Clean Drinking Water through Mobile Water ATMs in Delhi NCR

Getting a clean Drinking Water is still a luxury in various parts in India, especially in rural areas. According to research, only 18 percent of the total rural population of 833 million has access to purified water. Bharat Jal has initiated a project to set up small (2000LPH) water plants at multiple locations in the Delhi NCR Region and supply water through Electric 3-wheeler vending machines. Bharat Jal will use water from the Delhi Jal Board, which will be treated and then supplied to the people.

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Feroz Malik, Founder & CEO, Fat City Tech Pvt. Ltd, said that, the company will also expand in other states also and it will work in association with the State Local authorities and local civic bodies for providing clean Drinking Water through its mobile Water ATMs. Now, 41 percent of the rural population, or 346 million people, own mobile phones. So, mobile water ATM will definitely help to provide clean and safe water to the citizens by taking water directly to them and to control the level of contamination. The best part is clean and affordable Drinking Water will now travel to the customer.

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This mobile water ATMs will use in-house mobile application to keep a record of the water levels in the ATMs. Mr. Feroz Malik will be responsible to check and supervise the mobile water ATMs.  


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