, The Maharashtra FDA will collect 20-25 samples of Packaged Drinking Water for testing bromate levels. The levels for Bromate are now defined at 10 microgram per litre in Packaged Drinking Water. The FDA has to report to India’s food regulator FSSAI in the next one-two months. This news is also confirmed from Bisleri.

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Packaged Drinking Water plant uses ozonisation to disinfect water which transforms the bromine into bromate ions. Bromate is a chemical which can cause carcinogenic effects, reduce weight and affect renal function. It is compulsory for all the Packaged Drinking Water plants to test bromate levels in Packaged Water according to the Bureau of Indian Standards.


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