Converting a “Cold Jars” Plant into an ISI approved Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Have you received a notice from the B.I.S?

You may be one of the many who have received Love Letter (Notice) from the B.I.S. that your unit can be sealed if you operate without a proper B.I.S. License. The B.I.S. issues the I.S.I. license which is mandatory to produce & sell Packaged Drinking Water in India, the Standard is IS-14543.

(Have you received a notice like this ?)

What you should do?

Typically, you should take immediate steps to go for an ISI approved Packaged Drinking Water Plant. Just Attend any of our Forth coming Events which are Focused to educate people Before Starting a Packaged Drinking Water Plant.

What’s the Problem with the Cold Jars Plant?

The B.I.S. knows the ultimate reasons. But we can list down a few here:

  1. A Cold Jar (Insulated One) is not a sealed process, and thus there are chances of adulteration in the water.
  2. The plastics used are not up to the mark of Food Grade.
  3. The Cold Jars (Insulated) are not transparent ones.

These are the reasons we thought, but you can please share your views through comments section below.

Is the Cold Jar Water of a Bad Quality?

May be , may not be. Since it is not regulated by any authority, there is nobody who can challenge the Water Quality. In other words, a B.I.S. Plant will always have a Laboratory section in it , and it is mandatory made by the B.I.S. not only to have those equipment, but also to carry out certain test on a regular basis.

Over and above this, the Plant Owner is also asked to submit a few of the reports to be sent to the B.I.S. for evaluation & testing purpose on regular basis.

The Plant Owner is also required to hire qualified staff for the Lab Section. This is all to see that the water which we drink is of the best quality.

The list of the Lab Equipment, The B.I.S. Regional Offices List etc + Other very useful information is also given inside our  Home Study Course : Step by Step Packaged Drinking Water Plant Training Course.

Then how come 1000s of Units operating without a valid license?

It is just like driving a vehicle without a driving license. If you are caught, you are sued. Check this latest news where a unit was seized.

What will be the cost of converting a Cold Jars Plant into an ISI Plant?

The ISI plants may completely be different from your existing Cold Jars Plant, so I sincerely request you to kindly get it inspected for this purpose. Please write to us for that through the Comments Section. We do such kind of inspections. For ISI approved Plants, we have already given the hint prices on the Plant Cost page.

Otherwise please attend one of our sessions focused on education of entrepreneurs “Before Starting a Packaged Drinking Water Plant”

Get Your Plant Inspected by a Consultant Agency.

If you are already running a Cold Jar Plant and fortunately haven’t received a notice yet, please get your plant inspected by consultant for getting it converted into an ISI approved Plant. We also offer this service. Please send us a mail to .

Why the Inspection?

  1. The Covered Area:- Usually the Cold Jars Plants are accommodated in very small Work Area, the ISI approved plants require much bigger space. See our Plant layout You may require a bigger place.
  2. Raw Water Storage:- The B.I.S. has some typical norms for storage of the Raw Water, you will need to know the correct specifications.
  3. The Water Treatment Plant:- Usually the Water Treatment Plant may not be having all the attributes like Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, Micron Cartridge Filter, the Reverse Osmosis, UV & Ozonation system. The Material of Construction for the same may be quite different than what is needed as per the B.I.S. This also needs to get examined properly by a third party.
  4. Proper Construction Material:- The B.I.S. also has some specific norms for the Shed construction, its material, flooring material. Need inspection for this too.

Also ask the agency (We or any other) to offer you an approximate estimate of the expenses, the alteration ( in terms of space needed) and the final time duration required in case you take a decision to go for the B.I.S. approved plant.

Look at the Home Study Training Course Contents.

What is a Cold Jars Plant (If you don’t have already).

Normally, when some entrepreneur sees an opportunity that he can do something in the field of Drinking Water, he starts up with this option. He actually has himself faced a dire water shortage situation himself or has seen people facing this very badly. Then he thinks why not to use this for his own as well as community benefit & make some money as well out of it.

Thus he starts inquiring at his contacts level & also on the internet about this option. He contacts some of his friends may be and establishes a Cold Jars Plant, by which he just treats water in his plot or  buys tanker water, treats, chills that & supply that to the neighborhood. This is typically in form of Insulated Jars, thus he starts with this easy looking Cold Jars Business.

Elements of a Cold Jars Plant.

A Cold Jars Plant Needs just a few things like :

  • Water Supply or Bought Water.
  • A Water Treatment System to treat the raw water to make it pure (drinkable).
  • A Chiller.
  • The Insulated Jars.
  • Distribution Van ( Own or Hired ).
  • Shed (Own or Hired One) – May be just 1000 sqft.

What about the Licenses?

I am really not sure what kind of License suits this business, but I heard people go with the Water Supply License under which their escape if caught is often : “We just supply the water, we don’t have control if people use it for Drinking”. But, really it proves completely useless when B.I.S. seals your Unit.

Cold Jar Plant Cost

The typical Plant Capacity people start with is 500 LPH or 1000 LPH. The cost is usually below 5 Lakhs & you can start this kind of plant within a month’s period compared to the B.I.S. approved ISI plants, which may be 4-6 months depending upon many factors.

My Opinion

If you already have a Cold Jar Plant running and haven’t yet received a notice by the B.I.S. , don’t wait for it to arrive, it might be waiting for you in the next corner.(Check this news) Get your Plant inspected immediately, that’s the first step. Next will follow after that.

If you already have received one,

  1. Don’t Panic no need to panic. I know it has stopped your business, you may be having some loans on your head, wages to pay & no sale. But understand here clearly, that it is you yourself who started this without getting proper knowledge or may have risked even after knowing that. So either way it is your own decision. So don’t blame situation. Don’t please continue to sell. Instead, please communicate the real situation to your team members and assure them that you are working on a solution.
  2. Get an Estimate : Get the Plant inspected For ISI and get a correct estimated investment. This is the first step so that you will know the correct amount of money you will need and the time line as well.
  3. Evaluate At this point itself you will need to decide whether to go for an ISI plant or not. Usually the investment for an ISI plant is not less than 25-30 Lakh (Minimum), take a decision in this Direction only if you are prepared to compete with the Branded, ISI marked Bottled Water.
  4. Alternate Business Model No need to panic, even if you don’t decide to continue this way. You can go for the community Water Supply System.

This is your  “Business”

“What is a Business?” I would answer this question like : It should run even without you ! I don’t mean to say you Should not be in the Business, but systems should run that periodically, not YOU. Attend one of our info Sessions on “Before Starting Packaged Drinking Water Plant” to learn a little more about this aspect.

Look if these Sentences / phrases help you some way:

  • You should be “On” your business , not “IN” your business.
  • You should evaluate “Business Running Time” vs “Business Building Time”.
  • You should be “Wanted” everywhere , and “Needed” nowhere.
  • Replace Yourself.

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