Strict Action against Fake Packaged Drinking Water Bottle by Centre

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There are some standards for Packaged Drinking Water under sub-regulations 2.10.7 and 2.10.8 of Food Safety and Standards (Food Products and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011 respectively and these standards are compulsory for manufacturers of Packaged Water. The certification of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is mandatory for Packaged Drinking Water.
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The FSSAI noticed the cases of sale of water by plants running without license and therefore, FSSAI has been checking the standards on the regular basis with the help of Food Safety Commissioners of States/UTs and directing them to take stringent action against them.The officials of Food Safety Departments of the respective States/UTsare regularly monitoring the packaged water to check whether they meet the requirement of standards and the rules and the regulations under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

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In case, if any packaged water not complying with the standards then strict action will be taken under the provisions of Chapter IX of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. There are many complaints received regarding the quality of BIS Standard marked Packaged Natural Mineral water and Packaged Drinking Water as per IS 13428 and IS 14543 respectively and also about the misuse of Standard Mark on Packaged Drinking Water/Packaged Natural Mineral water by manufacturers without having valid BIS License. Depending on the result of the investigation the action will be taken by the concerned officers and cases will be filed in the concerned court of law.

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Packaged Drinking Water Business – a Huge Hit in Maharashtra

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Being a basic need of human being, water is always in demand. Today, Packaged Drinking Water Business is booming in the Indian market. Due to the growth in foreign tourists, high population and increased health consciousness amongst Indians and change in the lifestyle, the per capita consumption of bottled water has increased in India. According to the special survey, this market is growing at rate of 22% every year.

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In early days, only summer was considered as a peak season for Packaged Drinking Water business. At that time, only Tourism and corporate sector was considered as the major consumers of Packaged Drinking Water but this is changing with the change into demand of packaged water in urban and rural areas. Nowadays, whenever you go to the social functions, corporate events or restaurants you will notice Packaged Drinking Water Bottles, Chilled Jars. Now there is a huge demand for fresh, clean and chilled water throughout the year in India.

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There are some top water brands which are dominating the market in India, but still there is a very good scope for local water plants due to its increased demand. Packaged Drinking Water even reached in small villages and non-tier cities and many water plants are manufacturing low price water pouches to be sold in these regional markets.

According to the sources, currently, total 888 water plants are running in Maharashtra in which 108 water plants are in Vidarbha and Nagpur is ahead with the 51 water plants. Total revenue of Rs. 400 Crores is earned from this business in Maharashtra and Rs. 8000 Crores earned in the current year in all over the India. This water industry is still expected to grow in the coming years.

If you are planning to enter into this water industry, then it is definitely an excellent idea! But, it is very difficult to survive in this competitive industry for a new player, unless you have the proper plan and strategies for the packaged drinking water plant.

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Free Clean Drinking Water at Multiplexes and Restaurants in Bangalore

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Free Clean Drinking Water at Multiplexes and Restaurants in Bangalore

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Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) issued a circular to all multiplexes, restaurants, hotels and eateries to provide free and clean Drinking Water to customers on their premises. BBMP has also informed these establishments to display boards at strategic points, saying drinking water is available.

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Recently Sudha Katwa, a social activist, filed a complaint in Bengaluru Urban district consumer disputes redressal forum about the inconvenience for getting free clean drinking water at multiplexes and restaurants after she was forced to pay for Drinking Mineral Water in a mall in Yeshwantpur last year.

She stated that, Restaurants were not providing clean drinking water for free to the customer. Some restaurants were providing water but it is stored in very unhygienic condition. The same conditions were seen at mall.

Is The Packaged Drinking Water You Drink , Safe?


The First post article says that, the business of Packaged Drinking Water became lucrative as the demand for packaged water is growing up day by day. Taking advantage of this, many fake water plants are cropping up across the India.

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Packaged Drinking Water Scam in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana:

As per the special investigation from Eenadua leading Telugu daily in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is found that about 20,000 Packaged Drinking Water Plants in the two states are running without a valid license.
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According to test conducted by Eenadu Newspaper, it is found that a water samples contains mixture of bacteria which are:

  • Deadly bacteria and other harmful impurities
  • Contained E-coli, a faecal bacteria found in the intestines of humans and animals, that causes diarrhoea.
  • Hazardous contaminants including pseudomonas, salmonella and staphylococcus.

