FDA Testing Water Samples Of Six Packaged Drinking Water Brands From Maharashtra.

In 2017, some social activists from Mumbai lodged a complaint in the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) about Packaged Drinking Water containing harmful substances such as bromate.  Then, NHRC forwarded this complaint to FSSAI, and then FSSAI officials asked FDA to carry out further investigation.

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The FDA had initiated collecting water samples for testing in October 2017. The FDA has sent these water samples to lab in Jogeshwari (east). The lab has tested these water samples of six different packaged drinking water brands for bromate and forwarded the analysis report to Pune lab. FDA has assured that, after receiving the reports, they will take legal action as per the Act.

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One of the social activist said that, he is not happy with this move of FDA, as they have collected only six water samples which are extremely low in number. He will be sending written request to FDA to collect more samples.




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