FDA Raids On Illegally Running Water Packaging Units And Seals One in Raipur

FDA Raids On Illegally Running Water Packaging Units And Seals One in Raipur.

fda raidFDA started to take an action against illegally running drinking water units. As soon as, the orders were issued to conduct sudden raid at Packaged Drinking Water companies in Raipur, teams of food security officers simultaneously conducted raids at 17 districts across the state and collected 28 samples.

FDA Officials said that the raid was planned in 17 districts and one company was sealed on the spot. Also, many other Packaged Drinking Water companies running without having the BIS certificate. Moreover, drinking water in other illegal companies was not pure as it does not have labs of equipment’s to filter water required to make water drinkable.

FDA will take further actions against them after testing the samples.

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Drinking Water Crisis in Chennai

water crisisAs per the sources, some area under the Chennai Corporation and other southern municipalities is going through crisis of drinking water. Although, there are many sources of drinking water, people could not use it because of bad quality of drinking water. Water bodies were found polluted due to encroachments and dumping of garbage into the many water bodies.

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Local People complained that, they are trying to get water using motor and they were forced to drill bore well and to buy Packaged Drinking Water. Metro water supplying tanker water only to many parts of the suburbs, but it is not enough for them.
Concerned people strongly feel that the crisis has worsened because the civic bodies and state government have not done anything to protect water bodies and to stop encroachment in the region. Many diseases can cause by a lack of adequate water supply and unsafe sanitation conditions. So, Government with help of local people should try to rejuvenate the available water sources so that more and pure water will be available to the people.


Soon, FDA’s New Law For Packaged Drinking Water

Soon, FDA’s New Law For Packaged Drinking Water

FDA is enforcing a new law for Packaged Drinking Water to control the sale of non-potable water.  As per the new regulation, it is mandatory to sell packaged drinking water in sealed container. Although, FDA is seems unclear about the law as they are not sure about applying rule over drinking water cans and  jars. They are still thinking on it.

As there are many Drinking Water Units running without license, the serious concern has raised over the quality of drinking water. FDA ensured to take an action against illegally running drinking water units after this law come into action. On the Other hand, many from drinking water industry feel that, FDA should not take any action unless and until they are sure, if drinking water cans and jars comes under their purview.

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National Water Quality Sub-Mission for Clean Drinking Water

National Water Quality Sub-Mission for Clean Drinking Water

National Water Quality Sub-Mission for Clean Drinking WaterThe ministry of drinking water and sanitation has launched the ‘National Water Quality Sub-Mission’ to accomplish the aim to provide tap water to all by 2030. The outlay of this mission is Rs 25,000 crore. The government has decided to provide clean drinking water to 28,000 habitations which are heavily affected with arsenic and fluoride contaminants in water by 2021.

The Problem of water pollution has been increasing at an alarming rate in India. Among the all, West Bengal is very badly affected by arsenic, while Rajasthan crippled by the excess presence of fluoride contaminants in drinking water.
The Water contamination, mainly from arsenic and fluoride, can cause serious health hazards.

The Center has sent notifications to states to plan specific proposals to tackle the problem of contaminated drinking water.
The ministry of drinking water and sanitation has commissioned around 35 research and development projects to clean the drinking water in rural areas.

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Pune is planning for Groundwater Augmentation

Pune is planning for Groundwater Augmentation

Groundwater is an integral part of the environment and the major source of drinking water. On the account of, increased demand of water consumption, Pune Municipal Corporation is planning to boost groundwater with active participation of citizen.

The activists appealed to the mayor to prioritize groundwater augmentation and mayor agreed on it. In the meeting of activists and mayor, Activists also proposed for suspending concreting of roads because it is not allowing the rainwater to absorb and percolate but the matter remained inconclusive. Topics like Maps of the areas, water bodies, recharging of bore wells by channeling rainwater underground and groundwater levels were also discussed in this meeting.

Activists are happy to start establishment for handling the groundwater table issue and hoping for some meaningful action in the coming days by the PMC.

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Health of Bus Depot’s Staff in Telangana State at risk

Health of Bus Depot’s Staff in Telangana State at risk

In Telangana State, The health of the staff in Bus Depot is in danger because TSRTC supplying water in old drums because of shortage of drinking water.

