Is Packaged Drinking Water Business suffering due to Demonetization ?

An effect

As an effect, we have been listening to remarks from People .

“Yes. There’s a heavy impact”

“Slowly the market will stabilize”

“First month , it was horrible, but now recovering”

“We are very badly hit. Need to do something different”

But it came to our own realization, that it has impacted a bit as we too received lesser participation for the Info Session we conduct for Mineral Water Plant Starters. Comparitively, there was a lesser crowd this time. Second difference which we noticed was that there were dominantly all the people who are from the “Working” category. That is .. they are currently in job somewhere and wish to start some new venture. We do get these entrepreneurs usually, but dominantly we receive crowd from established first business. This crowd was hardly any this time.

The result

But there is always a silver lining to every obstacle. We learned few things like how can we become more supportive and closer to the attendees, lesser crowd doesn’t mean lesser in degree, rather the interaction was more this time. And ultimately we ended up with great friends entrepreneurs to learn from.

We also did good follow ups with all those who showed up great interest in us. Almost all of them , if not this time, have agreed to come for the next Session again in Pune on the January 28 th 2017, the new year or the next ones . Check the Events page for details.