Growing Demand of Water Purifiers: Havells Expects Rs 100 Crore Business from Water Purifiers in 2018-19.

Due to the shortage of Drinking Water, lowering groundwater levels, high water pollution and growing cautiousness for health, the demand for purified drinking water has increased in India. With this growing demand for purified Drinking Water, bottled water and water purifier business has become the most lucrative businesses in the country. As per the latest estimates, the water purifier market is increasing at 15-20% annually.

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So, many new players are entering into this water business. Havells India is also coming with the wide range of water purifiers. Narendra Choudhary, Executive VP, Havells India said that, they are entering into growing water purifier market with premium range and expects Rs 100 crore business in 2018-19. These water purifiers maintain the pH balance in water and have natural mineral fortification capability.

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Further he added that, this market is an extremely under penetrated with only 1 per cent of the country covered and water purifier is much needed product in India. Currently, the water purifier industry in the organized sector is around Rs 4,500 crore. This market is expected to double in the next four years.


Where Is Kent Water Purifier Service Center

Where Is Kent Water Purifier Service Center

If you have a Kent water filter system installed at home, in your office, or in your business, you would agree that its performance might change over time.  As with many other products, you might notice the need to call a legitimate purifier service technician for your water filter system especially if you have already used it for a long time.  Whether you are in New Delhi or West Bengal, it is necessary for every owner of a water filter system to know why, where, and how to find the nearest Kent Water Purifier Service Center.

Why You Need Kent Water Purifier Service

There are different reasons why you should bring your purifier system to its service center. The common ones include poor taste in water, air in the system or filter replacements. If you have been using your Kent water purifier for a long time, you should know that, similar to other products, by the time it reaches its maximum liters of water produced its filter system will start becoming less efficient. This may, of course, be due to several factors.  Your filters may already need professional replacement if the quality of tap water that goes to your system is low.  This is also likely to happen if there is an amount of elements like bacteria and metals in your water.  The presence of these substances might make it difficult for your equipment to handle the filtration process.

As one of today’s leading manufacturers of water systems, Kent lives up to its promise of quality performance.  In case you notice changes in the way your equipment works, you have to call your service center immediately.  Some of the most common problems you might encounter would be changes in the taste or odor of your water and white spots in the water tank usually due to air flow malfunction in the system.

How to Find Kent Water Purifier Service?

The best way to find your nearest service center is to check Kent’s contact details on the warranty seal which is included in your unit’s box. If you can no longer find the seal, remember where you bought your unit. If you bought it online, you can contact your provider and ask for information on where you can bring your system for checkup or repair.  Kent products also have an official website that you can easily reach online. They have a dedicated Contact Us page through which you can send emails on product-related questions.  You can also contact them through their toll free number which you can also find in their website.

Where to Find the Kent Service Center?

With the internet, everyone would agree that you can find almost everything online; and the best way to reach Kent’s service department is also to contact them through the internet. A dropdown menu is found under the Contact Us page. If you need to request for filter replacement demos or a copy of the manual or their catalogue, you can also do so online.  If you have customer service related questions or grievances against their product, you may also submit your concerns together with your unit’s serial number, invoice date and number, and your personal information so they can reach you.

What Is The Kent Water Purifier Cost

What Is the Kent Water Purifier Cost 

If you are looking for a water filter system, you will no doubt come across Kent water filter systems from India.  This brand has grown into a reliable name that people choose to protect their families with.  To prevent diseases, this piece of equipment is deemed to be necessary in today’s homes in India and in other places in the world.  As budgets are always a concern, taking a good look at the Kent water purification cost is one of the most important steps in choosing a specific model.  Of course, there are other costs that you need to consider such as the size or capacity of the equipment and the mounting options.

Kent Water Filter Products vs Kent Water Purifier Cost 

As with any product you buy, the cost of the product will depend on the type of product you are buying. For instance, Kent water purifiers have different types, sizes and function. Therefore, you should first consider what your preferences are:  Is it going to be used for business or for home? Do you have a large family? Do you prefer a counter top or wall mounted unit? Your needs will determine the cost of Kent water purifier. You can consider the Kent Tap Guard as you can easily attach it directly to your faucet.  This removes bacteria and unpleasant odor from your tap water. Though water filtered this way may not be advisable for use as drinking water, it is completely safe for brushing your teeth or as a kitchen water source for washing fruits and vegetable preparations.