These water samples were unfit for human consumption.

Let’s Know the Mandatory Processes for Packaged Drinking Water as Per the BIS:

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has decided that water must be subjected to processes called Pressure Sand Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtering, Reverse Osmosis, Ozonisation and Ultraviolet Treatment before being packaged and sold. Even a perfect water purifier can purify water but creates other problems as water purification which is much more than just removing impurities and reverse osmosis process removes impurities with most of the calcium and magnesium essential for good health. So, the purified water must also be “Remineralised” to bring back the minerals.

Due to increased demand for Packaged Drinking Water, many local small units are running water plants without the mandatory approvals from the BIS as well as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). While it may need an investment of up to Rs. 20 lakh to run a legal and hygienic water plant, but many illegal water plant unitsare into the business with just Rs. 2.5 lakh with some sort of equipment that pollutes more than purifies the water.

#How to identify if your Packaged Drinking Water is safe?

Consumer should check whether it is properly sealed or not and details like manufacturing date and batch number.

       Here are the Steps:

  1. Click on the ‘status of licenses’.
  2. Type license number that follows the letter CM/L.
  3. Click on ‘report’.

If the details in report are the same as what you see on the container of the Packaged Drinking Water then it is genuine certification.

But if any fake water unit is using the ISI certification and other details of a branded company on his containers then it is very difficult to identify whether the water is safe or not. It is one of the humongous scam as it plays with human lives…

What do you feel about these Packaged Drinking Water Scam in India?


Indefinite Strike by Packaged Drinking Water Units in Chennai

Indefinite Strike by Packaged Drinking Water Units in Chennai

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Chennai again hit with a different kind of drinking water crisis. The Greater Tamil Nadu Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturers Association (GTPDWMA), which supplies more than 1.60 crore litres of water per day, announced an indefinite strike after government cracked down on Packaged Drinking Water Plants.

Image Courtesy: new Indian express article says that, Packaged Drinking Water Units in Chennai are on indefinite strike. Officials of the association said that, there are two reasons, one is the revenue department has closed many water units for limiting excessive usage of #Groundwater by the Plants.In fact they explained the fact that the Packaged Drinking Water Plants are using groundwater for providing safe drinking water to help the people from the crisis of drinking water especially when the government is also struggling to supply water through tanks or pipes and the second reason is GST has imposed 18% tax which will increase price of Packaged Drinking Water. Kindly bear in mind that earlier TN units were enjoying Tax free Packaged Drinking Water !

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The members of the association are requesting for a meeting with the government and also declared that they will continue to be on strike till they get an assurance from the government on groundwater and GST.

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FDA Raids On Illegally Running Water Packaging Units And Seals One in Raipur

FDA Raids On Illegally Running Water Packaging Units And Seals One in Raipur.

fda raidFDA started to take an action against illegally running drinking water units. As soon as, the orders were issued to conduct sudden raid at Packaged Drinking Water companies in Raipur, teams of food security officers simultaneously conducted raids at 17 districts across the state and collected 28 samples.

FDA Officials said that the raid was planned in 17 districts and one company was sealed on the spot. Also, many other Packaged Drinking Water companies running without having the BIS certificate. Moreover, drinking water in other illegal companies was not pure as it does not have labs of equipment’s to filter water required to make water drinkable.

FDA will take further actions against them after testing the samples.

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Why People run Packaged Drinking Water Units without Proper Licenses ?

What are Licenses basically ?

Licenses are the kind of permissions given by governmental agencies to run an establishment. While giving this permission, the Government is supposed to see that the said establishment does not violate any condition by which the citizens or general public will suffer inconvenience or other issues.

So, speaking technically, the Licenses are for Good. But there is a fear in the businessmen’s mind about them. Over past so many years, Licenses have become a tool of harassment and of bribing as well. So businesses prefer a way not to go for the Licenses.

