Idea : Develop a Franchise Model for your Mineral Water Business

Do you know what is franchise business? Look at McDonald’s. Whenever you want to open a McDonald’s outlet, they provide you everything & the method to make money from the business too.

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In short, they teach you every step & you have to do exactly as they say. In other words you have to copy or clone their business model. This is called as Franchise Business. obliviously the person who wan’t to follow the model will be the Franchisee. Popular Products on Amazon :-


For offering this whole service, the Company (Franchisor) will ask for some Financial benefit. It can be royalty, One time fees, continuous revenue sharing or anything. There can be many types in which the Financial benefits can be exercised.

Here are some Books on franchise business :-

Sr No.
1 McDonald’s: Behind The Arches
2 Mcdonalds: An Unofficial Look at the His
3 Franchise Bible 7/E: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business
4 Franchising & Licensing: Two Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business in Any Economy
5 Can you start a Water Vending Business ?
6 Franchising How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 241 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice
7 Lead the Category!: The Secrets of Franchising and Business Success
8 Franchising for Free: Owning Your Own Business Without Investing Your Own Cash
9 The Franchising Handbook
10 Franchising: The Business Strategy That Changed the World
11 Franchising: The Inside Story
12 Franchising: An International Perspective
13 Franchising: An Entrepreneur’s Guide
14 Fundamentals of Franchising
15 Street Smart Franchising: A Must Read Before You Buy a Franchise!
16 Is Your Business Right For Franchising?
17 The 20 Most Asked Questions in Franchising: What You Need to Know Before You Franchise Your Business
18 How to FRANCHISE YOUR BUSINESS: The plain-speaking guide to franchising (Business Books)

In India there is an association Called Indian Franchise Association. Which holds shows all over India throughout the year. Such a show was arranged in Pune on July 13 & 14 , 2013. [check their events calender to locate the next show] Here is a Small coverage of Some of the major franchise opportunities . Which I thought worth noticing.

You may study the models & if needed, you can  also be creative packaged drinking water.


Business No. 1

Name of the Franchisor                  eduneeds

Industry                                      :           Preschool Setup

Requisites                                   :           500 to 1000 Sqft Space

Investment                                :            3 to 5 lakhs

Eduneeds provide all setup consultation & support for setting up preschool for kids. They just charge a onetime consulting fee & offer creative & educative toys for children.

• Contact Details :

Vikram Ganjave 

Mob: 9822403033 / 020 – 24232267

Plot No. 53/5, aranyeshwar Santnagar Road, Near Treasure Park, Walvekar Nagar, Pune  411009.

Website :          

Email :


Business No. 2

Name of the Franchisor         :           CafeDesire

Industry                                      :           Coffee Vending Machines

Requisites                                   :           500  Sqft Space

Investment                                :              3,76,000/-

ROI                                                :           200 % Per Annum


It is a well establish Vending Machine brand in India for beverages like Tea,  Coffee, Tomato Soup, Laymen Tea etc.  They have been listed as one of the Top 100 Franchise Opportunities in India.


• Contact Details :

Manoj J. z Nair

Mob : 9676257275

E2, Vikrampuri, Karkhana Road, Secunderabad- 500003.

Website :          

Email :


Business No. 3

Name of the Franchisor       :           Dr.  Daga’s Health Care  & Research Centre  Pvt. Ltd.

Industry                                   :           Health & Healing Clinic

Requisites                                :           100 – 1500 Sqft

Investment                             :           1.5  – 2 lakhs

ROI                                             :           50 % Per Annum


One’s we join Dr . Daga wellness team. They provide us all the material with just a onetime Cost. With their Relaxation techniques, the Spinal Cord in particular, gets great relief. Dr. Daga has been awarded many awards including Mother Teresa Award.

• Contact Details :

Dr. Vidya R Daga

Mob : 9271224616

B 102, Ujwal Sherene, Baner, Pune                         Mob : 9271111013

1st Floor , Gangai Chambers, Akurdi, Pune.     Mob: 9273383892

Shitole Nagar, Old Sangvi, Pune                               Mob : 9270993799

Sharanpur Road, Nashik                                                Mob : 9226875463


Website :                   

Email :


Business No. 4

Name of the Franchisor       :           Café Creme

Industry                                    :           Beverage

Requisites                                 :           200 – 300 Sqft

Investment                               :           8 – 10 lakhs

ROI                                               :           50 % Per Annum


Café  Crème is fast growing brand in Pune. Looking to spread across PAN India. They have grown to over 20 outlets in less than year.