The largest of all Kent water purifiers is the Kent Elite II. It is automatically operated, has a self-timer, and an auto-on and -off system. It has the largest water storage capacity among all other models but definitely the most expensive one too.  While the standard retail price of this unit might be quite high, you might find offers for discounts online.  There are also other models that you can choose from to suit your budget.  India’s Kent brand of water purifiers come in a wide range of prices.

Even those who travel in and around India can have the benefit of having clean drinking water anytime, anywhere.  This is with the use of the Kent Gold Cool storage water purifier.  With a 9-liter capacity, this filter system gives ample supply for an out-of-town trip.  This piece of equipment will keep water cool for hours too.

Kent Water Purifier Cost vs. Water Quality

Water is definitely a basic need for all humans.  You need water for various purposes, from preparing your family’s daily meals, to washing the dishes, cleaning the house, washing your clothes, giving yourself and your pets a bath, and so much more. Needless to say, even the United Nations understands that universal access to clean potable water is an essential right of humans. This only shows that there is no wiser way to ensure your family’s health than to provide them access to clean water. Some products would offer you cheap brands that promise to give you clean water.  But low cost does not always guarantee you quality. Never compromise cost over quality. This basic need is not something that you should unreasonably skimp on.  It does not even cost you a hundred dollars to ensure clean water for your family.

What Is The Price Kent Water Purifier Is Available

What Is The Price Kent Water Purifier Is Available

A recent survey says that an average person consumes around 75 gallons of water both for drinking and his daily activities. People all over the world need access to clean water every day.  This need and the presence of contaminants in the water supply led to the development of water filtration systems like those offered by Kent.  The illness brought by drinking contaminated water was what pushed Indian IT expert Mahesh Gupta to find a better way of filtering water.  Towards the turn of the new millennium, Gupta’s children got sick.  He then took it upon himself to make use of whatever technology was available at that time to design his water filter system.  Today, the Kent brand has grown with technology and has so many models to choose from.  More and more consumers are interested in knowing at price Kent water purifier models can be bought.  The following information aims to give you more in-depth information on Kent water purifier products and their costs.

Price Kent Water Purifier and Matching Models

The Kent brand has been known to help people from all generations maintain the health through clean and contaminant-free drinking water.  Different models understandably come at different prices.  These prices are determined based on the function and size of the water purifier unit.  The more complex the design is and the bigger the unit is, the more expensive it is.

Choosing which Kent product to buy does not depend on price alone.  The more important consideration is your needs.  For instance, if you need a water filtering system that you can simply hook up directly to your kitchen faucet, the Kent Tap Guard will work for you. It is effective in removing chlorine, which often runs in your tap water source.  At the same time, this filtration fixture reduces unpleasant odor and taste.  This new model is quite inexpensive and can be ordered online or offline.

If you need a wall-mounted water purifier that features a computer-controlled operation, the Kent Grand is a good example of a double purification water system can filter as much as 15 liters of water per hour and store as much as 8 liters in its tank. This is suitable to those who would want to remove bacteria and viruses present in their water, but would like to retain all of its essential minerals intact.

What’s the Price? Kent Water Purifier Models to Match Your Budget

Those who have a tight budget need not compromise water safety over cost.  The Kent Gold Optima appears to be the most economical choice that does not sacrifice water quality. It uses activated carbon for filtration, removing both bacteria and contaminants present in your water. It is good for a small family and may require you to spend a small amount of money from your budget.  These water filters did not use to be as affordable for the families in India.  But modern technological advancements have made it possible to offer these filters at better prices.

Remember, although price and practicality are always the considerations in any purchase, deciding on which water filter system to buy requires you to consider other factors as well.  Statistics show that contaminated water takes approximately 1.5 million children’s lives every year; this figure is far too high compared to the small amount of money you will spend to buy a water filter system to safeguard your family’s health.

Review Of Kent Water Purifier RO

A Review of Kent Water Purifier RO

There are numerous health risks and diseases that one can get from unclean water. And such a large need for clean potable water spurred the development of various water filtration systems all over the world.  With this modern piece of equipment, homes can have their water purified right within their homes.  The Kent water purifier RO is a good example of a filter system that can match both your needs and your budget. Just like other people in the world who want to safeguard their kids from water-borne diseases, India’s Mahesh Gupta saw the need to design this reverse osmosis purifier under the Kent brand.  If you are planning to purchase a filter system either for home or business use, you may want to consider checking out how Kent purifiers and filters make a difference.

