Maharashtra Govt. Ordered Water Bottle Manufacturers to Set up Recycling Plants

As, after the declaration of the ban on plastic Packaged Drinking Water Bottles at govt. offices and hotels in Maharashtra, water bottle manufacturers have opposed this decision and experts also felt that the glass bottles are unsafe. Now, Maharashtra Govt. came up with the new solution for this ban.

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The state environment department has given 3-months ultimatum to the Plastic bottle manufacturers and mineral water firms to set up a reverse supply mechanism and recycling plants. And if, bottle manufacturers failed to implement this, then the ban on Packaged Drinking Water Bottles will be enforced in the state.

State environment minister Ramdas Kadam said that, According to the Plastic Rules, 2016, manufacturers of plastic items have an extended responsibility of getting it back from the consumer. So, the manufacturers must adopt a buy-back mechanism and apply the reverse supply mechanism to collect the used plastic bottles back from the consumers. Further that, they have to recycle plastic bottles and re-manufacture them again.”

Further they added that, currently, there are around 1,200 unauthorized Packaged Drinking Water Bottle units running in the state and a stringent action will be taken on them soon.

Training Review : How to start your own Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Nov 2017

On 18 and 19th Nov. 2017, we conducted another successful training cum workshop program at Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture in Pune with new innovative sessions on Angel Investing and Digital Marketing.

We Received a Great Response:

We had a great turnout for this training session. Participants came from all over the India Sikkim, Rajkot (Gujarat), Hyderabad, Maharashtra (Mumbai, Solapur, Shirdi, Ahmednagar), Karnataka (Bangalore, Dawangiri).

Our training comprises of complete Step-by-Step training on how to set up the Packaged Drinking Water Plant. We also had special sessions on estimating plant cost and designing plant on your own with the live activity, practical demonstration on water testing, required licenses and documents.

About the new added Sessions :-

This time we came up with the new innovations in Our Training Program.

1.New Way Marketing : Using Digital Marketing for Selling

The success of business lies in its Marketing. To stay in this very competitive water business, it is very important to learn Digitally selling which is today’s need. So, we have introduced this new online water sell sessions in our training. Actually we demonstrated by showing Google Adwords & Facebook Ads Live Campaigns.

2.Investment : Intro Angel Investing & Funding

As, we all know, it takes money to make money. We took a special session on investment and Funding.

About Angel investing:

Angel investors invest funds into your idea based business without seeing your credentials like the banks. In session, Angel Investors was compared with bank and explained how it’s different from bank finance. But don’t get over excited, there are plus and minus points too. We could, in a short session (time being the major constraint) explained in brief, as to what the investors see into before putting their stuff.

Special 1-2-1 Sessions

There were 1-2-1 sessions, during which , participants could clear their doubts in person. In this training, Participants also got a chance to interact with the experts. It is great opportunity for them to clear their doubts and discuss their ideas. We also offered lifetime email based support to our attendees.

Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May

Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May

On 27th and 28th May,another Training Session on Packaged Drinking Water has been conducted at MCCIA hall, Tilak Road Pune, Maharashtra. Our experts have provided training right from setting up Packaged Drinking Water Plant to the groundwater solutions, lab as per BIS, cost per bottle, and subsidy benefits from government.

1.Training Sessions on Groundwater

  • How to find robust Groundwater Management Solution?

It is very important to find the robust Groundwater Management Solution for Packaged Drinking Water Plant because groundwater is the major source of water.The trainer Mr. Rahul Bakre (Groundwater Expert) conducted special training session for Groundwater.

Groundwater Expert conducting Session
Groundwater Expert conducting Session

If you have heard news about Packaged Drinking Water Plants are on indefinite strike in Tamilnadu, It’s actually all about Groundwater and GST. Please go through our special article created on this. Check link

2. Training Sessions on lab as per BIS

  • Why is it really mandatory to have in-house Lab Required for BIS?