They currently  have very special brand Kuka. Which is very popular in College youth.


• Contact Details :

Junal Kashikar

Mob: 9820109911

Geeta Sankul, Ideal Colony, Kothrud, Pune 411029.

Website :        Email :


Business No. 5

Name of the Franchisor       :           Mini Punjabb

Industry                                    :           Food

Requisites                                 :           200 – 300 Sqft

Investment                               :           30 – 36 lakhs

ROI                                               :           50 % Per Annum


Lalaz Mini Punjabb XPRS is perfect destination for finest fist, great kebab, Indian and assortef cuisines in Salunke Vihar pune.  Launched by already popular Lalaz Mini Punjabb promoters, the XPRS restaurant authentic food competitive price us quite popular amongst every age group, especially youngsters.


• Contact Details :

Ammeth Verma          -           8177981606

Rohit Sachar                –           9890212228

Ajay Verma                 –           9890224977

Email :


Business No. 6

Name of the Franchisor      :           Urban Platter (A unique Thali Restaurant)

Industry                                   :           Food

Requisites                                :           2000 Sqft

Investment                              :           60 – 65 lakhs

Franchise Fee                            :             4 Lakhs

Break Even                                   :             2.0 – 2.5 Years

Target Cities                            :          PAN India Phase 1 Mumbai, Pune & later entire Maharashtra.


Traditionally the simple meat at home Thali consist of a dal, one or two vegetables, rice and bread, curd, chopped onion, lemon and a sweet dish. The Thali has avatars ranging fro the extravagant wedding Thalis to lavish festival ones and come in many forms and delicacies.

Urban Platter has gathered all the traditions, avatars , extravaganza, festivities and delicacies in one Thali, creating the Ultimate Thali Experience. They have created a mouthwatering and diverse menu keeping the Thali as the focal point; serving rotating menus throughout the month. This offers a new surprise for customers every day.


• Contact Details :

Amol Kalantri

1, ultimate Tower , Vijan Hospital Lane , Beside Big Bazaar, College Road Nashik 422005.

Mob : 8888800064 / 0253- 2316664

Website :       

Email :


Now, coming to YOUR business idea. Not only you can learn from these entrepreneurs , but can also establish your own franchise model for your business.

Not only Franchise Association of India , but many such companies will come to your help. Just Google on “Franchise India” .

As usual, DO NOT forget to comment on the article , as we are going to run some competetion on the BEST SPECIFIC ACCURATE COMMENTOR. Keep commenting.

  1. prakhar agrawal says:
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    I am looking for Franchiesee for Packaged Drinking Water Plant in chhattisgarh near oddisa border which can cover some parts of oddisa as well as chhattisgarh (in raigarh janjgir district). Please help any reference for franchisee.. please contact 9827892042 or mail me at


    waterman Reply:

    Dear Prakhar,

    What is the investment you are looking for ?


  2. prabhakar says:
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    Dear Sir,

    I know taht my margin will shrink but I get franchisee then I dont have to make marketing. Please help any reference for franchisee.


    waterman Reply:

    Currently we don’t have anyone asking us to offer franchise. But shall keep updating if any


  3. prabhakar says:
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    I am looking for Franchiesee for Packaged Drinking Water Plant in sangli. Any can provide details. please contact 8452844551 or mail me


    waterman Reply:

    Dear Prabhakar,

    For Franchise , go for bigger brands, like Bisleri. But margins shrink. If you have marketing expertise ( which can be hired ) self plant is the best option


  4. harshal says:
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    Hi, I am looking for Franchiesee for Packaged Drinking Water Plant in nagpur any can provide.. please contact 9823155295


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    Hi, I am looking for Franchiesee for Packaged Drinking Water Plant in my village any can provide.. please contact YK +91 9949527479, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh , India that business would be Guntur Dist..


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    We are offering you, Franchisee for Packaged Drinking Water Plant.
    Contact us:

    Pankaj Upadhyay


  7. samir Raut says:
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    Incredible India, and great Ideas and out of BOx


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    Thanks Samir, Keep visiting


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