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  1. we need 2000lph project report cost and benefit, market survey, and bankability project report for getting loan . business development . in maharashtra and gujarat.


  2. mohammed sayeed kazi says:
    Posted November 9, 2014 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    dear sir
    Please find below the details to work out for the quotation by your end.
    Source of Water : Tube well
    Required Capacity of Bottle water plant : 5000 Ltr
    Bottle size : 500 ml, 1 Ltr, 1.5 Ltr, 5 Ltr and 20 Ltr

    When you prepare the proposal, please kindly consider the following things,

    1. Required size of the area.

    2. Required Machinery:

    a. Disinfection system

    b. Blow molding machine

    c. Bottle washer/fillers/cappers

    d. Packaging equipment

    e. Sticker Labeling Machine

    3. Required Number of Labor

    4. Electrical cost

    We expect fully structural plan of the plant and a competitive quotation from your company for above work.
    mohammed sayeed kazi


    waterman Reply:

    Dear Mr Mohammad,

    We can work with you in the following ways :-

    1. Can offer you a pre-plant & post plant consultancy
    2. Can supply you a training course , where we supply a list of vendors, from them you can get these kind of quotes


  3. vikas kumar says:
    Posted October 18, 2014 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    Dear Sir
    I want to start mineral water project of packaging 1 lit. bottle and 250ml pouch.I have my own land.What will be approximate cost of machineray and other cost.Kindly provide me leyout for 500 LPH Plant and total cost which will be incurred in the whole process.


    waterman Reply:

    Dear Vikas, The layout etc are premium services, if you work with us as special services.


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