The situation has worsened so much that the public drinking water taps have dried up. To overcome the problem of shortage of water taps, the corporation had set up RO (reverse osmosis) plants but these RO plants are not working because of non-maintenance. RTC authorities also started the sale of Bislery Water Bottles in the depots.

Meanwhile, the High Court has sent the notification about the issue of shortage of drinking water at bus depot to TSRTC to take action to provide drinking water facility to passengers and staff at its bus stands.

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Its time for “Bus Neer” , the KSRTC own Packaged Drinking Water Plant !

KSRTC buses will soon get “Bus” Neer like Rail Neer

Inspired by the railways , KSRTC at Bengaluru is all set to come up with its own Brand to serve its passengers with clean, hygeininc water. Currently Ksrtc buys appx 15000 bottles daily. To save con the cost they will setup a plant and the water will be available allover KSRTC. The first plant will be near Bengaluru, and I’m sure the dynamism they show, they will come up with plants in Hubli , Bellary & Mangalore also !

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Do you want to know the setup cost for a Packaged Drinking Water Plant ? The Resources needed ? many such doubts will get cleared in Live Session at Bengaluru on 4th March 2017.Please register today & secure your seat. Prior to that , there is one session at Pune as well (25-2-17).

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Subsidy for Mineral Water Project in India

What is Subsidy ?

Subsidy means you are given something at Subsidized prices. Specially less prices. The motive can be anything; but as far as Industry is concerned , it is offered to setup more units, to generate more employment ultimately. It is given to entrepreneurs.

What is the nature of subsidy ?

It can be cash subsidy , can be V. A. T. subsidy or depending upon the government’s schemes.

Is subsidy useful ?

Yes, subsidy is a useful thing for an entrepreneur if used properly. It reduces the burden on the entrepreneur’s head to a great extent. There are mainly 2 subsidy types. The Central Govt Subsidy & the State Govt Subsidy. Depending upon where you are, you can avail them. But to get the best of them, you should have a proper business plan prepared , and for that you need to know many things prior to setting up your plant. Please attend one of the Info Sessions where you can get LIVE clarification of your all the doubts in advance.

Expert’s advice:-

We interviewed an expert in this field , Mr Sargam Chhajed, a young and dynamic C.A. from Aurangabad , Maharashtra who guided our readers on this . Here is the audio recording for the same.



for Desktop Download, Right Click & press “Save the link as”

We are sure you will enjoy the audio & it will help you in this direction properly. We also have a detailed Home Study Training Course if you decide to setup your Packaged Drinking Water Plant Yourself. Please go through the content of the course for details.

Summary of the Audio:

  1. Subsidy is indirect benefit given by government for employment generation.
  2. There are different locations where the subsidy percentage varies.
  3. Two types of subsidies, Central Government Subsidy upto 15% of the Machinery Cost. The maximum subsidy value is Rs. 15 Lakhs.
  4. For example, if your plant cost is 75 Lakhs & 40 Lakh is the machinery value; the subsidy from Central Govt. will be 40 * 15% maximum :- appx 6 Lakhs. (Refer the Plant Cost Article to get different costs for plants)
  5. Almost every State Govt is also has subsidy schemes. Interest refund subsidies are given. These are location based. The subsidy is given form of V.A.T. or G.S.T.
  6. Subsidy is distributed in deferred way, in 10 years period. (Hence it is important for you to stay in business.)
  7. Before taking loan, the bank should be informed about your plan to avail subsidy.
  8. For Central Subsidy , only Nationalized Banks or Multistate Co-operative banks are approved , whereas for State subsidy, any bank is ok.
  9. At a time both subsidies can be claimed.
  10. Central Subsidy is given just on the Machinery , but State subsidy covers all expenses except working capital cost. So, it is important to compile all the costs before you setup your plant.
  11. There is ample fund available for both the schemes, so there is no problem to worry whether you will receive the money or not.
  12. The Schemes mentioned are : Central :- Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme , State : Packaged Scheme of Incentives for Maharashtra State.
  13. For getting subsidy , the entrepreneur should get loan, but even if he is investing his own funds and gets only 10 % loan from Bank; still he can avail full benefit of the subsidy.
  14. Central Govt Subsidy sanction order takes appx 1 year from application.
  15. Mr Sargam Chhajed helps you getting all documents & getting you subsidy. Please contact him.