On the other hand, many of the businessmen have a tendency to not to pay duties, taxes , License fees etc. There are many such entrepreneurs like this who prefer to operate Mineral Water Plants without valid Licenses. Running an Insulated Jars Unit , or a Cold Jar or Camper Unit is an ideal example of that.

It is always dangerous , beware !

But running this way can be dangerous, as you can be caught anytime, and your unit can be sealed. See latest news here :-

Units Sealed at Madurai

4 Units Sealed at Ramnathpuram

And there will be many more news on this subject. Point is : It can be always risky to run business like this. Govt will catch hold of you anytime.

What should be done ?

You should know what are the Licenses required. Refer to page Documents , here you will find the most of the. Moreover refer to the All About ISI page to understand ISI in depth. Moreover , if you already have a Cold Jar unit running, kindly get that converted to an ISI unit. Refer to this special Article where you will find details. You can also avail our services for Inspection of your Plant. Or Can do it yourself by learning from the Home Study Course we have. We also conduct face to face Info Sessions. Kindly Check & attend the next one, check the Events Page



CBI arrests RPF person at Pune Stn asking for bribe to sell Packaged Drinking Water

CBI arrests RPF person at Pune Stn asking for bribe to sell Packaged Drinking Water

Finally some action !

A couple of months back we had written here that even inside the train , the vendors were not seling IRCTC Rail Neer , which they’re supposed to sell. We don’t know what action was taken on this regard, but there is an interesting news on an other front. An RPF cop was asking for bribe from a Packaged Drinking Water Plant Vendor at Pune Railway Station. CBI led a trap & caught this fellow red handed.

Detailed news can be read over here

Delay in banning non ISI plants

Packaged drinking water plants operating without valid ISI license. 

As all know very well that almost 80 % diseases are water borne. So, utmost care should be taken while consuming water. No wonder why bottled water is very popular now. But with the emergence of good, there’s also some bad. So, there are people who want to business in a valid way and some want to do the invalid way.

What’s valid and what’s invalid

Whatever done with compliance of law and order,  that is with a valid BIS and fssai license, will be a valid way. Otherwise not. Still, people run businesses without this and petitions are filled in support of not getting licenses, this is pity.

Take decision

We noticed in a news yesterday that an appeal raised in support of certain units operating without a license was raised in 2013. It’s nagpur based case. It’s still pending, that’s the issue. Issues concerning public health should be addressed with top most priority. You can read the details over here.

What’s your opinion?

There are units operating without ISI, but claim their water is of top standard. They supply in jars, the insulated jars, should they be allowed?

As of date, the BIS does not approve them. We also suggest the plant owners to get these plants converted into BIS approved plants. Read this article if you’re willing to convert a plant.



Illegal Packaged Drinking Plants will need to be closed …Yes !

An Illegal Unit of Packaged Drinking Water was closed at Behrampur, Odisha.

Was it an effect of the Total Plastic Ban in Behrampur , or otherwise, it really came as a blessing to the residents of Behrampur, the city of Taratarini Temple , one of the 4 Shaktipeethas. Behrampur is placed in Ganjam District , adjacent to Vishakhapattanam of Andhra.

There was no “License” , but which License ?

The news says that the unit which was sealed (no declaration of name) had no valid licenses. As we all know , the packaged drinking water business needs to possess many licenses , the most important of those are the BIS & the fssia. You can see the list Over Here. If the units were sealed, which of them were not produced ? As the unit was producing pouches & Bottles too (refer this news), it must be publishing certain information on labels & pouches , isn’t it ? What was that ?

Consumers need to check the ISI number – Beware !

The consumers also need to check not just the brand, but also the ISI valid number printed on the Bottle & Pouch Labels. The BIS , which issues the ISI License number to the producer has very stringent norms to produce Packaged Drinking Water. It has a special standard allocated for this purpose. For details , you can refer this special page.

Besides this , there is one more category of Water Suppliers , who supply Water in Insulated Jars. This is also not approved by the B.I.S. If you are thinking that this you can do it officially , without the BIS License, your business will soon get into trouble. Read What you need to do .

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Special Training Sessions Conducted on Packaged Drinking Water Plants
Special Training Sessions Conducted on Packaged Drinking Water Plants

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