Effect of Less Marketing: Low in Cost Hill Aqua, is Not Popular

As per the news article in The New Indian Express, The new brand of Packaged Drinking Water from Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (KIIDC), is providing high-quality packaged water at low cost, but it is still not popular amongst public.

Image Courtesy: https://food.ndtv.com/
Image Courtesy: https://food.ndtv.com/

Dominic John, the distributor of Hill Aqua in Ernakulam district said that, only 3,000 bottles of Hilly Aqua is sold in Ernakulum district per day. Though, the quality of the water is 100 percent ensured, company has low sale due to less marketing. An officer with the Food Safety Department said that, there are more than 50 local mineral water companies running in Kochi. Many of them are running without having mandatory licenses. People should check the authenticity of mineral water before consuming it.

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Many new players are coming in the very lucrative water business, but very few are able to get the profit. With the change in time, trends of marketing have also changed. To survive in the very competitive business like water business, it is very important to know marketing tactics to improve the profit margin.


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