IRCTC to Use Excess Groundwater from Coal Mines for Packaged Drinking Water

As per the latest news, Coal India (CIL) and IRCTC are coming together for producing Packaged Drinking Water Rail Neer. The IRCTC will now use the excess groundwater from coal mines. A railway official said that, Coal Mines will supply excess groundwater to the Packaged Drinking Water Plant, which has produced after coal extraction.

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Every year, these coal mines produce over 5,700 lakh cusecs of water and even after utilizing these water for their own use, agriculture purpose and supply to local communities, they have around 2,036.5 lakh cusec excess water per year.

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In the country like India, where most of the regions are facing the problem of water shortage, it is a great idea to utilize the excess groundwater from coal mines for producing purified Packaged Drinking Water.


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