Kent Water Purifier RO vs Other Brands

There are a lot of different brands of purification and filter systems.  Some of them have enjoyed global popularity for many years.  When Kent was first introduced in the Indian market, its high price did not help its manufacturers move more units out of their factories.  At a price tag that’s about four times the price of most other filtration and purification systems in the market, people were not lining up to buy Kent water purifiers.  However, when people saw what superiority this brand of filters and purifiers hold, the numbers started climbing – people were picking Kent over any other brands when it comes to water purification and filtration systems.

Kent comes in a variety of models with comparative performance to other brands.  The Kent Pride is comparable to the Usha Brita as both are wall mounted models that have fully automatic operations.  Since it is specifically designed for different raw water conditions, Kent is able to provide superior purification of water from different sources including the municipal tap, bore wells, and overhead storage tanks.  This filtration system uses a 5-stage purification system that makes use of reverse osmosis.  Clean drinking water is possible with Kent Pride.

Kent Water Purifier RO Cost Considerations

There are different types of Kent filters and all of them are manufactured using the latest in RO technology.  Though there may be some slight differences in terms of storage capacity, look, features, and cost, you can be confident about the quality of the different Kent models. You can choose from Kent Supreme, Grand, Pearl, Excel, Pride, Super, Wonder, Elite I and Elite II. All these products vary mainly in size and purpose. For instance, Kent Elite II, as the largest among the others, can provide you as much as 250 liters a day or twice the amount of purified liquid than other brands.  The filtered water is free from impurities but the essential minerals are maintained—a healthiest way to drinking clean water.

No one should sacrifice clean water over cost. Water sustains you through all your daily activities.  Clean and safe water in your home is made possible with purification methods and filtration systems available to homeowners like you.

Why You Need Kent Water Purifier

Kent Water Purifier Benefits

Water is indeed a source of life, but unclean water can also be a cause of death at the same time.  Modern homes need a water filtration system to ensure that they have clean and safe drinking water.  Kent Water Purifier  is an example of a water treating system using advanced filtration methods.  It is found effective not only in removing large molecules just like most other water filter systems do.  This water filter system targets even the tiniest elements present in your drinking water which can also cause diarrhea in both kids and adults as well as other water-related diseases like cholera and malaria.

This water purifier system does not only bring health benefits but also taste benefits. Since most sources of water can either contain chlorine or high levels of salts, and some with presence of heavy metals, a top of the line filtration system eliminates the taste that come from the presence of all these elements.  Most people find that filtered water tastes sweeter than regular tap water.

Kent Water Purifier Benefits to Your Home

Filtering all sources of water in your home can bring you as much benefits as filtering your drinking water. In many households in the U.S., they found that an all-around water purification and filtration system results to cleaner sinks and showers, fewer water stains or white flaky spots on their dishes and plates, and cleaner feel, look, and smell in their clothes.  These water benefits are yours to enjoy when you make the right decision on what water filtration system to install in your home.  There are different options for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Other Benefits to the Economy and the Environment

Buying filtered, bottled water is a common practice in areas where clean water is rare. However, with recent developments in water filtration systems, buying a water filter can save you more money in the long run if you are living in areas with hard water.  At the same time, this reduces use of plastic, which is a good thing for the environment.

One setback of using these water filters falls on the manufacturers of plastics and bottled water.  Obviously, there will be less demand for their products as more and more households make the more environment friendly choice.  This environmental benefit as well as the benefit that clean water gives the entire family makes it wise to use home water purification and filtration systems.  You can find out what you need by examining your home’s regular water consumption and checking out the different models of water purifiers from Kent.

A New Japanese Portable Water Purification System

A New Japanese Portable Water Purification System

A Simple Bicycle based purification system is invented by a new Japanese entrepreneur-scientist. You can install the system on a bicycle , take the bicycle anywhere you need , start pedaling it & produce pure water. This way you can even drink the swimming pool water , they say. Watch the Video.  The company is also looking for partners. Contact them if you are interested.

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