Our Suggestions:-

  1. Subsidy should not be your motivation; but you should not neglect that as well, after all it’s a fiscal benefit !
  2. To get subsidy, your Project should run properly. Hence you should carefully do all the steps from beginning. See if our Home study course can help you !
  3. After you plan everything , before final financial projections, get an expert who will just inspect everything & offers you an unbiased opinion on your project. You might be missing out something. Don’t leave your project underfunded or Overfunded. Precaution is better than cure. We too have a service called “Pre-Plant Survey” which enables you this.
  4. Preparation of the Project Report properly is a must + the presentation of that. Do follow these basics & the battle is yours !

You can ask your doubts in the comments box below, thanks in advance.

Review of Info Session dated 28 Jan 2017 on Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Info Session dated 28 Jan 2017 on Packaged Drinking Water Plant

(You can download the Photographs on the Session.)

On 28 Jan 2017 info Session regarding all aspects Before Starting Packaged Drinking Water Plant was once again conducted at MCCIA hall, Tilak Road Pune, Maharashtra.

1 imgThis time we inaugurated the training by Dr. Pradeep Awate  State Surveillance Officer  of Maharashtra state. He guided the attendees on how important water purification is & how seriously the government values PPP i.e. Public- Private Partnership. For this Mr. Soumitra & Dr. Awate discussed about Water ATM Module. You can read a case study of a village in Maharashtra running a Water ATM Project on PPP Basis.

Earlier, we also spoke to Dr Awate , where he also discussed about the Domestic , Urban & Rural Water Situation in India (more particular in Maharashtra) , and suggested some simple Water Filtration Techniques .Here is an audio recorded of the Session :-


Special Tanks to Kinza Team !

5 imgNext sessions were conducted as visual & participants were also trained rigorously through live activity. An addition was “Branding Session”. Later, the session was concluded by the hands of Mrs. Torane, owner of Kinza Aqua, a leading Packaged Drinking Water Brand in Maharashtra.

The Kinza team- Mother, Mrs. Torane, daughter Dr. Snehal & Father Mr. Torane , all guided the attendees with excellent Practical tips to run a plant & taking over an existing Plant. Dr Snehal shared her process of taking over an existing Mineral Water Plant in details, and how much hard work is needed to actually complete the entrepreneurial journey. She, being a U.S. Returned Doctor, did apply her scientific approach.

Are you taking Over an existing mineral water plant ?

If you too are looking to take over an existing plant, you can use our service for Pre Plant Inspection, where we do a detailed analysis of the old plant & handover you a report. Alternatively, in our New Version of the Home Study Training Course , we are going to offer you a special Video Training on  How to do a Pre Plant Inspection for an Old Plant, and also sharing the Blank Templates for preparing the reports.

Buy now, Price is going to increase !

All the existing customers of the Course will get this update (major update) Free of Cost. The Price for the Home Study Course will be more than the present one; but if you buy that now (a sensible decision) , you will get the update free of cost. The update will be mailed before the 2nd week of February 2017 (max). We recommend you buy the Certificate Version , as you can track your progress as well & can get a Certificate as well.

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Is Electrically Operated Vehicles the future transport system ?

Future Transport Kicks Off !
Future Transport System

It all started with a customer’s requirement first

One of our customers from Africa first posted this need of using (probably) a Battery operated vehicle for transportation of his Packaged drinking Water or Bottled Water. The main reasons why he was opting for this were :-

  1. The Fuel costs in his country were very high
  2. Electric operated vehicles will pollute the least , so he could grab some subsidy or taxation kind of benefits from his government.

We started digging deep here in India and found out from portals like the India Mart that , there were some players here . If you want to know a little more ,please refer to this article from wikipedia ,

But surely , it’s going to be a major step forward if you implement this for your Packaged Drinking Water Plant. As we know very well, that this industry is very cost sensitive , there are only two ways you can beat others :-

  1. Reducing Costs
  2. Increasing sales

Using Electric Vehicles will be surely a major cost cutting norm. The companies have already started branding campaigns for this. Look at this news :-

==> http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31814&articlexml=Electric-vehicles-rally-for-eco-mobility-07012017009030