Every Packaged Drinking Water Plant must have in-house lab for BIS. The Trainer has explained all necessary guidelines for setting up lab required for BIS.

Lab Equipment Expert conducting Session
Lab Equipment Expert conducting Session

3. Training Sessions on Cost per Bottle

  • How to estimate Cost per bottle?

The Trainer Mr. Ajay Kulkarni (Water Treatment Specialist) has explained about finding the exact margin per bottle.

Cost Per Bottle

4. Certificate Distribution

  • Just have look at the photos of certificate distribution.


4. Reviews by Participants

We have received a very good feedback from our attendees. Most of the attendees of our training have appreciated us for providing all the necessary training in just 2 days. Here is Review.

Review 1

5.Further Benefits To The Participants

Some of our attendees opted for our plant and machinery visits and water testing service. They have shared with us their enriching experience.

# What is a Plant and Machinery Visit ?

 # What’s a Water Testing & Suggestion Service ?

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Mineral Water Plant Training – April 2017 Review

This Mineral Water Plant Training was different

This time the training was offered for 2 days for the first time ever. The reasons were :-

  • Since past the participants demanded that the time (1 day) is far lesser.
  • We too wanted to rope in some experts like the Groundwater Expert, a Financial Statements Expert & also a dedicated ISI person.
  • The Out of Pune crowd also preferred to come for a 2 days training, where they can have detailed sessions & possibly a good interaction with the experts & within the participants.

So we combined various sessions & could land at a very successful 2 days training event at Pune. In all, we had 21 participants from all over the country from places as far as Punjab, Delhi & Kochi. Almost 80% of them were from out of Maharashtra. All of them participated wonderfully; some of them have also posted their reviews, you can see the Reviews on Google 

You can also download the Session Photos from Here


Review of Info Session dated 28 Jan 2017 on Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Info Session dated 28 Jan 2017 on Packaged Drinking Water Plant

(You can download the Photographs on the Session.)

On 28 Jan 2017 info Session regarding all aspects Before Starting Packaged Drinking Water Plant was once again conducted at MCCIA hall, Tilak Road Pune, Maharashtra.

1 imgThis time we inaugurated the training by Dr. Pradeep Awate  State Surveillance Officer  of Maharashtra state. He guided the attendees on how important water purification is & how seriously the government values PPP i.e. Public- Private Partnership. For this Mr. Soumitra & Dr. Awate discussed about Water ATM Module. You can read a case study of a village in Maharashtra running a Water ATM Project on PPP Basis.

Earlier, we also spoke to Dr Awate , where he also discussed about the Domestic , Urban & Rural Water Situation in India (more particular in Maharashtra) , and suggested some simple Water Filtration Techniques .Here is an audio recorded of the Session :-


Special Thanks to Kinza Team !

5 imgNext sessions were conducted as visual & participants were also trained rigorously through live activity. An addition was “Branding Session”. Later, the session was concluded by the hands of Mrs. Torane, owner of Kinza Aqua, a leading Packaged Drinking Water Brand in Maharashtra.

The Kinza team- Mother, Mrs. Torane, daughter Dr. Snehal & Father Mr. Torane , all guided the attendees with excellent Practical tips to run a plant & taking over an existing Plant. Dr Snehal shared her process of taking over an existing Mineral Water Plant in details, and how much hard work is needed to actually complete the entrepreneurial journey. She, being a U.S. Returned Doctor, did apply her scientific approach.

Are you taking Over an existing mineral water plant ?

If you too are looking to take over an existing plant, you can use our service for Pre Plant Inspection, where we do a detailed analysis of the old plant & handover you a report. Alternatively, in our New Version of the Home Study Training Course , we are going to offer you a special Video Training on  How to do a Pre Plant Inspection for an Old Plant, and also sharing the Blank Templates for preparing the reports.

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Check Upcoming Training Events
Check Upcoming Training Events

Review of Other Training Session

Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 24th and 25th June 2017

Review of Packaged Drinking Water Training Session- 27th and 28th May 2017