Does Packaged Drinking Water Contain Dangerous Antibiotics ?

Packaged Drinking Water consists of dangerous antibiotics

At GIAN program of the Jamia University, New Delhi, Mr. Ramanujachary, an expert from the U.S. in Nanotechnology claimed that Nanoparticles can get rid of “Deadly” antibiotics present in Bottled Water , what we say Packaged Drinking Water in India. This made us very curious about the subject & the much heard “Nano-Technology as well.

What is Nano Technology & how can it be used in Water Treatment ?

While finding out any results in this , I could find 3 Videos , first 2 are actually part-1 & part-2 of a Single concept video , but explains us exactly what is the whole thing & how Nano Technology is used to clean dirtiest water (in a very easy to understand language). The third Video is on how commercially viable membranes are available now with Nano Technology. Here are the videos :-

What is Nano Technology & Use for Water Treatment -1

Part -2 :-

Membranes from Nanotechnology :-

What about the “Deadly” Antibiotics ?

We tried to do some research on this, but could not find much topics. So for the time being let’s wait for the 10 lectures series supposed to be rolled out by Mr Ramanujachary , who visiting the Department of Chemistry at the Jamia university to deliver lectures at the ongoing week-long flagship GIAN (Global Initiative for Academic Networks) programme of MHRD.

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